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No sleeves required

Updated on April 27, 2011

No sleeves required

Few have given love beyond the boundaries of the heart that beats within.

Only the physical love that mankinds shows is how we gage what and how it is revealed.

In the blink of an eye, that love we have come to know dissipates into an air that's thin.

Nevertheless, we continue to search for amor'e a new, as if we were healed.

Repeating this habitual process in our lives which some say for the better.

Evidently, those who say such things are mostly alone themselves for misery lives company.

Seeing olur hearts drizzled apon those who dare not to go sleeveless and who seem to know our words to the letter.

Sounds of a pitying melodrama that concurs in abundance to any noonday symphony.

Take stock in yourselves with remembrance of the blessed glow Christ gave that you are wasting.

Excel past all the worlds trivial pains that keep us enslaved in our earthly emotions.

Jubilee in the ample showers of crimson that every sheep in the fold should be tasting.

Vintage essence pressed from the vineyards of His cross, let's consume it with devotion.

Offering our hearts to Christ is by far more wiser than falling prey to mans limited love.

Enjoy an earnest yearning for life in His will as well as His word.

Having your whole being washed, not by the blood of goats and calves, but by His own blood from above.

Nay the services or advice of the sleeved ones are needed nor will it be ventured to be heard.

Nothing compares to the glow of newness you will receive after you are cleansed of your sins by Christ.

                                 by: Kenneth Latimer


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