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A Race To Nowhere!

Updated on November 8, 2011

Is this the future

Don’t be confused, Love is possibly the most complicated necessity known to man.

Mankind needs love, and because of this “need” he becomes vulnerable, while becoming easy prey, to the likes of everything Lovable, that falls within the range of his Love scope.

When in that hunting mode, though he is the predator that’s exactly

when he is most vulnerable and an easily gullible prey.

From a child there are these subliminally transmitted feelings of Love from the parent

This we can call the teaching of what love should possibly feel like, and its here

You may see the very first evidence of this same gullibility and vulnerability, because of that needing from the parent, and from the parent eagerly anticipated arrival of the child. The arrival was promised to be transformed into love, at least that parent's rendition, which had already been transmitted by that parent long before birth. I said subliminally, because I honestly can’t see any other way.

Suggestions are always welcomed with my work, because it’s the way that I will continue to learn.

These examples of the way that Love can sometimes visibly show itself, can also be rather troubling at times in relationships. The bond that grows between the children the parent, together with their surroundings. Take for instance some of the many different forms of raising children, and sometimes the disciplining that comes with it. It varies from country to country. Have you ever thought to yourself, which country enjoys the best in relationships and marriages. Because I guarentee that the said place that will yield to most enjoyable family life and is best for children.

Here we have all the money the cars the luxuries and zero on true love and lasting relationships, which could only result in the best families.

Lets take an example of one of those different life styles from yesteryear . Lets take a look at the Caribs, they inhabited the island of Dominica. Not too far away from my birthplace . They had some very unusual practices when coming to their children . The way they raised their children ,thought I never actually saw them do this, but it’s widely known and it’s true. That is the practice of the Carib Indians, they were members of this very same human race.

Seeing they were actually cannibalistic in nature, and hunting was one of their main sources of acquiring food.

One of the noted ways in which these Indians care for their young showing concern and love is seen in a practice that would appear to be barbaric and cruel in our societies today. They will place the heads of their infant children, in between two pieces of board / wood, and actually flatten the children’s head, in order for them to be more accurate with the Bow and Arrow thus becoming more accurate hunters, which is their chosen weapon used.

The idea of incorporating a different ways of life and love in this short story, is simply my own effort to look back, at humans that were on this earth before us, in the best harmony they knew, and under the conditions in which they came to see life as it is, and went on to live the way they saw the others that were there before them doing, and that was all they knew. I am sure that during those times, Love did not run rampant in their lives, as it is in our environment today. Because that was not the way they understood it, after being taught by their elders.

Some readers may choose to say they were animalistic in those times, and they lived in packs. All of which is possibly true, but keep your eyes on the prize am writing about which is


What it is? How are we looking at it? Why does it always seem to turn out so cruel for most?

Finally why the best example and description of Love from modern man, always seem to come from the days as a member of his original family, the one he grew up in?

The answer is quite simple, because the beauty of family was shown to you by your parents as a means of continuance, instilling in you the know how . But for most it became a nightmare ! What went wrong in this larger than life knowledgeable modern day people . Anyone stopped to look at the future, their future and that of their kids? Do you mean we are worst off than our parents who had so little of everything compared? Do you mean that our quest to duplicate this beautiful fete could never happen, all but impossible?

It was the same type of pack like, conditions, being obedient to the pack leader our parents who knew first hand the stories to as far back as they could remember. The strength of the family was our close ties to those traditional and cultural understanding that were carried on to us through our parents.

We wanted freedom, and gotten it , even if I don't understand from what, to do what? You do not have to ask anyone, just look at your own self and say well am not a Carib, I am not animistic in nature or my personality. I don’t think that am in any pack, yet still why am I longing to be with, or close to the source of my first taste of Love, no matter how far away I go. I have everything that I want. There is the answer the human specie could run as far and as wild as it desires to when in that mode , but when the time comes for what he “Needs” if he is far away , he gets sick, depressed , lonely, even while in the company of many.

Yes growing up with tradition and culture does things like that, tells you when to eat, drink have kids, sleep even when to live and when to die. It seems cruel compared to what we have now , but what exactly is it that we have ? 8 marriages 6 babies from 5 different fathers, custody battles , not knowing who the father is , no satisfaction even with all the riches in the world!

