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Nice Things To Do For Your Significant Other

Updated on March 7, 2015

Sometimes people become too comfortable in a relationship and do not take the time out to do the nice little things for each other that they used to. By doing nice things for your significant other, you can strengthen the bond between the two of you and show them your love and appreciation.


Write a nice love letter to your significant other and tell them all the things you love about them. You could also buy a greeting card and write in it all of the things that you appreciate about your significant other. Tell them why you are happy to have them in your life and how thankful you are for the things that they do for you.


Make your significant other breakfast and serve it to them in bed. Serve them their favorite breakfast foods. Add little garnishes to the side, such as small pieces of fruit, to make it look like you put some time and effort into making the meal as good as it tastes. By serving breakfast in bed to your significant other, you can show them that they are worthy of special treatment.


Buy small things for your significant other every now and then. It can be a nice little surprise gift to brighten up their day. It does not have to be a birthday or holiday for you to give gifts. It could be something as small as buying them their favorite ice cream from an ice cream shop or supermarket. Surprising someone you love with small gifts that you know will interest them can be a nice way to show them that you pay attention to what they like.


Take your significant other out on a date and pay for the meal or whatever activity you plan on doing. Go out to dinner at their favorite restaurant or play a game of miniature golf. By taking your significant other out on a date, you show them that you are still interested in spending time with them and enjoying their company.


Getting away for a little alone time and a romantic retreat is a nice way to connect and spend some intimate time with your partner. Plan a small trip for the two of you, particularly a place you know that your partner would like to visit. It could be an overnight trip or a weekend getaway.


Sometimes when people become comfortable in a relationship, they forget to say nice little words that mean so much. Please and thank you are important words and should be said even if you have been with someone for 50 years. It shows that you appreciate the person you are with and respect them as a person.


Ask your significant other how his/her day went. It is important for you communicate with your partner. When you ask them a question, really listen to the response. Do not play on your phone or let your mind wander while they are talking. If your partner just got done telling you about his/her rough day, offer a back rub to help them relax and unwind. Show your interest in your significant other by listening to them when they speak.


If you do not cook often or you do not cook at all, you may want to look up a simple recipe and try to see if you can make it. If your significant other likes steak, make them a steak dinner with side dishes that you know they will like. Cooking a meal for someone is a good way to show your love and care for them. Food can bring people closer together, especially a nice home cooked meal.


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