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My Storm

Updated on July 7, 2010

The way I hate the thunder, that sound that makes me skip a heart beat. The lighting seems to bring out the X-ray vision to see through what I have in front of me. The boom that bring the down poor. The hell that can kill.

MY STORM; This storm that came from no were, a boom then rain. Another boom then that lighting strike, hitting me, just as I asked for sometime before. Down come more rain faster and faster. As I fell to the ground. I'm wiped aways to the middle of no were. As I get up the darkest cloud hovers over me. That next boom and my heart stops. Afraid I was, but death I'm looking forward too.

Hit by another strike that caused me to replay my past. I shook my head not liking what I seen. So I tried asking why me?

A boom and my heart beat comes back. As I open my eyes I look up to see the cloud departing. So I put my hands together and asked again why me. I was ready this time, then the clouds and sun set shows praying hand with the ball (sun) in between them.

My message I have a life ahead of me..!


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