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Why Guys Shut Their Mouths When a Girl Rolls Her Eyes

Updated on May 30, 2017
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

This is a prime example of eye rolling.
This is a prime example of eye rolling. | Source
The weary eye roll.
The weary eye roll. | Source
The tired of listening to talkative friend eye roll.
The tired of listening to talkative friend eye roll. | Source
Prime example of: "Really?" eye roll.
Prime example of: "Really?" eye roll. | Source
The angry-at- gossip-about- girl- in-red eye roll.
The angry-at- gossip-about- girl- in-red eye roll. | Source
"Will you please hurry?!" This girl's eyes are saying.
"Will you please hurry?!" This girl's eyes are saying. | Source
 Amanda Seyfried  as Karen Smith in  Mean Girls. She is performing the "I could just scream," eye roll.
Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith in Mean Girls. She is performing the "I could just scream," eye roll. | Source
The sarcastic eye roll.
The sarcastic eye roll. | Source

My first exposure to eye rolling.

I was first introduced, well, exposed to one of the most effective, powerful tool in the female arsenal, "eye rolling," when I was 18. I was single at this age and I now know that I did not know that much about females. But do we ever, guys?

Girls are fantastic, mysterious, and make our lives interesting and complete. But God in His infinite wisdom, knew exactly how to gear the females with certain signals that can save them from wasting a lot of breath in expressing their hate for us, our presence, what we are telling them, asking them and asking them out on a date.

Guys are wasteful with their breath.

I can only assume that girls value their breath more than we guys for we guys are the ones always wasting our supply of breath trying our dead-level best to impress a pretty girl with some cute story, new hairstyle or wardrobe look that the clothing salesman swore would "have girls climbing all over us."

Back to 18 for a moment to just confess to you, my dear followers, just how gullible I was about females. I remember this one time, my dad and I were visiting a cousin in the hospital and I suddenly got bored. Not that I didn't care for the cousin, but he was laughing and even said to my dad that he was going home the next morning, so I didn't think it wrong of me to ask this pretty R.N. out on a date.

And guys, talk about natural beauty. She was "all that and a case of chips." Brunette, fair complexion, deep, brown eyes and a voice that would call down Mercury to take a message to Zeus. Okay. For my "ice breaker," I introduced myself and started asking her about her nursing career, how tough that I thought her job was and normal topics of conversation.

So far. So good.

Then there it was in the middle of a funny antedote about something that happened at work. Her eyes shot upward causing me to stutter, gain my "train of thought," and pick my story back up from the point where she rolled her eyes. And away I went. But no more than 20 words came off my lips until she executed another eye roll and this time put her left hand on her left hip and cocked her head to one side.

I was blown away. These signals were new to me. I was "walking a tightrope without a net" and hoped for the best. Actually, and do not laugh, on the second eye roll, I looked upward at the ceiling thinking that she was looking at some electrical hazard about to drop on me, but I was wrong. I was also wrong about her left hand being put on her left hip and head cocked to one side.

It was not hard for this "bumpkin Don Juan" to figure out that this girl was not interested in me. I then apologized for talking so much. She smiled. And before she walked away to continue her rounds, she handed me a piece of paper with her phone number written on it. A "sympathy gesture," if I ever seen one.

Super-star, Rianna, says, "It's a black girl thang," referring to eye rolling.
Super-star, Rianna, says, "It's a black girl thang," referring to eye rolling. | Source
Keke Watt in R&B Divas shows us her "I'm angry. Leave me alone," eye roll.
Keke Watt in R&B Divas shows us her "I'm angry. Leave me alone," eye roll. | Source

That did it.

The pretty R.N. and I had two dates. Both dull. Well, the first one was decent just because she had not been awake long and I recall that i picked her up at 1 p.m., on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The second date was spent in her hometown driving my car waving at every single guy she knew. I wish that the phrase, "I'm right here," had been in fashion.

It was at the end of this date or as I call it, "Watch The Pretty R.N. Ignore Her Date Tour," that she told me that we would not "work out," as she tried to put it. She said that it was due to the different church denominations we each served. Oh, yeah. Wonderful reason for stomping on my male dignity. I tried to reason with her, but a little voice whispered, "here is your car. Leave." And that was that.

"Oh--my--God!" | Source

If a girl ever rolled her eyes at you, how did you handle the situation?

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Looking back . . .

She did roll her eyes on our second "date," which was not a date by any means, but that started a long, arduous journey of studying the female psyche and to "nail down" the basic reasons of

Mystery Revealed: Why Girls Roll Their Eyes Around Guys

  • Out and Out Disgust - - at a story, joke, or some item of clothing we happen to be wearing. I have even had girls in my high school days roll their eyes because of a shirt I was wearing and I never knew their names.
  • Boredom - - I understand boredom. And how guys can bore girls to tears, in a long period of yakking, but in the first five minutes of us talking to them? Something is definitely screwy about this visual "red flag" that the girls send up with just one roll of their eyes. Am I wrong, guys?
  • Dislike - - this one works for a guy (like I was) who the pretty, popular female did not think herself to be in my low level of life, and if this same "hottie" and another girlfriend (her "yes girl," for agreeing with all "hottie" says), are talking and up walks another female equally as hot as "hottie." Watch and see if the "hottie," without any hesitation, lets her eyes drill holes in the ceiling when the other "hot" girl is just trying to make friends.
  • Embarrassment - - face it, guys. Hot girls either like us, or they are embarrassed at us being around them. I know. Besides getting the "Eye Roll Treatment," from a hot girl, I have also received (from the same hot girl), a cut of her eyes to the right and then to the left. And after she pretends to cough a few times, she is saying, "get out of here creep to those where you belong." Note: I would spell out the word for girls like this, but I do not use profane language in hubs or out.
  • Resentment - - is seen clearly in a girl's eye rolling and one of the reasons is that when an adult, say her dad or mom simply asks her to come to the dining room to eat. This, to the "important" girl whose time is more important than that of her parents, will first roll her eyes and then let out a huff and stomp to the dining room in a spoiled manner. Point made. Parents now is your time to apologize.
  • Hatred - - is also seen in a girl's eye rolling. Just let another girl ask her to let her borrow her lip gloss and watch what happens. The girl being asked will have the look of: "You are asking 'me' to borrow lip gloss? I don't think so, dearie." Tension is in the air. The first girl with the lip gloss thinks herself the "queen bee" of the classroom, workplace or other locations and does not like for other girls to intrude on her turf.
  • Threatened - - (see information above about 'hatred,' for it adds up to the same with a girl being threatened by another girl's blockbuster looks.
  • Lack of Good Parenting - - is my final reason girls roll their eyes. Sure, we guys take the blame for most of the reasons why "some," not all, roll their eyes. When she was a baby and signs of her rebellious tendencies began to surface, she was not taught how down-right disgusting, cold-hearted and self-centered this action really is.

Note to the R.N. who broke up with me: "read this carefully. That is if you are on HubPages. If you are an old maid in 2016, retired from nursing and now living alone except for your uncle "Bobo," well, sweetheart, you brought it on yourself. I did not do this to you, but hey, at least you have your church."

Watch and learn.

© 2016 Kenneth Avery


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