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A Light Within (Part One)

Updated on August 1, 2017
Sam ZeFroy profile image

My account is here to make people happy To show people that anything is possible I write stories, to help me figure out my own life Enjoy



"Princess it is time to get up." Virgo, Lucy's maid says. Lucy groans. "Five more minutes, Virgo."

Lucy Heartfilia is the next heiress to the Heartfilia company. So her actions must reflect her company, her name. She uses celestial god slayer magic. After her mother died her father became abusive. Lucy is always worried about the day he gets so fed up with her that he hits her...

Vigro finally managed to pull Lucy out of bed. Lucy gives a quick glance at her clock (7:49) "CRAAAPP" Lucy screeches, as she scrambles around her getting ready to go look for a new guild. Her father wanted her out of the house by 8am.

Lucy quickly shoves a slice of toast in her mouth, and then she is off.

She hoped it would not be that hard to find the Fairy Tail guid hall, it would probably one of the biggest buildings in this whole town, Lucy thinks to herself.

*BING* Lucy looks at her phone. It is her best friend Levy McGarden.

Levy: Hey Lu, I joined Sabertooth, so I won't be trying to go to Fairy Tail with u :(

Lucy: WHAT? How am I gonna survive?? I don't know anyone!

Levy: I know I am sorry :(

Lucy: ...

Levy: Lu, I am gonna be late for my first job... Good luck! You will be fine! Make some friends! xoxo

Lucy felt tears pricking the back of her eyes. Dammit, she thought, what was she gonna do without Levy??

Lucy was so caught up on her phone she did not notice the pink haired boy she ran into.

"Owww" he groaned. "Sorry." Lucy muttered.


"Bye babe" Lissanna said kissing him on the cheek. Lissanna asked Natsu out last week, he did not really like her, but it could not hurt to have a girlfriend going into high school. Plus who knew maybe he could love her.

Natsu started walking toward his guid Fairy Tail, when a blonde girl ran into him.

"Owww" he groaned, he landed right on a bruise. "Sorry," she muttered. He looked her up and down. Dang this chick was hot. He hoped he could get to know her. He noticed that her eyes were a little puffy, had she been crying? He hoped he had not hurt her.

"Hey, I am Natsu Dragneel." He said and extended his hand. "I am Lucy Heartfilia." She said in return. Wait, this was the heiress to the Heartfilia busines? He thought she would be a bit less... attractive? "Hold up your Lucy Heartfilia? As in Jude Heartfilia's daugter?" Smooth Natsu, real smooth, he thought. "Yeah, do you mind telling me where Fairy Tail is? I want to join the guild." She asked. "Oh, I am heading there right now, I will take you there." Without waiting for a response he grabbed her hand and started pulling her toward the guild.


Natsu grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards Fairy Tail. Finally, she thought, I am gonna join Fairy Tail! I wish Levy was here with me...

When the got there a white haired girl was waiting at the door.

"Natsu, what took you so long?" She asked, as she looked down she noticed their intertwined hands. "I was just helping my friend Luce here." Luce? Why does he not just call me Lucy?

"Luce, this is Lissanna." Natsu said. "His girlfriend." She growled snatching his hand away from hers. As if on cue she pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

What a b****, Lucy thought. Oh well. Natsu looked kinda offended as he looked at Lissanna when the kiss broke. "Lissanna..." He muttered. "What, can't I kiss my man?" She asked inoccently.

She started heading toward another girl with white hair, who was tending to the bar. "Hi, I am Lucy Heartfillia, and I want to join Fairy Tail." Lucy said extending her hand. "I am Mirajane Strauss, you can call me Mira. I see you already met my sister Lissanna." Mira said, shaking Lucy's hand.

Just then a heavily armored redhead walked in. Lissanna was obviously not gonna let me talk so Natsu. So she went up to talk the redhead. "Hey, I am Ezra Scarlett." She said with a smile. "I'm Lucy Hearfilia" Ezra looked impressed. I wonder why? "Hey, I wanna join Fairy Tail, do you know who I can talk to?" she asked. "That would be me, what magic do you use?" Erza asked. "I use celestial god slayer magic," Lucy replied. "Cool, what color do you want you emblem, and where do you want it?" Erza asked, 'Um, pink please, and on my hand" Lucy said. Erza pulled a stamp out of her pocket and stamped a pink Fairy Tail emblem onto her hand. "Great here is my number," Ezra said giving her a pice of paper. "Cool, here is mine," Lucy said scrawling her number down on a pice of paper.

