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My idea for a super nature love story: Celeste the Vampire

Updated on March 1, 2017

Plot: Prologue

This story is inspired by an Eastern fairytale.

It is not the gods' job, to take care of people and the gods rarely care, but sometimes, they help those who are in need, out of the kindness of their heart. And they don't care if people worship them, as long as people don't violate them. But the god of the Jews, Yhwh, grow greedy and he desires to have more worshipers and expand his influence beyond the Jews. So, he tells the Christians to go out and try convert as many pagans as possible.

But, after most pagans in Europe converted, there are those who won't convert. Angrily, Yhwh sends down a plague upon those pagans, those who contract the disease, from that day forwards, they would be increasingly sensitive to light and garlic and they need to drink blood at least once per day, for every day, if they refuse to drink blood, they will grow more sensitive to light and for everyday, they don't drink blood, the light will give them more pain, but it will not kill them. To make them suffer more, Yhwh give them longer lives. Yhwh then tells the Christians that all things that are none Christian are evil and these vampires are none Christians and need to be killed.

The vampires went into hiding, as the Christians hunt them. To ease the pains, they gain from their skin's sensitive to light, the vampires steal blood from everywhere they can get, but they can't get blood every day, so during the day, they hide from the sunlight. Finally the unthinkable happen, after becoming increasingly sensitive to light, because they have not drunk blood for so long, a group of vampires, attacked people, killed them and drink their blood.

When the Christian saw it, the priests spread the story and use fear to get people to hate the vampires even more and killed them.

Finally, the pagan gods became furious and decided to save the pagans, before they all suffer the fate of been turned into a vampire. Thor cast a spell to destroy all the virus that turn people into a vampire. Then, Thor created sanctuaries for those who have been turned into vampires, where the Christians cannot enter. Thor seeks to punish the Christians who are out to kill the vampires, with such intent, by cursing them, so if bitten by a vampire, that Christian would also turn into a vampire, so they can have a taste of their own medicine. Thor told the vampires to wear an amulet he gives them and by wearing it, the vampire would get greater strength and speed, they can only be killed by been stabbed by a wooden stick, stab into their heart, from the front of their body.

So, Yhwh used his power and tell Christian to wear crucifixes. And by doing so, the vampire is not able to get close to the Christians. Yhwh also made it impossible for a vampire to enter the home of a devoted Christian, without the Christian's invitation.

Yhwh seeks to let the Christians enter the sanctuary created by Thor, to kill the vampires. Thor seeks to punish the Christians for their persecution of the vampires. So, a great battle between Yhwh and Thor took place, but the battle ended up in a tied and neither one can undo the other's doing.

Thor might be able to destroy all the virus, created by Yhwh, but he cannot cure those, who have been turned into vampires. So, Thor gave the vampires a lot of cows, he told the vampires how to take good care of the cows and how to feed on the blood of the cows without killing it and keep the cows in good health. The vampires would remain under the protection of Thor's ambulant and live in Thor's sanctuary if they follow Thor's four rules. (1) Never should a vampire cause harm to any living animal's health, to fulfil his desire for blood (2) Never should a vampire feed on the blood of a human or another vampire (3) Never can a vampire turn a human into a vampire. (4) Never can you kill another human or vampire, either on purpose or via accident, unless you are defending yourself against vampire hunters. Those who failed to live according to Thor's rules would loose the protection of Thor and would be left, to fend for him/herself against the vampire hunters.

And so the story continue, to now

Celeste play by one of these three actress

1st choice Tersea Palmer
1st choice Tersea Palmer
2nd choice Ciara Hanna
2nd choice Ciara Hanna
3rd choice Christine Welch (Original a western oversea student to Taiwan, later become a Taiwan pop star)
3rd choice Christine Welch (Original a western oversea student to Taiwan, later become a Taiwan pop star)

Jimmy play by one of these two actors

1st choice Jon heder
1st choice Jon heder
2nd choice simon helberg
2nd choice simon helberg

