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My Never Ever Guide To Being Gay

Updated on January 31, 2010

In My Opinion

Here is my never ever guide about being gay or to put it simply the what not to do`s.

·Never ever brag and boast about being gay  - this only leads to trouble for example violence and racist abuse and attacks from other people, remember no one likes a boaster be them gay or straight.

·Never ever bully anyone who is finding it hard to come out - this is because they are at a difficult and vulnerable stage in their life and your bullying could make it a lot worse remember we have the highest suicide rate in the world and I’m sure you would not want to be the cause of it on someone.

·Never ever blame yourself or your family as the reason your gay

- this is because its no ones fault, its genetics and its nothing to be ashamed of either its something to be proud of because its your identity and who you are and you can’t avoid it. By attacking yourself and your family you will cause hurt to the ones that love you and prevent yourself from accepting who and what you are which will make it a lot harder for you to come out in the future, and if your still unsure read the genetics page and you will see exactly what is the blame.

·Never ever have unprotected sex with any one  - always use protection, even if you trust them or not please take precautions because the HIV virus, Aids, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases are so easy to catch now and not every one is honest with you and it only takes one silly mistake.

·Never ever let anyone bully you for being gay - we have rights now and we don’t have to take any racial abuse what so ever, because it is against the law and you must report it immediately, don’t suffer in silence because you don’t have too any more.

In my experience so far, these five points are the most important to me and I hope that they are to you because they stress exactly what you need to do to lead a normal and healthy life in todays society just like everyone else. However I’m not here to tell you how to live your life that is your choice and no one can live it for you but I do hope you will at least read them and form your own opinions.


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    • profile image

      Gay boy 6 years ago

      I'm pretty sure making fun of somebody for being gay is not racist.