Soon after that Erza introduced her to everyone. Gray, and ice wizard, Juvia, a water wizard, Cana, who had a wierd obsession with alcohol, Master Makarov, the guid master, Wendy a wind dragon slayer, Gajeel a metal dragon slayer. She aready knew Natsu, she did not know her was a fire dragon slayer, and Lissanna was a shape shifter.


Lucy had gotten to know everyone in the guid better, even Lissanna. Lissanna was still mean, but at least she kinda knew her. Gray was cool, and he and Juvia had started daing two weeks ago. Natsu hand held her hnd multiple times, and each time he she earned a death glare from Lissanna. Ezra was by far her best friend, they had little in common, but they just clicked. Kinda like her and Levy...


Erza: Hey come to the table outside, everyone is gonna go the the park :)

Lucy: Kk, just getting some lunch!

Lucy started to head outside when a foot slammed into her stomach. "AGHH!" Lucy screamed in pain. It was Lissanna. "Your gonna pay for holding hands with my Natsu!" Lissanna yelled, throwing her to the ground. Her foot slammed into Lucy's face, then her side then her stomach again. Then Lissanna somehow got a hold of scissors and started cutting chunks off of Lucy's hair. After she was done with the hair she started slapping Lucy in the face over and over and over agin.

Lissanna was suddenly thrown off of Lucy. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LISSANNA?!" It was Natsu "Natsu..." Lissanna tried. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! WE ARE SO DONE DONT EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN YOU EVIL WITCH!!" Natsu screamed. Tears pooled in Lissanna's eyes. Lucy struggled to her feet. "You a**hole! I hate you!! I am done I am leaving, and when I come back here, I will make you pay!" Lucy yelled pointing at Lissanna.

Lucy started limping towards Virgo and the limo that waited outside, but suddenly Natsu's arms were around her. "Luce, please don't go." Natsu begged "I know I barley know you, but I think I like you." Natsu said, his voice getting sadder. "Natsu, I am so sorry, but I have to go." Lucy said. Virgo was waiting for her. Lucy felt Natsu's tears on her shoulder. She slipped out of Natsu's grip and started running towards Virgo and the Limo, tears streaming down her face.



Levy: Lu, heard you got beat up at Fairy Tail, I am so sorry!

Lucy: ...yea... I decided to leave and try to find a different guild, but i was in the hospital for a week recovering.

Levy: Is your dad mad?

Lucy: Yeah, he is pissed, he cant have the next Heartfilia's face be messed up.

Levy: I just had a brilliant idea!

Lucy: What?

Levy: You should join Sabertooth! We would be happy to have you! We need a strong wizard like you!

Lucy: You know what? I think I will.

Levy: YAY! Come today and I will get you all set up. Your gonna love it!

Lucy grabbed her keys, and headed over to Sabertooth. When she got there she heard a very familiar voice "LUUUUCCCYYY!!!!" Levy screamed tackling her in for a bear hug. "Levy, I missed you sooo much!" Lucy said, "I know me to! Lets get you hooked up with Sabertooth!" Levy said excitedly.

Levy pulled her inside and right off the bat, a attractive blonde dude came up to them. He looked about her age. "Hey, I am Sting, the guid master! Welcome to Sabertooth!" Sting said. "Hi, I am Lucy Heartfilia, and I would like to join Sabertooth.' Lucy said. "Thats great! We need more pretty girls in this place!" Sting realised what he said and a light blush rose to his cheeks. Levy giggled and said "Lucy is a celestial god slayer." Sting looked impressed. "Well where do ya want your emblem, and what color Lucy? Sting asked. "On my hand over my other one and blue please." Lucy said. Sting smiled and took out a stamp from his pocket, and stampted a Sabertooth emblem right over her Fairy Tail one causing it to erase. "Welcome to Sabertooth Lucy! Heres my number, text me if you need anything, or just wanna talk." Sting said with a smile, handing her a scrap of paper with his number on it. "Thanks Sting, you are the best! Here is my number." Lucy said scrabbling her number on a small pice of paper, then handing it to him. "Cool, I hope we can become friends!" Sting said. "I think we already are friends" Lucy said, a bludh coming to her cheeks. "Me to, let me introduce you to Rogue one of my other very good friends!" Sting said.