Tara play by one of these two actress

jenna coleman or
jenna coleman or
cobie smulders
cobie smulders

Father Richard play by

brendan gleeson 1st choice
brendan gleeson 1st choice

Thor played by

Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank

Yhwh play by

Kevin Spency
Kevin Spency

Plot: Main story

2000 years after the great war between Thor and Yhwh, Celeste, is a young vampire, living in a small village, which is a sanctuary, created by Thor. The village is located in remote England. For her entire life, Celeste's grandmother warn her about the danger to vampire kind and if people find out she is a vampire, they won't understand her and will want to kill her. This is a very small village with a population less than 50 and everybody knows everybody and everybody's cousin. In the center of the village, there is the temple of Thor, at the side, there is the big cattle farm, where the cattle get to run free, on the grassland. Every morning, before going to school, Celeste would go to the cattle farm and use blood syringe to suck a bit of blood from a cow, the vampires don't need to drink a lot of blood, one teaspoon a day is enough and they have over 300 cows, more than enough for 50 people to feed on. Every day, while going to school, Celeste would leave the village, wearing her ambulant. Her grandmother warns her, never to let anybody in school, find out she is a vampire and always wear her ambulant, so Thor can protect her from those who intent to cause harm to vampires.

Celeste's grandmother wanted Celeste to stay in the village forever and work on their farm. Apart from their blood, the village also has cheese and butter factory and use the cow's milk to make cheese and butter and sell it to the supermarket, across England. Everybody in the village, work in the factory.

But Celeste is a carefree girl, who don't want to spend her entire life living in a remote country village, she dream of moving to the big city and see the world. Going against everything her grandmother tell her, after high school, she applied to go to university in the US. Not able to convince Celeste to stay, Celeste's grandmother, told Celeste never to tell anybody she is a vampire, always keep her ambulant with her and never fall in love with a man who is not a vampire, saying when a vampire woman falls in love with a man who is not a vampire, her tale would only end up in tragedy. So Celeste and her cousin/best friend Tara left for the US, for college.

In college, Celeste met a young man named Jimmy. Jimmy is a weak nerdy guy, so naturally Celeste wasn't interesting in him. But one night, the building of Celeste's dorm room in the university was caught on fire. Jimmy, saw Celeste trapped in the building, she kept her ambulant in her night draw and cannot reach it, without it, Celeste is just as vulnerable as any other girls. Jimmy rushed into the building and pulled Celeste out of the fire.

Celeste felt extremely grateful, for what Jimmy did. Celeste is extremely beautiful, but Jimmy, who is a weak little nerd, didn't felt she could possibly want to go out with him and never asked.

One day, a group of jerks, that use to bully Jimmy in high school, saw him on the street and decided to make fun of him, saying he would never get laid. Celeste right away, went to stand next to Jimmy and lied, telling the bullies, she is Jimmy's girlfriend and gave him a kiss on the lips. The jerks are shocked at, how Jimmy now has what could be the most beautiful girl they ever met, as his girlfriend and left. After Tara encouraged Jimmy for numbers of times and after been just friends, for over a year, Jimmy finally asked Celeste out and she said yes.

After graduating from university, Celeste and Jimmy moved in together, surrounded by a circle of good friends from university. It turns out Jimmy come from a rich family. Jimmy's father is a senator and a wealthy businessman and when Celeste and Jimmy plan to get married, Jimmy's parents naturally, want to make it look grand. The wedding soon becomes news for all the Tabloid newspaper, the son of the richest family in all of San Francisco, is to marry a country girl from a simple family from England. It sound like a Cinderella story, come true.

But the news soon draws the attention of a group of Catholic priests, who dedicate their entire life, to hunting vampires. So, far they only killed two vampires, who are no longer under the protection of Thor. But when they saw Celeste in the newspaper, they right away realized, she is a vampire and set out to hunt her. The hunt was led by a priest named Father Richard.

Father Richard first came to San Francisco and introduce himself as a member of the church, in a dinner party, hosted by Jimmy's father. Celeste right away realized Father Richard is a vampire hunter. But she wore her ambulant from Thor and knowing the danger, she quickly left the party, telling Jimmy, she had a bit too much to drink and want to go home. Jimmy offer to drive, but Celeste knows it could be dangerous and told Jimmy to stay to keep his mother company, during the party.

