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Never Give Your Crown Away

Updated on May 11, 2017

A Man's World?

As the day moves into the night, I watch the gray clouds from my second floor window. While sitting in "the chair" as it is fondly known thinking about today's events. It begin with this morning mediation, dress, and finally the 40 minutes commute to work. The first order of the day was a simple service request for a mobile windshield repair. Well, it turned out that it was nothing short of another reminder of the life of a "Woman in America." Three attempts to find the right glass for my windshield lead to this day. After the technician arrived he informed me that the glass he had brought with him was yet another mistake. I took a deep breathe as I listened to his rants about how "MY" insurance had made a mistake and that "HE" has 20 years of experience in the industry. He would assure me that it was a mistake by "MY" insurance company. I asked him allow me to reset this conversation. I took another deep breathe and reminded myself that instead of using my negative thoughts that were racing to my frontal brain think about the huge responsibility of just being a woman of excellence. I thought about how being a woman made me faster, brighter and eloquent in speech than this male technician standing in front of me. Therefore, I would represent women by using emotional intelligence and engage in a thought worthy conversation. I would not scream or make a scene. I began to inform the technician the following:

  • My insurance company used the vehicle VIN number to schedule the service.

  • The first appointment was the previous Friday at his company and was informed that the wrong glass was order by accident.

  • His company rescheduled the mobile repair and the glass would be repaired with no deductible.

  • A new appointment was scheduled on Monday. However, on Monday the appointment was again rescheduled for Wednesday.

  • Finally, I reminded him that customer service is a hallmark of a great company.

After this conversation, he looked startled and apologetic mainly because I owned my emotions. I did not allow "HIS" presence to intimidate me in any manner! This is the routine for many women especially single women or professional women. Simply because most men believe that women know little to nothing about the hows or whys of car maintenance or repair. In the end, he was very calm and wanted to please me the customer. Remember as women, we have power and never give it away!

Many of you reading this will understand that women in America still have to be smarter, faster, and work harder than men. Let's look at a few common reminders of our challenges. Last year, America changed the politically landscape forever in many ways. First, a major political party nominated its first female candidate, Hilary Clinton. However, she fell short of becoming the first women president in America. This election was a mixed bag for all of us. The election showed the good, the bad and the ugly our country must deal with to move forward. It was bitter sweet for the women who supported her. It also showed the ugly face of our fears of a women actually leading our country. Women have the power, don't give it away!

Our second challenge is health thus our life expectancy. It is a little known fact that women out live men. Current stats reveal the average age for women is 81.1. However, women healthcare advances are a far stretch then men healthcare. Heart health is an important issue for both men and women. Medical research focuses on advances that support the man spectrum and often leaves out the nuances that helps women live a stronger healthier life. Although breast cancer research has grown it is still light years behind where we need to be to eradicate this disease. We have the power, don't give it away!

Finally, a woman in America chooses whether or not she can have it all. This simply means can she be a successful professional woman with a family or a stay at home mom? Let's look at the latest research. Chief executive was the top-earning role among females, with median annual wages of $97,552 in 2016. Male CEOs made $125,788, or 22% more. There were about 318,000 women CEOs in the U.S. last year, which may sound high, but men held 832,000 chief executive posts. We sacrifice so much to make it work! With every blessing comes a burden, this is what we are to believe. Women are challenged to give up something in order to get something. Even successful women are looked upon as brass witches because of their expectations. We have come so far yet we are not their just yet. Our dreams are deferred. Maybe before we come to the fork in the road; we will arrive at the same place at the same time with our men. Realize women, we have the power, stop giving it away!


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