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Personal Reasons Why I Love Ashley Judd . . .

Updated on April 3, 2015
The lovely Ashley Judd
The lovely Ashley Judd

About Ashley

Ashley Judd is an established political activist. She is no stranger to successful performing. Judd "cut her teeth" in a family of performing artists as the daughter of country music singer, Naomi Judd and Wynonna Judd's baby sister. Although she is best known for a continuing acting career that eclipses more than two decades, she has become involved in deeply involved with global humanitarian efforts and political activism.

So sultry this look from Ashley Judd
So sultry this look from Ashley Judd

Ashley's Film Credits

Judd's film credits are phenomenal. The list incudes: Ruby in Paradise (1993), Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996), Kiss the Girls (1997), Double Jeopardy (1999), Where the Heart Is (2000), High Crimes (2002), Dolphin Tale (2011), Divergent (2014), and Dolphin Tale 2 (2014). Her role as Rebecca Winstone in the 2012 television series Missing, for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie. In 2010, Judd earned her one-year Mid-Career master's in public administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Time for being serious

That was sure-nuff' a lot of big fun. Besides Jessica Alba, I have always admired Hollywood "spitfire," Ashley Judd. She can build you up or tear you apart with one word. I truly believe this. In a few interviews away from her fans, she was not afraid to hurt feelings as she laid out how she felt about certain issues both political and religious. I respect that.

Like her or not, that is your prerogative, but even if you despise her views, you will end-up loving the roles she has played and friends, in my non-professional opinion, playe them well. Her talent to me, is like watching Ashley Judd, the citizen hitting a secret toggle switch underneath her clothing and before Tom Hanks can make another Oscar-winning film, she is Ashley Judd in the character she plays in the film she is working on. It's that easy. I envy that.

What an angel
What an angel
Matthew McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves
Matthew McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves
The Judds: Left, Naomi, Ashley's mom and Wynonna, her sister.
The Judds: Left, Naomi, Ashley's mom and Wynonna, her sister.
Rachael Ray, who is a close second to Ashley Judd.
Rachael Ray, who is a close second to Ashley Judd.
Doesn't she make a great photo?
Doesn't she make a great photo?

The facts about Judd in the beginning are not sufficient for me to "sell to you" as my reasons for loving Ashley Judd the way I do. So now I will share with you a very-intimate, personal list of

Personal Reasons Why I Love Ashley Judd . . .

  • Her eyes are as beautiful as red roses in bloom and as powerful as any laser beam used by Flash Gordon.
  • Her lips are always perfect. No cold sores or cuts at all. It is not known, even to me, why her lips are without flaw.
  • She is an avid animal lover, especially dogs. I wonder if she loves black and tan pups?
  • Ashley Judd is as near-perfect in physical shape as any actor going on the screen today. Matthew McConaughey included.
  • Ashley Judd would make the perfect "Cat Woman," if there is ever a believable "Batman" movie filmed again.
  • Judd could host her own gardening or food show on HGTV or The Food Channel. She is as talented in this area as Rachel Raye.
  • When I watch Judd's films, I am dreaming to myself that I wish that I would have had high school teachers like her. If so, I would have graduated with higher grades.
  • I love Ashley Judd's look as she listens to a person who doesn't know what he is talking about. It reminds me a lot of a Diamondback Rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. (Watch her being interviewed).
  • Back to remakes, if someone films a remake of "Little House on The Prairie," Ashley Judd would make a perfect wife for the new "Charles Ingalls."
  • I love Ashley Judd for her never being in those cheap tabloids for being busted for drug possession.
  • I never hear any harsh commentary on any late-night talk show about Judd. That says a lot.
  • I love Ashley Judd for her continuing to work although she and Darioi Franchitti, the racecar driver are now estranged.
  • I love Ashley Judd for always being herself. She doesn't need any false fronts to be popular.
  • Judd could easily beat Justin Bieber in a no-rules, anything goes, street fight.

The ONLY thing I do not like about Ashley Judd is that she is not a member of HubPages.

Dickie, you sealed the deal, bay-bee!

I have never been that crazy about sports commentator, Dick Vitale, but this move by the aged sports voice was just too uncomfortable for me. Now I know that I will never be a Vitale fan.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Thank you for this sweet comment. Oh, if she only knew. Just do not tell a lot of people about this for she might get me on her mind and blow some crucial lines in a movie and get fired. (I cannot hold a straight face). Thanks, dear friend.

    • profile image

      Vickiw 2 years ago

      So, Kenneth, how do you really feel about Ashley Judd?!

      I'm feeling she's a pretty hard act to follow! Really so nice to read about your crush on her.

      Enjoyed this, as it told me more about you and her.