When, Celeste reached a narrow street, she found herself been surrounded by four priests, including father Richard. The four priests are all wearing a crucifix, so Celeste is not able to touch them, but she managed to use her strength and speed to escape. The priest use bow and arrow, try shooting Celeste, through the heart, but failed, one arrow almost got Celeste and she use her hand to block the arrow. The arrow shot right through her arm.

After returning home, Celeste ties off the blood circulation to her arm and painfully pulled the arrow out and tied up the wound. Because, Thor's ambulant protect vampires from those who intend to hunt them, because they are vampires, so the wound quickly healed to a state of none fatal, but refuse to heal completely, leaving still a minor wound on the side of her arm. Celeste tied up her wound, with bandages and tried to hide it with a long sleeve shirt. But when Jimmy returns home that night, he quickly noticed the wound on Celeste's arm and asked what happened. Celeste lied saying she had a nasty fall on her way home and it is nothing to be concern about.

Jimmy slept well that night, but Celeste toast and turned, not sure what to do.

The next day after Jimmy left for work, Celeste finally decided, there is no way she could tell Jimmy about how she is really a vampire and now with these vampire hunters on her tail, the only way she could keep Jimmy safe, is for her to leave. So she quickly packed her bags and prepared to leave, she left a note, to tell Jimmy, she cannot go through with the wedding.

When Jimmy returns home and saw the note, he right away rush out of home to find Celeste and he found Celeste waiting at the train station after missing her train and is now trying to catch the next one. Jimmy wanted Celeste to be honest with him, to tell him the truth that she don't love him and don't want to go through with the wedding and then he would leave her alone. Celeste said she didn't want to go through with it, but her expression betrayed her, showing sadness. Celeste and Jimmy kissed. But then Celeste told Jimmy, they cannot be together, that if they do, he would be in danger and there are things about her that Jimmy doesn't know. Celeste told Jimmy, there is something she needs to deal with herself. But Jimmy told Celeste, whatever happened, he wants to be able to walk through it with her and be there for her. Jimmy, right away realized, there was something weird about Celeste, since meeting with father Richard, yesterday and demanded to ask what did the priest said to her. But Celeste told Jimmy to drop it. Jimmy said to Celeste "We are in this together, for better or worse."

"You will regrate it. You don't know what I really am." Celeste said

"I know who you are, you are that same girl, I had a crush on, in college and that is all I need to knows," Jimmy said

Finally, Celeste returned home with Jimmy.

To keep Celeste safe, Jimmy and Celeste moved in with Jimmy's rich father, who hire a few security guards around the house, to keep Father Richard and any other suspicious figure away.

And just like that Celeste and Jimmy got married. As his father gets old, he hopes for Jimmy to take over the family business, since his other two sons are completely incompetent. Jimmy accepted his father’s offer to become the head of the LA branch of the family business. Celeste and Jimmy moved to LA, where Celeste became Jimmy's right-hand woman.

One night, two years later, Jimmy went to buy take out and on his way home, father Richard showed up again, to talk to Jimmy. Jimmy was very angry and warned father Richard saying if he bothers he or his family again, he will call the cops and started to walk away. Father Richard call to Jimmy from behind and told Jimmy that his wife is a vampire. Jimmy was very angry and told Father Richard not to speak of none sense or he will call the cops. Father Richard said Jimmy's behaviour is sacrileges and must confess his sin, Jimmy told Father Richard to drop dead and Father Richard quickly grabbed and fold Jimmy's arm behind his back and pinned him down on the ground and asked "Why do you think she goes to the Chinese grocery store to buy pig blood and eat it every day?" But Jimmy knows eating pig blood is good for your lungs and that is why the Chinese eats it, especially children (this is true, Chinese really do eat clot pig blood, because it help cleanse the lungs) and Celeste told Jimmy that is why she eat it every day, because she got bad lungs, growing up. So, Richard throws Jimmy a pack of fake pig blood, that look and taste the same, even in the package, from the brand, Celeste usually buy. And told Jimmy to replace the pig blood Celeste have in their home fridge, with this fake blood and see what will happen and if nothing happens, he will apologize and admit he is wrong and leave them along, but if he don't he would keep harassing Celeste and Jimmy.

