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Never say these 8 things to your Girl

Updated on July 26, 2016

Getting into a relationship is a lot easier than sustaining it. No one is perfect and hence we all need to understand the importance of loving our partner with all the imperfections. That’s the beauty of love. There are times when guys get confused that why his girl is behaving weird. Well, the reason could be you gave her the reason of behaving that ways. So, let’s have a look at certain things that one should Never say:


1. Never ever compare her to your Ex/Mom/Sister….


This would be the biggest mistake of your life. Don’t ever do it. I mean, if you will compare her to your ex every time, then she might be your next ex. Comparing her to your mom or sister or any other friend won’t help. Tip is never ever compare her.

2. Never say that you didn’t see her text/call


I mean by saying this you are actually showing that you don’t care enough to check her text/calls.

3. Never criticize her


You gotta be nuts if you do this. She is definitely open for suggestions..but duh..not everytime

4. Never drag that time of the month in the conversation


“You are behaving like this because this is that time of the month (menstrual cycle)”. Excuse me, that might/might not be true, but you better not drag this.

5. Never ask her to go on a diet or to gym


Better cover this up nicely, else you better run away. By saying this you are directly saying that she is fat. Avoid this if you don’t wanna look shallow.

6. Never say that you were not listening


Don’t ever say that, not even in your dreams.

7. Never stop her from shopping


That’s her right, you have no right to stop her from shopping.

8. Never say that she is getting into useless discussion


No, she is not. I mean this is so offensive.


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