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Never Shoot-off Your Mouth or Your Firearm in a Submarine

Updated on May 8, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Diagrams of the Seaview.
Diagrams of the Seaview. | Source

The 4-1-1 on Submarines

beginning in ancient times, mankind sought to operate under the water. From simple submersibles to nuclear-powered underwater behemoths, humans have searched for a means to remain safely underwater to gain the advantage in warfare, resulting in the development of the submarine.

From today’s nuclear-powered subs to yesteryear’s submarines which were very simple and the designers of early submarines it takes a special breed to be trained in the valuable information on the inner-most workings of a submarine and even make working on a submarine an exciting career to help guard our country and our allies.

But Even on Submarines

there are the rules that help the personnel get along with each other (and their officers) because after all, a group of submariners may stay under the ocean for a long as four months and that, friends, is a very long time to live in a cramped space and enjoy the various challenges posed by the submarine.

Some subs are large enough to carry as many as 500 submariners and officers and today’s submarine provides a doctor’s office; dentist office; laundry and the favorite place of the sub: the galley or kitchen were the finest food is prepared (three times a day) by a team of dietitians, chefs, who are very knowledgeable on what foods to serve and how much.

In 1961, ABC TV introduced Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea, and it was an instant hit. (from left) Richard Basehart and Terry Becker.
In 1961, ABC TV introduced Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea, and it was an instant hit. (from left) Richard Basehart and Terry Becker. | Source

In 1961, TV History was Made

when ABC Television along with the creative efforts of Irwin Allen, who created a futuristic nuclear-powered submarine named “The Seaview,” that starred Richard Basehart as “Admiral Harriman Nelson,” and David Hedison as “Lee Crane,” the “Seaview” commander. This vessel was able to go to the deepest levels on the oceans as well as fight sea monsters and alien beings that were bent on destroying this futuristic submarine.

This adventurist-show which brought ABC Television many awards for audiences and providing shows like Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea, a look into the future and build instant-interest from all age brackets.

But if a show of this nature were filmed in 2019, just think, with a crew of over 500 men, women, and officers, there is that unspoken force of stress that can act on the personnel and just blow-up due to the excessive pressure of being on such submarine. Such a situation would always be a possible area of concern, and since I loved Voyage of The Bottom of The Sea, (whom I credit this show’s plot lines and this hub idea) I wanted to talk to you a few minutes about the possibility of how YOU to react if tomorrow, you enlisted for the U.S. Navy to board such a submarine as The Seaview and how I might help you survive.

 David Hedison as Commander Lee Crane fight virus in Time Lock 1968.
David Hedison as Commander Lee Crane fight virus in Time Lock 1968.

Never Allow These Things to Happen

if you are going to be happy submariner and go the distance in learning every part of your vessel. Listen. I am not joking. This piece is very serious with me, and I would expect the same from you.

You may not partake in Drinking Alcohol while on duty on your submarine. You can get in deep trouble with the Captain, Admiral, or Chief, it doesn’t matter. Drink some water, O.J., and coffee. And keep your Service Record on your submarine clean.

Fighting with other crew members is strictly forbidden. I realize that you are cooped-up with hundreds of other stressed crew members, but do not allow your urges for fighting to relieve the stress. Go into your area, hit the sack, and meditate. The number one thing that you should be concerned about is: Why on Earth Did I Sign-Up for This Service?

Coming on to female submarine crew members can get you banned from the Navy and barred from active duty on any submarine. But if worse comes worse, make sure that the female whom you chased for about a week is ready to marry you.

Bringing Snakes, Dogs, Cats, and Gorillas aboard the submarine is definitely forbidden. I do not care if you try to convince the Commander of making one of these animals a good luck mascot. And if you a person who likes to take on a dare about taking your animal for a walk while you are 900 feet below the surface, then you may as well stay home.

Serious Gambling is not allowed on a submarine. Except for friendly games of Rook, Texas Hold ‘Em is okay, just as long as you use matches for money.

Getting on the submarine’s P.A. system and start to sing Billy Joel’s best songs will get you put into the brig. But maybe the sub commander and majority of the crew like Joel’s “You May Be Right,” like your singing, you have a chance that you could be acquitted.

When you are on a submarine and pulling a three-month stretch, nerves can be very edgy. And above this dilemma, do NOT do animal impressions as loud as possible to make the time pass a little faster. I would guess that wolf growlings at the loudest you can make spells trouble.

And I would venture to share the Number One thing that YOU should NEVER do . . .not even think about doing this item and in a minute or so, you will agree. Never shoot-off your mouth no matter how much claustrophobia is kicking your butt. Why? That is so easy. If you shoot-off your mouth about how you dislike the Navy and the Commander, then get ready to get your butt kicked. The same advice can be used to sneak-on a firearm in your sleep area, then when most of the crew is sleeping, you start shooting your firearm while singing “Cisco Kid,” by the band, WAR. Of course you are using blanks, but you will still be arrested, then man-handled, so be careful.

May 8, 2019______________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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