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My Perspective on life

Updated on January 19, 2016

Attitude matters!

Life is not a bed of roses......nothing is one is perfect.It is we who make a place place or relationship is complete in itself.We have to work on it.

A place can be mighty boring but you can bring about the change....your attitude can make a big difference to the situation.

People may be nasty but accepting them as they are and ignoring their behaviour can help you sail through many a times.

Humour is also a good option with mean people....really works...mind you...

A good sense of humour or cracking jokes can liven up a gathering.....playing indoor games...a yummy quick snack......ofcourse activities depend on your situation and surrounding again.

There will be people who have problems with others for no reason but don't worry...they are their to stay and you can't do anything to make them happy....they are born that way!Just accept them...they were born to create misery in other people's lives and it is their job till judgement's day!

All you can do is that as much as possible keep away from them...if you can afford to walk away then do it but if you can't then try to stay away as much as possible.

You can also draw a line where one needs to stop.

Never tell people how you feel or what you feel about them or others or what is on your mind or in your never know how they will manipulate the information and use it according to their convienience and give you the shock of your life.

Positive attitude is very takes you miles....makes you really strong as a person...even when you are alone or in a difficult situation,stuck with difficult people.

Another tactic of survival.....change your circle as your life helps a great deal.

My father life changed for good...I disconnected from my circle because life was not the same anymore...though it brought relief too.

But I am connected to them through social network now....they were part of my can I forget.

You have to find ways to make your life easy and beautiful at the same can't change situations and circumstances but your attitude can make a huge difference.

Also learn to be your own best friend....and see how life takes a will not need company anymore!

I like stress....also work of art!I am a foodie so it's real fun!Hobbies of sort can help a lot!

I like listening to for the soul!

Ofcourse I have many more to name.....this is just a few.....surfing the net...also one of the many I have...

Oops!! Sorry!I think I just got off track and started discussing me....I am not self centered but I go on like a parrot!

So...Remember folks!!It is survival of the take care!!


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