So, Jimmy agreed and late that night, after Celeste went to sleep, Jimmy replaced all the pig blood in their home's fridge and replaced it with the fake pig blood that Richard gave him. For the first day, Celeste still felt Ok, but by the second day she was feeling a little bit weird. By day three, she didn't even leave their apartment and asked Jimmy to go to the Chinese supermarket, to buy some fresh pig blood, telling Jimmy the pig blood at home taste funny. Jimmy brought back more fake pig blood. By day four, Celeste stayed in the guest room and won't get out, with all the shutters closed and won't even let Jimmy in. Feeling weird about it, Jimmy left for work. That afternoon during his lunch break, Jimmy decided to come home to check up on Celeste. But instead, he spotted Celeste leaving their apartment, dressing like a Muslim woman who covers every inch of her body and wearing a pair of sunglasses. Not understanding what Celeste is doing, Jimmy decided to follow her. He first saw Celeste throw all the pig blood in their fridge away and then went to the Chinese supermarket, to buy a basket full of clotted pig blood and then return home. Jimmy followed Celeste back into the house. Inside their apartment Celeste was busy trying to open a bag of clotted pig blood and was preparing to cook it. And Jimmy just asked "Celeste? Is that you? Why are you dressed that way?" Jimmy pulled down Celeste's haji. Celeste started screaming in pain and fall to the ground, trying to cover her face. Jimmy can't believe what he is seen happening. He turned Celeste around, but when the sunlight hit Celeste's face, she started screaming even more painfully, her face started glowing red, as if is coal been set of fire, smoke started emerging "It burns, it burns!" Celeste yelled in pain. Jimmy, quickly went to grab the haji to cover up Celeste's face, but when he do, his hand touched Celeste's face and Jimmy scream in pain, as his hand was burned. Celeste ran back into her dark room. Jimmy ran to shower his hand under cold water. He then returned to Celeste. Worried, Jimmy broke down the door, inside, he saw Celeste. Her face looked as if it is rotting away. Jimmy ran out the door to call an ambulance. Celeste, quickly cover her face and ran out the door, to stop Jimmy, fearing if the hospital finds out she is a vampire. Celeste tries to snatch the phone out of Jimmy's hand, she forgot the increased strength, her amulet gives her and when she snatched the phone out of Jimmy's hand, she accidentally, pushed Jimmy down. Jimmy fall to the ground and his head was bleeding and knock unconscious, not sure what to do, Celeste risk herself been exposed as a vampire and called an ambulance.

When Jimmy woke up in the hospital, there was only Tara there. Tara finally admits to Jimmy, that she and Celeste are vampires and told them about the curse been put upon their ancestors over 2000 years ago and that is the secret Celeste fear for Jimmy to find out. At first Jimmy was a little bit shocked. But Tara ensures to Jimmy, all the stereotype about vampires are not true and they are just like everybody else, and having known Tara and Celeste for such a long time, Jimmy believed her. Tara told Jimmy that Celeste wanted to tell him, for a long time, but don't know how to tell him.

Celeste is afraid how the police or paramedics would react to a woman that look like a half-rotten corpse that have been lit on fire and if her identity as a vampire is been exposed, what sort of effect would there be. So, after she calls the ambulance, Celeste quickly, dressed up as a Muslim woman again and ran out of their apartment and stood at the side of the road and watched in secret as the paramedics, went into the unlock apartment of Jimmy and Celeste's and carry the unconscious Jimmy out of the apartment. Tearfully, Celeste called Tara and told Tara what happened and asked her to go to the hospital, to take care of Jimmy.

