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Fake Soldier Scams

Updated on October 29, 2015

Fake Soldiers

    • Nigerians posing as Army soldiers in Iraq
      Many women (and men, too) have received a friend request from someone posing as an Army soldier who may be a fake soldier. Therefore, I am sharing some information with you, just in case you, too, have received a friend request from one of these fake soldiers.IF you have any suspicions about a soldier sending you a friend request out of the blue, please do your due diligence and check him out. If you can get his mailing (street) address by saying you want to send him a gift, then maybe the government can catch him/them and put an end to his/their scams. Yes, there are thousands of them scamming American women out of thousands and thousands of dollars at an epidemic rate.

    • The "fake soldier" who sent me a friend request (I declined) posted photos of a real Army soldier and he is probably using an assumed name. Per the BBB and the US government warnings many of these fake soldiers have obtained photos of deceased soldiers (real heroes KIA) from the Internet and they have created an assumed name and fake life, They are preying on mainly single women and they immediately start professing their love and desire to fly over and meet them. Please be aware of the scams going on, many by Nigerians, according to the BBB and some of the other websites I've verified this with. Here are a few of those:

      Below are some additional sites with information on prevention and on reporting any scams if you have been victimized. I was wary enough to call him on his fake affection, mainly because I had been burned years ago by another fake soldier. So, he did not contact me again and I wasn't conned out of any money, just some time. Please just pay it forward to forewarn others about these despicable con artists!
    • (This is a must read if you are using online dating sites to find Mr/Ms Right.)

      If you are already involved with someone you think who may be a fake soldier, you can request information from the US Department of State Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Thank goodness for the FOIA! You do not have to be a family member or have any reason at all to request service records. All you do is go to this website and read the instructions on how to print out the request form and where to mail it, then obtain some basic information (full legal name, branch of service, where he/she enlisted and the approximate dates of service) to enable them to locate his/her service records (if there are any!). Be sure you put as the reason for the request: FOIA.
    • Stay safe!

      "Strangers are just friends we have not met yet. (normally)"



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