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No Bumps in Relationship's Ride

Updated on July 25, 2013

Key To A Great Romantic Relationship?

On the very first date he states that he does not like bumps in a relationship. He then explains "Say I was traveling by bus and there were many curves and bumps in the road. I might start feeling uncomfortable or become ill. I might be forced to get off that bus. Now I like the bus, but because it is on that route, I have to leave that bus. He further explains his creative analogy. "I think of conflict in a relationship in the same way I think of bumps on a road. The relationship has to stay smooth."

He is letting his date know that he will only stick around if things are positive, fun, peaceful, steady and secure. If you married a guy like this, he would expect a life where everyone is healthy, there is always enough money, the house is always clean, the kids never fight and the food is always delicious.

Great Expectations

This expectation is common today, not just in men but in women as well. The problem is that they can never find that "smooth road" to take, so they never go anywhere!! The perfect person and perfect life does not exist, so if you want to have a relationship, get married and have a family, you better get used to a few bumps now and then.

If you are ready to embark on and share life's journey with a partner, set some realistic expectations and search for great character qualities. Here are some suggestions:

  • Attraction - you need to feel attracted to the person physically.
  • Integrity - a person you can trust.
  • Work Ethic - a person who finds joy in accomplishment.
  • Loyalty - a person who will champion you to be your best self.
  • Compassion - a person who will laugh and cry with you.
  • Spirituality - a person whose essence has grace.

If you find someone with the above qualities, then grab hold and you will enjoy the ride, whether it is bumpy or smooth.


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