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No More Games

Updated on March 18, 2012

Mind games

Welcome readers! Before I start this article, let me just say that mind games can be played by women and men. I am not pointing out one particular sex. So now lets get down to the heart of it. It doesn't matter if your in a relationship or just friends with benefits or just friends and want to be in a relationship. Or if your long distance or blocks away from each other. If your sick of mind games than this article is a good read for you. Now the real question is how do you know if your someone is playing a game on you? Well lets think about it for a moment. If your relationship is purely based on sex and each time you bring up how you want more, they give you half fast answers, then yes the mind game is in place. Or if you are being this person's center of attention one day then the next day your fighting for this person to know you even exist. So here is the deal, if you are in the middle of a mind game, chances are the person playing it won't come out and admit it. That be like taking a gun and shooting themselves in the head. Either way they will lose which is exactly what THEY have such a fear of. Now the most important question i have for you is are you willing to put an end to the games? I'm asking you this because their is a big chance that when you seek to end the game they will walk away and not look back. So if your not ready to deal with that then this article will not help you, it might inform you but what good is information if we don't use it to better ourselves? That is like going to school studying and then when you finish you don't ever use your skills to make money and better yourself. Instead you forget all learned over time. Sounds pointless right? Well if you are ready and willing to stand up for self and end the game i will tell you how to do it without loosing your head as you do so. Please read on.

The Talk

Yes the talk that men typically fear most from women. Well males and females aside just know that is time for you to have "The Talk" with the other person. So before you start this talk, leave anger or resentment at the door. You will not accomplish nothing but an really bad argument that could end nasty. You really want to have a clear head before you do this. It is VERY important. Yes this person may have toyed around with you but you have to remember one thing. You know now so after this point the power is now in your hands. You don't want to go into attack mode because this person chances are, they are use to aggression and will respond very nasty to it. So with that being said, call them over, get the mood upbeat, sit down with the TV on and then tell them you want to ask them something. Ask them where do you see this going? Of course they will instantly have an answer like "it's going really good and i can see you in the future with me when i'm ready." Or something to that effect. That's when you ask them "what exactly are you doing to get ready for that future?". If they say they don't know then you should keep in mind that means they are not doing anything to make this happen and have no plans too. Or if they are very clever they have all these projects they are doing currently. Now its time to cut the rope a bit. Ask them directly "Are we going to be in a serious relationship or not?". If they say they are not ready or if they say yes but they have to much going on right now then be firm. Tell them you are ready to take the next step and really want it to be with them but you can't keep pretending that you are when your not. At that point be aware they will go into defense mode. They will get a bit more aggressive with you, in the hope to intimate you out of probing on with the conversation. They will probably say that everything is fine now why put labels on it. Or that they already consider you their special someone and don't want to advertise it to everyone because it will open you open for attack from jealous haters. Something to that effect, that's when you put your foot down. Tell them your ready to accept the good, bad, or ugly but they have to be serious and if they are not ready that's okay but that your not going to keep being a practice subject until they are. At this point they are starting to see the game come to end and will try one last attempt to stop you from pulling the plug on their fun. They will say they understand you and that they love you but they just have so much going on in their life right now they don't want to hurt you because they can't give you all the time you need. Don't fall for a line or something similar to it. If they really want to be in a relationship they will make the time to commit to you. Just like they can make the time to commit to having sex, which amazingly they are not to busy for. Tell them (again without anger) that if that is the case then it is unfair to the both of you to keep continuing to see each other sexually or personally. At this point they realize now you have seen through their game.

Possible Outcomes

After this conversation here are the possible outcomes:

1. They will make a weak excuse to leave. Once they leave they will cut you off. All your phone calls will be ignored and you will be deleted from their life indefinitely. They will proceed to move on to their backup person they have kept a secret from you.

2. They will walk out. Then disappear for awhile, then they will contact you again just to see where you mind set is. If you respond they will know you still have feelings for them. Which is really all they need to slowly work themselves back in. Their intentions have not changed they just have formulated a new plan or pattern to use with you.

3. They will accept how you feel and leave. They will think about if they are really ready to be with you or not. They will think about your feelings for them and if they could make it work. They will examine their own feelings and see if they can give up having fun. If they do this they will contact you within days to tell you they accept your terms and our willing to be serious. Be aware that if you accept this you must be very careful. They might still sneak behind your back. Make new personal internet pages, have different phones, plan different times to see you and work in the mystery person on down time.

4. They will turn a new leaf and commit to you and only you. (very rare)


In my final words to you my readers you must be very careful. A person who plays games with you is UNTRUSTWORTHY! Period. That's the bottom line, they are a snake and will change colors when they need too. Now be honest, to some extent you know they are playing games with you but the sex is too good to just cut them off. They are giving you what you want to some extent right? Well if you feel that way then and you want to continue to be played then that is your choice but remember the longer you waste on someone like that the longer you are preventing yourself from finding someone who could give you everything you want. Even if you do find them while you are playing around with this person, you will regret not opening up to the other person completely later on. Plus your going to have to tell the truth sometime. So if you are being played for a fool then wake up and take charge. Simple. Thank you for reading feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page if you wish. :)


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