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Nerve Racking Moment of Meeting The Parents

Updated on July 10, 2012

Tips So Your Girlfriends Parents Don't Hate You

Relax. If your meeting her parents it meas she is serious about you. Of course you want to make a good impression, so again RELAX. Her parents might understand you are probably a bit nervous, but here are some tips to make sure you don't look like a jackass.

1. Dress Like An Adult - Scrap the board shorts and flip flops for this dinner. The family is going to want to meet someone who looks mature and put together. You don't have to rent a tux, but just don't look like you walked off the playground in middle school. Fix your hair and cut your nails.

2. Speak Properly & Respectfully - Always say "Please" and "Thank you," you can even go as far to use "Sir" and "Ma'am." This will at least give you the slight appearance that you have a little class. There is no need to use any curse words either, and try your best to branch your vocabulary out form the "Dude," "Bro," "Killer" and "Hella" phrases.

3. Put The PDA On Hold - The last thing a dad wants to see is his daughter getting groped at the dinner table form some guy he has never met. Again this is just a basic respect issue.

4. Tell The Truth - They want to get to know you, so be honest when they ask you questions about yourself. There is no need to lie and tell them you "have a good shot at the next space shuttle mission," be honest and own the fact that you hold the record for fastest paper loading at Kinkos. And not just your Kinkos, but the the record for the whole county!

5. Have Fun - Don't be nervous, here mom and dad are not going to be out to get you, in fact they actually want to like you. Don't give them a reason to think otherwise. Relax, be yourself and have a good time with your lady and her family.

Meet the Parents

Generally speaking the most nerve-racking thing to do in most relationships is to meet her parents. You want to make a good first impression; you don’t want to be the deadbeat kid that is hanging out with their daughter. You want to seem intelligent without seeming pretentious. You want to be friendly but you don’t want it to seem like you are trying to pick them up at a bar. You want to be cool and calm but you don’t want to seem too carefree. You don’t want to care too much. It’s difficult to come off with right attitude and make sure they like you.

So when I met my girlfriend’s parents I was trying my best to tiptoe this line. Her Dad is a hunter and although I knew this going in, it didn’t make me any less nervous it actually probably made me more nervous.

But at least I was somewhat prepared to meet a big bad hunter. I really don’t know anything about hunting and I don’t even know where you can hunt in California. But I just didn’t ask any questions and just nodded politely. As we pulled up, I halfway expected them to be wear badlands packs, and hiding behind double bull blinds and stalking me like some deer he is ready to hunt. Luckily, he wasn’t when we pulled up.

So I introduced myself politely, of course trying to hide the fact that I am sleeping with their daughter, weird. I always feel like there is a weird tension or elephant in the room, even after I met them dozens of times. As we, moved closer toward the house I could see into the backyard and I can see huge pile of bone looking structures. They were antlers, a huge pile of them; all of these deer antlers wouldn’t have fit in a Volkswagen beetle. So naturally, I was a little intimidated. I actually don’t think I could have been more intimidated, unless he was cleaning deer carcass out as we pulled up.

After, I examined the graveyard of deer antlers. Everyone moved inside, and of course my girlfriend is filling them in after being away at college for a couple semesters. I am just standing there, awkwardly with my hands in pockets, like a kid at a junior high dance, who doesn’t know how to talk to girls yet. I awkwardly pet the dogs, kind of look around but never stare. Remember the fine line a boyfriend must be careful of. The hunter then calls me in to the living room and above the 42-inch plasma TV is a huge deer head, and this wasn’t a decoy, this was the real deal. So he then proceeded to tell me the story of how he killed the animal, and it was actually quite interesting. After making small talk about hunting, the anxiety seemed to finally go away. Meeting any girls parents will still never be easy but at least it probably won’t be as intimidating as meeting that hunter.

Don't Fall Asleep In a Tanning Bed Before You Meet Her Family

A Scene From Meet The Parents

Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time is always nerve-wrecking. This day can either make or break your relationship with them. It is always best to prepare yourself for this occasions by discussing over with your girlfriend about everything you can know about her parent’s likes and dislikes. Try to get enough information about them, so you will have some sort of sense on what type of parents they are and know how to behave in front of them.
Here are some tips that will definitely leave your girlfriend’s parents impressed:

  • Dress To Impress - Always dress appropriately when you meet the parents for the first time. First impression count, so give more thought into what you wear. Save the white T-shirt and ripped jeans when you have already gotten the parents approval, but for now put on a nice casual suit.
  • Bring gifts - Getting a gift is a nice gesture and an easy 10 brownie points. Flowers or chocolates is the standard gifts for moms and wine or tickets to a game for the dads. If you really want to impress your girlfriend’s parent, get them a gift that they have interest in, such as a weekend trip to Napa Valley, if they are into wine tasting or a ski set, if they like skiing.
  • Behave Appropriately - Be honest, respectful, caring, attentive, and confident; it is worth at least 20 brownie points each. Parents will have their eye on you at all times, so always make sure you act appropriately.
  • Help Out - If you having dinner with the parents at their house, offer yourself to help with the cooking and cleaning. Moms are always impressed in a man who is willing to help around the house that are not deemed a “man’s work”. If you are having dinner with them at a restaurant, pick up the tab. Fathers like to know that you are financially capable in providing to their daughter needs.

10 Things Not To Say To Your New Girlfriend's Parents

What Not To Do

Meeting The Parent Cartoons


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