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Not Neighborly

Updated on September 1, 2015

She did what?

My neighbor picks me up from my job. I am thankful for her doing that. However, you shouldn't show up five minutes late and expect to still get paid if I had to catch a ride from another person. She was mad because of something she didn't do. I had got off work early (five minutes) and she is usually there before 9 and I assume that she wasn't going to come and get me. She agreed that I won't have to pay her again-paid her in advance of picking me up. This same neighbor borrowed money from me in the past.

This is what she does next

She decides that she thought about what I said and she doesn't agree that I shouldn't pay her again. She comes to my house and goes off saying I am sorry that you were paranoia that's not my fault and I did what I had to do and I came and got you but you weren't there. I do not mind a person stating their opinions but the next time you have an attitude and you are in front my door going off on me I am going to throw some water on you and close my door and not answer your knocks anymore. I do not have time to deal with ignorance anymore. There are too many people that would glad to get gas money from me and pick me up. I have too many neighbors that would gladly take the extra cash that they do not have report to the public housing authority.


After you showed your butt in front of me don't expect me to do anything for you. No more borrowing me from me again. She came to do my door early in the morning asking to borrow some money. She knocked on the door a little before 8 and then she knocked again about 8:30. I had already set the water by the door when she saw me outside and was waiting for me to come to the door when I went in the house. I was going to give her a fair warning and let her know she better choose her words carefully. I still need to let her know that I don't appreciate her trying to go off on me and that she needs to watch her delivery of her words. That what messes a lot of people up when they have to go back to the one who bridge they burnt thinking they didn't have to cross over it again. Karma is......


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