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"Non-traditional Dad"

Updated on August 13, 2016

​ Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, or are Amish, then you've undoubtedly heard about the rare, near-extinct silverback gorilla that was shot at the Cincinnati zoo. This majestic, rare animal was shot because a three-year old boy somehow managed to wrestle himself away from his mother's grasp, climb a three-foot high fence, and jump into the gorilla cage. I'm kidding, she never even saw it happened, that is, until a few minutes of conserned screaming from the onlookers. Now, I could dedicate this weeks article to tearing this woman down or demanding CPS investigate her entire family, but I have chosen to take the high road. Please enjoy this article I wrote a few years back when I was just starting my writing career, about be a parent in a "pre-started" family. I know it's not Thursday, but please enjoy this throwback. Thanks for reading.
What is traditional? It tends to change with the passing of seasons over time and domestic life is no different. So, what is a traditional dad? A traditional dad, if you listen to history, is a man with a wife and child/children that works to earn money to support his family while his wife works at home cleaning, cooking, and attending to the young ones.
I am a married stay-at-home dad with a six year old daughter about to begin second grade and a loving wife working a full time job, so the home duties belong to me. Needless to say, the traditional “woman duties” falls on me, but I have no problem dealing with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and the occasional princess party or my little pony race as I kneel on the ground with my daughter faking cartoonish voices.
Before I became a father (by marriage), I always saw little girls as cute, dainty little rays of happiness that strive for cleanliness; oh how wrong I was. I now approach my third year of being her “daddy” and she has become so comfortable with me that she treats me like a real dad. She gives me hugs and kisses, but I also get all the attitude and muddy footprints as well.
Most men say that a stay-at-home mom has the easiest job in the world, wrong. A typical day in the life of a stay-at-home parent begins with getting up early because you absolutely cannot allow the child to sleep-in, because then they wont go to bed until after you do. Next, it's breakfast time and you better pray that your child wants what you give her, but she wont tell you what she wants beforehand. The thing about six year old’s is that they are always hungry because their body is growing, they just can't help it.
Before lunch, which she will be begging for every eight to ten minutes, it's time to do all of the family maintenance: cleaning, laundry, yard work, and fixing whatever has been broken in the past twenty-four hours. Most people think hey, I'll just plop her down in front of the TV, not is she's a girl you wont. Girls are delicate creatures and require constant attention accompanied by positive reinforcement; this applies to grown women as well so be ready to listen when your hard-working wife arrives home angered by her day.
​ Despite it all being a stay-at-home home parent it is an immense blessing and my wife wishes the roles were switched as do I at time; the grass is always greener. I'm the one that gets to drop her off at school nine months out of the year and watch her play with her little friends while she begins developing her own personality. I get to attend the school assemblies, look at all the creative pictures she's drawn, and get her pretty for the talent show. All-in-all I wouldn't change a thing about being a step-


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