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Nine Things You Should Figure Out Before Moving in Together

Updated on March 27, 2012

You have decided to take that next giant act of moving in together before the ultimate plunge of marriage. It can be scary when you first decide to move in with someone for the first time. The first time you move in with someone there are already changes occurring. So, to make your move in with your significant other a little easier, here are some things you should make sure to take care of first.

Get On the Same Page

When you are living alone, most will require an overnight bag from one home to the other. Well, this is not the case any longer. Make sure you are committed to your significant other at this point. Make sure your not just doing it for reduced rent, which is a advantage. Because, at some point it, will come to uneasy conclusion if you are not on the same page

Let the Dust Settle

Within the first several weeks of your new arrangement, it can be great. You get to roll over every morning and see the smiling face of your loved one. But, to improve the relationship make sure you hold off for a little while until the dust settles to start making critical decisions. Like painting rooms, new furniture, or if your going to cosign on the car loan.

Set House Rules

There are constant things in a household that need to be discussed. Whether or not whose turn it is to take out the trash. You need to have a conversation on designating responsibilities and what chores is whose responsibility. Setting correct expectations up front will make life that much easier.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Living with someone is a lot different than coming over for the weekend. This is when you will truly be able to find out how well you can stand each other’s pet peeves. But, do not let it get to you. If they leave the toothpaste cap off or leave their socks on the floor just let it go. It is just the way some people live and arguing about it probably will not do much about it.

Establish your Own Personal Space.

When you are living in the same household, you should still have some place to call your own. So, set aside some personal space where you can just be with you and your thoughts. Create a space where you know you will feel comfortable and establish a rule not to bother each other in those places.

Have a Date Night

This is also an excellent time to establish some time to go out as a couple. Setup a weekly date, night where you two will get out of the house together and have some fun away from home. Where you can both get together and see each other dressed up and out of the around home clothes.

Expect Valleys

Just as with any relationship you are going to have ups and downs. Living together will also add to the stress of a relationship and provide you those same ups and downs. Even if, you have a terrible week it is not time to start packing stick with it because thrilling days come out of nowhere.

Plan an Exit Strategy

In a relationship, there never are any guarantees no matter how hard we work at it. So, always have an exit strategy if the need arises to get out of the living arrangement. Make sure you have your own savings account with enough in it, to move out if you need to. It also works like a physiological trigger because you will want to stay knowing you can leave at any time.

Be Forgiving And Laugh … A Lot

Nothing is ever perfect but if you can learn to laugh a lot and be forgiving then you will be able to get through everything. Learn to laugh, at things that you never have had to before it will make for a much more fun environment.

As with everything in a healthy relationship, it comes down to listening, compromising, and talking things through until you’re blue in the face.


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