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Single Black Women Shortage: 170 Single Black Men For Every 100 Black Women

Updated on February 23, 2016

Black Men Can't Find Partners These Days

I wish I was making the statistic up but I'm not. In 2016, there are 170 never married single Black men for every 100 never married single Black childless women. Now this includes the never married 25 to 34 year old category. Overall, there is a slight shortage of total Black males. Among the total number of never married singles, there only 93 total Black men for every 100 Black women. For white women there is a surplus in the total number of never married White men, with 135 white never married single males for every 100 white never married women.

If men are looking for women without kids, they are in trouble these days. The surplus of single never married men is equal in the Black and White race at 170 never married men to 100 never married women without children. If you think about this and its effect on nightlife, clothing, and material spending, it will start to make sense. Most of the women that are going to be at nightclubs will not have children at home. Granted there's going to be a few that have kids but most of the women that are going to be at nightclubs are childless. Most of the women at bars don't have any children, most the women of these new lounges don't have any children. Men are normally not interested in ready made families, but if they exclude the never married women without kids, they are looking ratio of men that is heavily weighted against them. Why are nightclubs catering to women these days? Why is the table scene so popular? Why are lights so bright in nightclubs now? Why are women not even remotely concerned about hooking up these days? Why is backpage so popular? Why are strip clubs popping up everywhere? Why does MGTOW exist in the first place?

The situation for never married Black women looks great in 2016, as far as the pickings in the singles market. Forget the shortage of Black men that you have been hearing about for so long. For every 100 never married Black women ages 25-34 without children, there are 125 employed never married Black men. This shortage of black men is a myth that doesn't exist, and it's really just a complete lie. Why the media keeps putting out this bogus information in Essence magazine, Madame Noire, and all these different news outlets is beyond me, when there is really there's actually a drastic shortage of black women.

Due to child support and welfare essentially taking many never married women with children off the dating market, every 2 never married Black men are left to fight for every single Black woman. There are too many good men left.

Do you think there are a shortage of single Black Men?

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