After Jimmy and the paramedics are gone, Celeste went to grab as many clotted pig blood as she could, put it in her bag pack and ran out of their home. Hiding in a dark corner, Celeste opened a bag of pig blood and ate it raw. The combination of not having eat blood for so many days and the much exposure to the sunlight on a hot summer day, under that circumstances, is causing Celeste a lot of physical pain, by now, the pain she is experiencing, is at least two times worse, then childbirth. Celeste ate five packs of pig blood and waited for hours, till the pain finally stop. The homeless guy who is living on the street, looked at her, as if she is about to die.

The next day, Celeste came to the hospital to visit Jimmy. Part of her face has now recovered some of the others, not yet. Because people might get scared, looking at her wound, Celeste still dressed like a Muslim woman, but now dare to only show part of her face.

In the hospital Jimmy apologized, saying that he only want to prove to Father Richard that he is crazy and want him to leave her alone. He never thought it would have this sort of result. Celeste apologized that she never told Jimmy that she is a vampire, saying she don't know how he would respond. Jimmy tried to remove Celeste's scarf, covering her face, but she didn't want him to see how ugly she look underneath it, right now. The left side of Celeste's face look normal, but the right side still looks like rotten meat. Jimmy apologized to Celeste for what he did to her face. But Celeste told him that as long as she keeps eating pig blood daily, her face will return to normal, within a week or two. And Jimmy told Celeste, she is still beautiful to him, even like this. Jimmy and Celeste promised now that he knows, she is a vampire, they are not to keep anymore secret from each other. Celeste stayed in the hospital to take care of Jimmy and a week and a half later, her skin has recovered completely and she no longer dress like a Muslim woman.

After getting out of the hospital, Jimmy filed a restraining order against father Richard. Saying he is a crazy old man, who think his wife is a vampire. The court naturally doesn't believe in vampires and laughed at Father Richard's claims. The judge thinks of him as a crazy old fool, when Father Richard accused Celeste as a vampire, in court.

Just like that another year passed, Celeste was pregnant and gave birth to a little boy and the little boy didn't inherit his mother's vampire gene. Apparently, what the virus Yhwh set upon the pagans 2000 years ago, is one that cause a genetic mutation and that make these people another breed of humans. Celeste became a stay at home mom. Seven years later, Paul started school. Every day, Celeste will go to school to pick up her son. But one day, when Celeste went to pick up Paul, Paul is missing. Paul's teacher told Celeste, Paul didn't come to school today. It turns out Paul have been kidnapped, by father Richard. The police got involved, but they cannot find Father Richard or any of his fellow vampire hunters. Six months later, the police gave up and labelled Paul as a missing person. Then, Celeste got a phone call, from Father Richard, for her to come meet him along, in an old abandon warehouse. Celeste went there, only with Tara. Inside, Celeste saw father Richard and a few of his fellow vampire hunters, one of them grabbed onto Paul. Neither, Celeste, nor the vampire hunters, could touch each other, Celeste was wearing her ambulant from Thor and the vampire hunters are each wearing a crucifix.

Father Richard gave a simple offer, her life, for Paul's life. Celeste agreed she would come with him, but they need to let Paul go first. So, father Richard let Paul go and Celeste told Paul to go to his aunt Tara, who is waiting outside. Paul kept crying and won't leave and Tara had to drag Paul away. Celeste dropped her ambulant so the vampire hunters can come to arrest her. But from behind, Jimmy secretly followed Celeste and he came with a 9mm pistol. He told the vampire hunters to first drop their crucifix and stay back while he and Celeste walk out of there. But then Father Richard ignored the statement and charged Jimmy and Celeste. Jimmy shot dead Father Richard on the spot. The vampire hunters charged, Tara charged in, still wearing her ambulant she use her strength and speed to fight the vampire hunters. After knowing about the danger that vampire hunters pose to his wife, Jimmy, for the past few years, been working out and learning martial arts, also fought the vampire hunters. But without her ambulant, Celeste is no different from any other average girl. The vampire hunters still outnumber Tara and Jimmy four to one and one vampire hunters managed to grab onto Jimmy's pistol which has been dropped to the ground, put his crucifix back on and point the gun at Jimmy. He told Tara to drop her ambulant, but Jimmy said “no” and told Tara, if she does it, the vampire hunter would kill her. But on the spot Celeste agree to go with the vampire hunters, if they will leave her son and her husband alone. Celeste instructed Tara to move back to their home village, so the vampire hunters won't be able to find her. Then Celeste left with them.

