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Diary-October 24, 2012

Updated on October 24, 2012

Dear Diary,

The weather today is quite weird. I left the house at around 5:30AM and it's already bright outside. Not surprising that as early as 9:00AM, the surroundings became so hot that no one dared to go outside the office.

Business as usual, busy as usual. There's certain work that needs to be prioritized but this did not stops us from having personal chitchat, starting from a problem to worries then sharing personal perspective to advice and comfort. Maybe it's true that those who are not in the situation can give the best advice which is the most difficult to do for the one who is handling the problem.

Iyah almost cried when she told what happened. A combination of anger and pain. Who girlfriend will ever understand a boyfriend who was forcefully pulled by another girl in the restroom? Unfortunately, not her.

Knowing Iyah personally who never act indecent even though was upfrontly insulted by an a cheap woman and by the man she loves, lucky them.

I know I cannot give the best advice ever as I do not see myself being in that situation, but for me, buttomline of what happened is that you can't realize who really is the person you love and how much they value you until someone showed them to you and, if you still can accept them based on what you discovered they are or just let them go.

It was raining when we left the office. Jhel and I walked together under the rain because none of us brings umbrella. I was actually a bit disappointed because it may worsen my cold but I don't want to stay anymore just to wait for the rain to stop. I want to go home as early as I can so that I would have time to read and long time for sleep. Now, I feel really cold as if I'll be sick. Is this the result of my impatience? And now, I have to deal with it.

Like weather, life is unexpected. You can never assume that it will not rain in the afternoon once you encountered a bright morning. But, you can always be sure that once the rain stopped the day is brighter than ever before.


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