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No Nonsense Blind Dating Tips

Updated on March 17, 2010

Top Blind Dating Tips

 Blind dates are very interesting and can be so much fun.  However, with fun comes lots of nervousness because you are not sure what to expect.  However, you do not have to contend with this because you can apply essential blind dating tips that will help.  The following are the top essential tips that you should have if you truly want to make blind dating a success for you.  It will have to start by you looking the best you possibly can.  When meeting strangers for the first time, you want only the best image for yourself.

 Safety is a key issue that needs to be on the forefront and before you go for a blind date; you have to make sure you feel safe.  If a close friend is setting you up, you need to trust them, if this is not the case; it is better to be safe than sorry.   Do not be too trusting even if the blind date is organised by your best friend because they can also error.  As you attend the blind date, you need to have all safety precautions in place and inform your family where you are going and how to reach you.  Know how to cater for your transport needs while going home and this will be a wise step to take.

 You must play your part and become part of the life in your blind date.  This will facilitate communication and you might connect accordingly.  Be positive so that you can have the results you desire and do not be like many who have no faith at all and go in expecting nothing.  Do not peg all your hopes there because it might also not work out as you had hoped.  Therefore, maintain reasonable levels of expectations and be positive above all things.

 You must be yourself at all times when it comes to blind dates and all dates for that matter.  Fabricating who you really are can be the cause of your downfall in the relationship if you proceed with it.  Be honest about your likes and dislikes and this will form a reasonable and firmer basis for something greater.  Do not hurry things with your blind date because you need to take all the time to know each other.  You need to take reasonable time that will help you shape your relationship if all goes well.  Blind dates have connected thousands of people and this shows that it can work when you play your part as you meet someone that might just interest you.


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