Afterward, Tara and Jimmy call the police. The police can't find Celeste or the vampire hunters.

Thirty years have passed. Paul grew up and became a doctor. Jimmy never got remarried. Celeste has been assumed dead by the police. Tara returned to the village where she grew up, not wanting risk having a daughter that suffer the same fate, as Celeste, she never got married and has no children.

Despite not having her corpse, Tara and Jimmy, set up a tome stone for Celeste, in a graveyard close to Celeste's village. The graveyard is for the people of their village, it has been there starting from the 18th century. Tara, Jimmy, and Paul visit the graveyard every year, on Celeste's birthday. That year, it was the same. Paul also comes with his wife and two children. Tara told Jimmy and Paul to stay for a while. Tara is now an elderly lady, with grey hairs, she is a primary school teacher, close to the village. After the visit, Tara told Jimmy about a concert, a gathering of pop stars from their generation and she scored extra tickets.

After arriving at France, Jimmy heard of a place, where it is rumoured that the Catholic priests, use to execute pagan priestess, burning them for witchcraft. At there, they saw a few weird looking monks. Jimmy followed the monks in secret. There they saw the monks enter a small church and inside they heard the sound of a woman's scream. Jimmy stood there stunt for a second, but then he is sure

"Celeste!" He yelled, he plans to enter the church, the two guards outside tried to stop him. Tara knocked down the two guards Tara couldn't enter the church, because of the cross on top.

Inside the church, Jimmy saw five monks, each wearing a crucifix, surrounding a cage, inside the cage there is an elderly woman screaming in pain, she is obviously a vampire, her skin looks as if it has been rotting for years, it was burning and smoking, the church has a sky roof and the cage is place, right under the sun roof. Jimmy right away knows it is Celeste.

The monks tried to stop Jimmy. Paul is an ex-marine. He quickly knocked down the five monks. Jimmy opened the cage. He wrapped his suit jacket around his hand, so it won't burn, when he touch her skin. The five monks tried to stand up, but strangely they all broke their left leg, all at the same place. Outside, the two guards also broke their leg at the same location. The guard's gun for some reason, are not working, their radio is not working either.

"Go to your aunt Tara. Tell her to get her cow blood." Jimmy said to Paul.

Jimmy opened the cage and pulled Celeste out, from under the sun.

Tara and Paul ran into the church.

"How did you get in?" Jimmy asked

"I don't know." Tara replied

Tara quickly took out her canteen and poured the cow blood, into Celeste's mouth. After drinking enough, the pain finally stopped. Celeste caught her breath and notice it is Jimmy that pulled her out.

It turns out, after her capture the vampire hunters, wants to punish Celeste for her defiant to god. So, they lock her here, gave her no blood. So, every day, after the sun comes up, she would scream in pain as the sunlight burns her.

"Mum' Paul said.

Celeste looked at her son all grew up.

In heaven, four gods joined Thor to stand against Yhwh,

The camera return to a minute ago, revealing while two gods stood against Yhwh, another three interfere with what happened in the mortal world, causing guns and radio not to work and for all the guards and monks' leg to break at the same location.

Back on earth, Jimmy and Paul carry a weaken Celeste out of the church. End scene

Mythology referrence


In pre Christian era the god of Christianity, is one of the many pagan gods, his name is spell Yahweh by some and Yhwh by others


bible old testimate Leviticus 20:13

"If a man lies with a man, as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death, their bloods will be on their own heads"


bible John 4:3

"And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already."

(So, the anti christ are those who refuse to follow Yhwh)


Chronicles 15:12~13
And they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul, but that whoever would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman.

