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My New Favorite "F" Word

Updated on July 9, 2015

What is this..?

My new favorite word happens to be, "Feminism". Before you insult me and call me a sexist,I firmly believe in equality of all people, no matter race or gender. As a writer, I do read many different things. I have read a few articles that support feminism and others that had the exact opposite perspective. It is important to keep in mind the real definition of feminism. It means that feminists advocate women's right and their equality to men. Due to social media, celebrities, and many other sources, people have twisted the meaning. All feminists do not believe that men suck or are disgusting people. If they do, they are not a true feminist.The beliefs that feminist hold represent equality and happiness.

Female discrimination? Never!

Well,believe it or not.. It happens. Does anyone remember the Disney princess movie, "Mulan"? A farm girl dressed as a boy and went to war in place of her elderly father. After being wounded in battle, the captain found out she was a woman and was told to kill her in front of the army camp. However, Mulan had risked her life and saved the captain. He spared her life as he payed the debt he owed. Let's think about this. What would have happened if she never went to war? What if she never saved the captain? Would she have made it home safely or would she be murdered for her crime?


Not only movies, but in reality

Several experiments have been conducted over the years to simply prove that being a female does matter! For example, one college conducted an experiment they revolved around appearance. A group of college students invested in a "fat" suit and made a female where it. They hid a small spy camera in the purse of the female while she went to a number of interviews. In all interviews, the bosses mentioned her bubbly personality.A few people had made derogatory comments about her weight. After all the interviews, the bosses said we would give you a call. After this, the female changed at another location and went to each interview again. She did not disclose to them who she really was. As the interviews went on for a second time, she noticed the men were extremely flirtatious and started paying more attention to the things she had to say. After the interviews, she waited an hour and received calls from all the employers. Delighted that the experiment worked, she went back wearing the fat suit and revealed to them who she was.Their reaction was priceless. The bosses were stumbling on their words as they tried to form an apology.


Final Thoughts

I am for gender equality all the way. Yet, I do believe in female and male roles. For example, say that you were living with a partner or a roommate. To split chores, the female does inside work while the male takes care of the outside or vise versa. Anyone can do what anyone else can. Just sometimes it can be difficult. As someone who tore their ACL and meniscus, it is physically hard to do yard work or heavy lifting. I'm not saying women are incapable of doing this, it really depends on the person's limitations physically. There is nothing wrong with men wanting to stay inside to cook and clean. Just like there is nothing wrong with females wanting to do yard work. To me, it does not matter who completes chores as long as they get done.


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    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 2 years ago from Morocco

      Good start ;)

    • Erin Morris profile image

      Erin Morris 2 years ago from TN

      I'll be sure to include that. :D

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 2 years ago from Morocco

      Interesting .I agree completly with you and for further information:

      “Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”

      ― Cheris Kramarae