A man in all black walked up to them. "Hey, I am Rogue, Sting's friend, and partner in crime," Rogue said with a laugh. "Nice to meet you, I am Lucy Hertfilia, and I just joined Sabertooth!" Lucy said with a smile. He gave her a fist bump, and left.

"Take the day off, and then come back tomorrow, and we can start training," Sting said. "Wait you will be my training partner?" Lucy asked "Of course! I would love to work with you!" Sting said extending his arms for a hug. Lucy jumped into them. "Thank you so much!" she said. "Anytime," Sting said, as he let her go. "See you guys tomorrow!" Lucy said as she ran home. Sabertooth is gonna be great, Lucy thought.


Sting: Hey pretty girl, do ya mind if I call you Lu?

Lucy blushed.

Lucy: Not at all, wassup?

Sting: Cool! Just wanted to let you know, that since you use god slayer magic we are going away for two and a half years tomorrow to train :) btw I am the light dragon slayer.

Wow two and a half years? Lucy thought, after that she would be stronger than Lissanna, and she would be able to have her revenge! Pus she would not have to worry about the family bussiness for the next 10 years, so her father would not care if she left! And she would get to know Sting better! This is a win, win situation!

Lucy: Great, I will start packing! Cant wait!! ;)

Sting: Me either, plus we can become better friends, and fighting partners in the process!!

Lucy: Ya, see you tomorrow, I gotta go pack, have a nice night!

Sting: Goodnight Lu :)

In the morning. Lucy was all packed when...

*BING BING BING BING BING BING BING BING* Lucy looked at her phone. What the heck?

Erza: Where are you?

Erza: Where have you been??

Erza: Are you injured???

Erza: Are you ok????

Erza: Lucy...

Erza: Answer meeeeee!

Erza: Are you at home?????


Lucy: Please delete this number

Erza: LUCY! Are you ok? Where are you?? Come home please.

Lucy: I am home, I joined Sabertooth, I have moved on, and I will be back for revenge.

After that Lucy blocked Erza's number.

~In the morning on the train~

As soon as the train started moving Sting got a headache, he looked at me and said "Motion sickness," as he sat down. "You can put your head in my lap, I hear that helps,& Lucy said with a smile. Stings head came crashing down onto her stomach, "mmm that does feel better," he said groggily, " I have been meaning to ask you an important question," Sting goes on, "After training, will you be my new fighting partner?" Lucy thought for a moment, "I would love to! Thank you so much Sting! Now get some rest, we have a long journey ahead of us." Lucy replied, but Sting was already asleep.


"Again!" Sing said, Lucy hit him with a powerful attack throwing him at least 10 feet back. Even with only a small portion of her training course finished, Lucy was already way stronger than before. And with 27 more months of this, she would be invincible.

As Sting walked up to her, she pulled out two sandwiches out of her pack and said "Lets take a lunch break," handing him a sandwich. "Good idea Lu," he replied, sitting down, she sat down next to him. "You know, you are getting way stronger," Sting said. "When Levy first brought you into the guild, I thought you would be a dragon slayer, but here you are, Ms. Powerful God Slayer Heartfilia." Sting continued, Lucy laughed. "I love your laugh, it always makes me feel good when you laugh," Sting said. Lucy noticed him getting closer to her, their noses nearly touching. "Do ya wanna know a secret Lu?" Sting asked, their noses were now touching, and Lucy nodded. "I love you," Sting said, Lucy processed this then said, "I love you to, Sting." Sting crushed his lips to hers, her fingers finding their way to his hair. The kiss was nice, Sting's tongue touches her teeth once or twice, so did hers to his teeth. But then the kiss broke. Lucy and Sting were smiling so wide, "that was amazing, I love you Lu!" Sting said. "Yeah, it was, I love you to Sting!" Lucy replied. "Hey Lu? Will you be my girlfriend?" Sting asked with a smile, "Of course! But you have to promise that after we train, you help me get revenge on Fairy Tail for what they did to me." Lucy replied. "Of course, babe, I would do anything to help you." Sting said, as he kissed her head then got up to start training again.

© 2017 Sam ZeFroy


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