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My Sweetheart Wedding

Updated on April 6, 2016

This paper will tell you about my wedding day. One of the most memorable days of my life. My wedding day was the day I married my middle school sweetheart. It will give the back story of our meeting and a brief recap of the years that passed in between that lead us to where we are today. I am completely happy with where my life is and with my husband.

We officially met back when I was nine years old. Back then we were both young and didn’t really know where our lives would end up. We met through my grandfather and our shared love of music, church, and singing. See, my grandfather was a preacher and he always and gatherings at his home, you know singings and things.

Our meeting is rather important to me because he became a major part of my life. He was a huge part of my childhood and he played a somewhat big part in my teenage years. He has always made me feel safe, even when we were kids. He was always so kind, sweet, and gentle with me. He never let anyone pick on me when we were kids. Not even my own brother.

We hung out numerous times all throughout our childhood and grew to be great friends as the years passed us by. The when we hit middle school we fell in love and started dating. We dated all through middle school. Those were the best years of my life at least back then. Unfortunately, we were not to have our happy ending just yet.

I was moved out of state at the end of my eighth-grade year, and after that, I lost track of my love, my best friend. The one who I knew even then was my soulmate. We just fit together in all the right ways. However, we were not to find each other again until many years later. We each moved on with our lives thinking we would never see the other again.

I married and divorced twice and had three beautiful children throughout the years. He also married and divorced twice. We each moved along in our lives as if we were robots doing only what we were supposed to do to get by. I moved away from home and back again many times throughout all those years while we were separated. He made something of himself thinking he had to make everyone else happy and not worrying about himself or how he himself felt.

Then as luck would have it this past year we discovered each other once again through a mutual friend on Facebook. We both had known this girl for many years and had even been friends with her, without knowing that the other could be close by. He sent me a message asking if I was who he thought I was and I told him yea and from there we got to where we would chat occasionally. Then the beginning of this year he came to our mutual friends house and I got to see home from a distance.

After that, I didn’t see him for awhile until we both happened to end up at the same place at the same time. It was almost as if it was the old days, cause we clicked instantly. We then got to where we would meet up often when he was working or after work whichever was easiest for us at that precise moment. Then one day he asked me to be his girl and I said yes. We started dating again in May of this year and decided quickly that we were not going to let the other slip away again.

In July we moved our family; me, what is now our kids and him; up to Virginia from Georgia as a change of scene and astmasphere for all involved. Around that same time we decided on a wedding date and started making plans to be wed. The months flew by quickly and on October 31st, or Halloween night, I married my soul mate. The one man I knew I had been born for. He is my heart, my soul, and my everything. I love him with all my heart and I am so happy to finally be able to say that yes he is my Husband and yes I am his Wife. Us plus our three beautiful children makeup my dream family and I would not change one day with them.

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