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First night together, shocked to see the tattoo on your back

Updated on May 6, 2016

Now sit back thinking I see she's good at covering up their nature. Where we love each other just a few months, more than two years together, so that I absolutely did not know you had a past "illustrious" so. The meek and gentle exterior fool of me was me, made me believe that I nail security is a wise sage girl.

We know each other during a mutual friend's wedding travel. That day, I had no car, so I put on the line amenities. I thanked me by inviting me a cup of coffee at the shop opposite an apartment that I rented. The conversation made me really impressed. At last I got something sweet just incredible attraction. The way you smile, I said, and my understanding that I was ignorant.

We exchanged phone numbers with each other and start dating for several weeks afterwards. More than 4 months, I formally accept my love. We are a couple, who also commended two good together so I feel proud.

Speaking of work, I do manager for a private company, income is relatively quite. Meanwhile, she's just the girl to do a normal office worker. I like the gentle, feminine and graceful way to say my food. I do not have any complaints about his girlfriend. Right from the love I had planned to marry her as his wife.

As a man, sometimes I could not avoid the psychological want to own. A few times I ever "demanding" me, but I refused to accept. My girlfriend is very resolute. She said if not actually feel confident will never be off limits. So I did not push, but wait ... I want someday, I own voluntary rather than forced you.

2+ years of love, perhaps you've felt that my true love for me so I decided to go the limit. That time, we traveled far together, sharing a room and she agreed with me. But my feeling that night is not as sweet as I imagined and expected. In me is the disruption and confusion about the nature, the real girl he loves.

During the time we are together, she always dressed discreetly, so I did not know. That night, when she took off the dress itself on people, I see a large tattoo on his back. I was very surprised. I'm not the kind of person antiquated, outdated, but I saw other girls shocked entirely with external looks meek. That night, she confessed once loved a man, not to be together, so she decided to hate so it tattooed to remember the bitter affair.

But that is only part ... The way you take the initiative, how you rolled in and I that night made me think. I'm not the same girl that I took wise sage during the past 2 years. I have a feeling I had a swell life before returning as a gentle girl like me when I'm accustomed. It looks like you're still a split personality, not like what I see.

I'm bewildered really familiar with his girl. I thought love each other more than 2 years has made me understand her but apparently not, I do not know anything about her. I suddenly scared many people live in this respect. What can I do, whether to continue this affair?


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