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New Year - the time to decide to flaunt the new you

Updated on January 3, 2015

New year resolutions: why we need them?

The biggest task on our to-do list as we approach or enter the new year is the "Resolutions" that we need to make. But , did we ever step back and think why we need to have them? Why we never think about improvising as a constant thing in our lives? Every day is a new day and we are living it for the first time so, why we never greet the new day in such a big way as the year?

Just hold back all those questions and the obvious answers that you are thinking. Lets look at the resolutions from a different perspective. We can make the resolutions like a cake walk and definitely come up as a winner.

So the million dollar question : " Why do we need to make resolutions?"

Well believe me we all know deep down how we can improvise our lives but many of us lack the self-motivation trail so we never see the outcome. But, all of us at some time or other have gone through the phase when a small or big trigger helped us accomplish the toughest or seemingly impossible task. That trigger is what we need to create for each of the resolutions before we actually think of achieving it.

How to make the resolutions ?

Now , lets start our task of making the resolutions in a step-wise manner. The first step is sit back and wear your thinking hats. Understand, introspect and above all be very rational and fair to yourself. Make very realistic and small Goal-sets. Start with some thing you can appreciate yourself for in a weeks time.

If you want to start waking-up early : say now you wake up at 8:00 am and you want to start your day early at say about 6:30, you don't need to jump your alarms straight from 8:00 to 6:30. Start by waking up few minutes early and always appreciate yourself at the end of it. Gradually you can step-up your schedule and feel the sense of achievement at every stage. This will serve as a constant motivation for you.

If you want to start exercising : just start doing it without thinking of a suitable time and scheduling. Once you start the activity it will automatically fit in your schedule.

If you want to loose those extra pounds: start with small things like avoiding that lift to your office or out of your residential building.

No matter what you want to improve or focus on, dont expect the results in one go, give yourself sufficient time and be easy on yourself.

Resolutions the reality

Set-up Success parameters!

Now that your list is ready and broken down finely into small tasks with a small and focused deadline, we can start with the step-2 : setting up measurable success parameters for your resolutions.

Monitor your progress at short intervals or daily and give a pat on your back if you are doing what you thought you would or what you should be doing.

Reward yourself as and when you achieve your weekly or daily basis goals. The main reason that our resolutions fail is that we aim to achieve the best outcome and we loose the focus as we dont track our progress timely.

Monitor it to make it happen

Revisit Your Resolutions Sheet Regularly

Make it a habit to visit your resolutions sheet regularly, i do that on a weekly basis, the benefits of the same are:

1. You maintain a clear focus: always be clear and remind yourself the reason of doing something, this way you will not loose focus with passage of time

2. Resolution validation: sometimes we make some resolutions which loose out their relevance with changes in circumstances or passage of time, we can thus get rid of those from our list. eg: you decided to walk to your office but you have now changed your job and the office is no longer at walking distance so, you can re-write the resolution.

3. change of path: you might want to change the way of doing the task if its not giving the desired result

4. keep it interesting: make sure you keep resolutions as an ongoing daily activity that is engaging , rewarding and interesting. if you loose interest in something it looses its relevance and you will feel doing it as a burden

Happy 2015: Live and Love rest will fall in place

Having discussed enough on how to go about making, mapping , monitoring and fulfilling your resolutions, here's the final piece that will make your 2015 a rocking and best year:

1. Live as you want to and follow your dreams

2. do something each day to make yourself happy and to make others happy

3. thank god for all that you have

4. spend quality time with yourself and your family

5. love all you can

6. Positivism and happiness are the key

so go ahead and rock 2015 :)

Map your goals

Do you feel now you can accomplish your resolutions?

See results

Happy 2015


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