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New Age Speed Dating

Updated on August 6, 2009

Is Speed Dating Worth The Money?

 I thought I had heard it all. I knew about the online dating sights. I have looked at the free ones and some of the paid sites.

My Experience

I looked at the free dating sites, and to be totally honest, because I speak the truth, I would compare the photos to those that I would see listed on the Sheriff's websites. How can all the men look the same, and have little or no hair?

I figured that most of the men are lying about their ages, look at the age and compare the photo. I also did not like the pictures of men half dressed, lying on beds, writing about their sexual desires and more. The dating sites have become a sea of deceit and lust.

I tried a pay site, E Harmony. The questions they asked took hours, pages and pages of questions, you are suppose to answer HONESTLY. I answered honestly. Several hours had passed to take this stupid test, and when I finally finished I was relieved until, a large red screen popped up, the screen said that if I had paid any money I should ask for it back because they could never find a match for me.

How comforting was that, I answered the questions honestly, so I was out. When I realized that the fee charged was $ 250.00, I would not have done it anyway.

Speed Dating

Once I saw a commercial about speed dating. People paid a certain fee to meet at a mutual place and they would speak to other people for a specific amount of time.

I recently found out when I received a call from my son last week, that speed dating was also online. The fee is $ 69.00 and you chat with someone after you see their picture.

My son asked me to help him out babysitting while he met his speed dating lady. I thought that he was crazy, because he lives 3 1/2 hours from me, and the lady was another 2 1/2 hours. I had no idea that dates can start at 11:30pm.

So my son arrives, and he is all spruced up, looking good, and excited. I did call once to make sure that he was okay and found the place, and he did. Once a mother always a mother. When he returned he said that the young lady was everything she had claimed to be. They went to dinner, and dancing and had a great time.

The only problem that my son had was driving on a interstate that is known for it's seclusion and speeding. His date was very expensive with a traffic ticket of $ 298.00.

My point is, would I want to meet someone that lived so far away? The answer is no. Would I start a date at 11:30pm? The answer is no.

I would feel uncomfortable going to a unknown area meeting any stranger, because that is how I am. I do not know who is really typing behind the keyboard.

My sons feel that I am too negative, well I think I would rather be safe than sorry.

So, as long as my son was back safe, after his evening of late night dinner and salsa dancing,what I do not know will not hurt me. I think I will keep it that way.



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