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Not Trying to Male Bash, but really?

Updated on August 13, 2011

Ok, so I was feeling this guy, good conversation and all...though he claims he's going through a seperation, just moved out, he seems like a cool guy,he's a big dude... 6'4 and heavy, but I don't mind I don't have a problem with dating a big guy. He wants to hang out, I invited him to the park to chill, he invites me to lunch. That put a smile on my face, for a guy hasn't offered to really take me out in a long time, its come over to my place, let me come over to yours, which he did do in the beginning when I refused more than once.

Food was good...saw an old friend, then it happened... Now I could care less what men say, one in particular. I have talked to my fair share of men, over the past couple of years, and aint shit changed, it has always been the same BS one after the other, different men, different levels of BS but still the same BS. Great intellectual conversation in a rest. why you got to bring up, sexual activities with a woman you've just met? Is it me or is this some stank behind ish! Ok so whatever I treat it as adult conversation, so I respond. Throughout the date he keeps making comments and small gestures about my boobs, yes ladies and gentlemen my boobs! I ignore him, because now the irritation is rising within me.

We leave and continue our date at the park, I'm trying to make good conversation, learn about him, have him learn a little about me, more about me mentally and not physically, no such luck. He then inquires about my boobs again! Yes ladies and gents again, don't men get it, a woman can't think that you are the least bit respectful of her if you can't hold your dang tongue, theres a time and place for this ish! Now he wants to see them, do you have pics of your breasts, or why can't you just show me now!?!? WTF? OOOMMMGGGG! No, I don't, why can't you let nature take its course, why are you asking to see my boobs? Are you juvenile...again my daughter who's 13 got more damn sense then these grown behind fools... (not all just the 30+ I have counted on my chat list that I have encountered in the last month or so) Which is going to be a great asset for my new writing project...(STRAIGHT FROM the HORSES MOUTH) yes ladies and gent real live convos, taken from chat lines, message boards and emails... the male perspective on what they really look for when dating...I have also received interviews and you will not believe what these men have to say... getting back to it...

Boobs and more boobs this is all this guy cares about. I have a rack, yes and it gets lots of attention, can these few men that I have encountered be so obvious, or just oblivious or just don't give a darn anymore. He doesn't understand why I won't lift up my shirt in the middle of the park and show him my breast...he says "oh you don't have to lift up your shirt that far, here's coming from a social worker, well educated black man, so is it nothing wrong with him, or just me? Do I have stupid written all over my face, does my weight play a role in how these men approach me?

Ugggh, at this point I'm over it, ready to go so I make up some excuse to leave, we walk back to the car, more boob reference, 'wow they are really big, I would love to see them' Rolling my eyes, cursing under my breath, let me get the heck out of here...smdh! So we get back to the cars, he's like come over here...and I'm like what for, why? He says, just come here, and get in. Ok so now I am really over it, and I'm blunt, as blunt as they come, no longer holding anything back, take me as I am or leave me alone. I say to him, I'm not showing you my breast, no, hell no. He's like you know you hurt my feelings, I walk back to my car and say to him, You're a man, be a man, seriously? But I ponder what does be a man really mean nowadays? Well he quickly shuts his door, not sure if he said something or not, and he drives off, he doesn't say bye or nothing. So I'm like Screw you, thanks for lunch!


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