(The above three bible passage are examples of reason why I dislike Christianity and any religion that follow this Yhwh. The modern Christianity, we follow in the west, is not real Christianity, but is, in fact, our re imagine of Christianity, base on what we thing to be good and decent, by ignoring problematic passages, of the bible. )


In Buddhism they believe there are six realms, the top realms is heaven. Those who have enough good karma, would become a god and be elevated to that realm. But no soul stay a god forever, once all the good karma have been used up, it would return to earth. But souls that could become a god, are usually very humane and wise, thus it is very easy for them to become gods again. It also means, not all gods are good, since, sometimes, those who are not wise or humane could get enough good karma to become a god also. But it also means it is not the gods' responsibility to watch out for humans and if they do watch out for us, it is to help those who are in need, as charity work.

It is base on the premises, Buddhist belief all gods of all religion are real and co-exist, in the same time.

Base on that same Buddhist believe. Asia also believes, although most demons are evil, not all demons are evil and there are still some good ones.

Theme song: 1st choice: A million possibility (Chrstin welch)

Theme song choice two: I can't let go

Mythology inspiration

Chinese fairy tale told the story of a little boy that saved the life of a snake. After they died the snake reincarnated as a demon. When the demon saw the reincarnation of the little boy, who is now a geeky man, she showed herself to him and they got married, and the demon did all she could to be the best wife to her husband. One day an old monk saw the couple and recognized the wife is a demon. When the husband refuses to believe the old monk, the monk gave him, a potion and tell him to put it in his wife's food. After eating dinner that night, the wife went into painful shock and reveal her demon form. The husband was in shock and became seriously ill. The wife had no choice but to tell the husband the truth and then dedicate all of her energy to take care of her husband. In the end, her husband decided he don't care if she is a demon. Angrily, the old monk calls for the help from the gods to kill this demon. But the gods decided this demon is not evil and did nothing. So, the old monk trick the demon to be sealed away in a tower forever and use magic so nobody can ever find her. Twenty-five years later, the demon's son become a well respected educated and a Lord of the government. One day, he walked passed the tower where his mother was been sealed away and accidentally cracked the seal. The demon flew away and was never been seen again.

A snap shot of a recent Hong Kong movie, base on this legion


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago

      No, double check it, I only wrote they got longer life, they still get old.

      Actually, I wanted to try make this version of vampire seem more human then super nature. In a later version I've send into a magazine, the vampire don't even have any super power. In that version It said, because they know vampire hunters are going to hunt them, they train in fitness and martial art, since they were children and as legion grow, so the myth associate with their strength and fighting skill grow and the vampire village is build like a maze so, anybody who enter would be lost (and I said they even used it to saved many Jews in WW2 and the Nazi didn't dare to enter the base, fearing they get lost and just bomb the place using cannons, from out side the village) and in that later version, the story with Thor and Yhwh, is just a myth and super nature element such as Vampires are afraid of crucifix and bibles, can only be killed with a wooden stick (In fact in that version, Celester was in the final scene, killed, when she was shot by a bullet) and the one I added in this version of vampire hunters can't harm a vampire wearing Thor's ambulant, didn't exist either. The only thing that is left is the vampire need to drink blood to stay not allergic to the sun light and are allergic to garlic, due to a genetic mutation. Tara, who is still a vampire, study to become a biologist in university, to try find these disadvantage to vampire kind.

      The version I post on hub, is an earlier version of this story, so, there are still something super nature about it. Although, I did make it to say, vampires only got super power, via Thor's ambulant. :)

      PS: I am a graphic designer

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I meant the beginning u told that vampires do not get old right? ....then how come Celeste and Tara turned old and have grey hairs and all?they should remain young right?

      I am studying Pharmacy....You know what is pharmacy?

      PS: What you do? I mean do you have a job or are you a student? :)

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago

      [nd vampires don't get old u told that how come Celeste and Tara turned out that's my question.] I'm a bit lost about what u mean by this :)

      PS: What are u studying in university? :)

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      its a good story ..good plot...your English should be better...some grammar mistakes...otherwise its a beautiful story with action sequences..and vampires don't get old u told that how come Celeste and Tara turned out that's my question...otherwise you are great buddy!:) well i am sorry i replied so late i was little busy with college and all....


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