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Mystery Man Exposed for females

Updated on March 13, 2012

Myths or Truth?

So yes almost every female i say with confidence has heard the saying before that we all have a mystery man that is secretly admiring us. The question is, is it true or is it just a myth? I'm going to tell you that you don't have to be a supermodel to have a mystery man. Nor do you have to be the most sexiest woman alive. All you really need is to be you. Which is what your mystery man likes the most. So who is he? Well i don't have a crystal ball or anything of that sort but i can tell you how to spot him. You maybe very surprised to learn he closer than you ever imagined. You know the saying behind every woman is a man who secretly wants her? So if you want to know who he is take a moment and read this.

He reads into you

I'm not talking about the guy who sees you, starts a weak conversation and ends it with asking for your number. NOPE. That is not this guy's style, i'm going to use an example. You always go to this same store and the male cashier that you never bothered to get his name always gives you a smile and asks how are things going? He listens to you and remembers some of the details you told him last time he saw you. You think it must be he has a good memory? Wrong. Although even if he has a great memory, guys store information by importance. If he remembered your idle conversation there is a VERY good chance he is secretly into you. Notice he is not pressuring you because he knows that you haven't put your female glasses on to see him enough yet. Lets use another example. Your constant rants on your facebook about how your feeling. Your secret guys reads them and then translate them into his own personal words. Yet you don't see them or pay attention because you think he is talking about someone else. You think because he didn't directly say it to you that he isn't talking about you. Again ladies put your female glasses on. So why does he remain a secret? You heard the saying if something is to good to be true then its usually a scam? Well the mystery man to him you have all these great things about you but he doesn't feel he could make you want him or see him without having to feed you all kinds of cheesy lines.

What makes him different

So now the huge question is what makes him different from all the other guys? Is he some kind of stalker? How do you know he isn't dangerous? Ladies relax. This guy is not a stalker with an intent to kill you if he was by now he would have enough information to attempt it. He is different from the other guys simply because it isn't just that he wants to have you sexually (OBVIOUS HE DOES to a certain level) but he honestly likes your personality. He has put you into the light of a person of interest to him. He even likes your bad sides. What probably annoys him the most is the fact you say your looking for a good man but then he sees you date the guy who has different chicks monthly. Then your hurt. This annoys him because he sees how special you really are on the inside. He just can't understand why YOU can't see it.

Putting on Your female Glasses

So ladies look around you. Pay attention to the simple things. Really look at the guy who always seems to read you. You know who he is. Sometimes MR.RIGHT was always right behind us. We just didn't look back into his direction. Trust me right now there is a guy who is secretly admiring you. How do i know? Lets keep in mind that guys are not as shallow as we think of them sometimes. For every 10 guys you see 3 of them will like you and feed you lines but only 1 of them will just stare into your eyes and listen to your every word. So use you natural ability to look for the obvious. A man that really likes you, and when you find him don't just put him into that harmless stage that we do. You know that stage where he is harmless he minus well be gay! Just look past what your usually into. Come on how bad could it be to go outside your normal pick of men? You might find happiness. Of course i must state that i'm not saying throw all caution to the wind here. I would feel awful if someone got hurt, so remember you don't have to throw yourself at him. Just smile at him or drop off a word or two to let him know you see him. Then go slow but not stupid slow where you friends and won't move past it. Thanks for reading. :)


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    • profile image

      whatisvalentinesdotcom 5 years ago

      I never thought of things with this persepective, but yes, this is true. There are men around you just waiting for you to turn your head and look right at them. Ladies, don't be fooled by the obvious men who make their intentions clear (unless they intend what you want). Take time to look around for someone less obvious, who may have more noble intentions.