We can now read about ways that are still being practiced today, by some cultures, which would leave the normal and everyday human in tears, if not a state of total shock ! But today in the western and eastern civilizations of our world we have almost done away with all true tradition and culture . There is some sort of revival going on, the people have adopted and adhered to what we may call the "modern times" and here are some of the good tidings these modern times bought with them, for us.

Let me also set the record straight, I sincerely have nothing against these times because I was forewarned, and because it was also prophesied.

In trying to go the correct way , after having such a beautiful start, we headed for the

Marriage .It's apparent that the days of long and meaningful dating are just about gone, the world and its inhabitants are now moving at the same pace, very fast going nowhere soon? Think carefully and you would see the comparism. I think we have actually forget to where they are going, with that speed, what It is, we have got to prove, and to whom.

Our parents whom we all should love will always tell us slow down. Reminding us, that the very same speed we adopt, will have to continue being used as our standards, and will be passed onto our kids. take a peep through the corner of your eyes at someone else's kids, are they keeping up now?

I gave a very long and deep thought to this pace, because at one point I thought to myself, that maybe it is because I am from the West Indies, and our life styles are much slower in the islands,

That could be the reason I am looking at it as if it is going at this fast a pace. But Give thanks and Praises to the most High God, the West Indies actually is in an entirely different hemispheres, and though the mindset of the people are rapidly changing in preference of these same money driven fast paced destination nowhere.

Where all traditions and customs are being replaced in the minds of people but the seasons stay the same, and the most High in all his greatness and magnificence knew what he is doing The entire race is ending up in one regrettable circle.

I think people get married now only as a fashion statement and for other beneficial reasons,

But for me to say is for Love, I will have to travel back to the days of my parents and your parents and grandparents, that's where I believed the battle begun, they married for Love when they did and we knew one mother and one father. You got my drift. .

Because! Here comes the divorce and remarry and divorce and remarry.

Though the rapid rate of divorce is not surprising to those with some kind of understanding or ability to understand that there is a world of difference between now, and then. The only similarities are the human compassion and need for compassion, and the human ability to reason. Because of this sense of completeness in every individual, you would now find that every one wants to feel his own pain, find his own answers, believe or not believe in his own God. In essence you find that they new desire is to go against everything that was taught to them. I am so sure that this world was designed to operate as that same pack that we now ridicule and call names but everything that we do is all depending on the pack, following their lead.

It seems that the dates should actually be set for the divorce more so than for the wedding.

No sooner people get married, the very next thought on their minds are divorce.

Because there was no understandable love to begin with. Parents watching

Their sons and daughters walking down the isles, are all having one thought in common,

Will I get to have any grand kids or it’s another one bites the dust? One of my most admired

Actress and still remains that way in my mind’s eye, married eight times, well

She was a great actress and a great actor in marriage also.

The single parents

If there are kids involved during the divorce, between the custody battles and the maintenance,

The very best lessons the kids will receive will be how to conduct and handle a short marriage and an

Even shorter divorce. Nothing about man and womanhood, nothing about

Caring for kids, staying togetherness, for better for worse. There are no laws forbidding and seeing

For the longevity of the marital agreement. So where is all this heading?

Now with both parents ending up being single parents, as the battle can only be expected to continue

To the grave. Where is the Love?

Now the result s is kids that are all out of love, confused kids

These kids are then expected to grow up and become great men and women, you know what some of them actually do. But that’ like hitting the power ball. Millions to one chance. But it’s actually a better chance than the lottery because some where in the human being is that same need foe compassion and love and what a young confused child will first seek, is that which he never had himelf. Welcome to the next step in that quest for love, are you seeing how vulnerable and easy prey a human becomes from a child throughout his life.

Now welcome to teen age dad and teen age pregnancy searching for love. The fight continues, it shaping a future that looks like how much it that kid in the window?

To Be cont.......


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    • Sky9106 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      You are so welcome , and the new Do I know you saw the deep concentration on his face.

      There you go , be on your side top read pretty soon.

      What a day for me, but God is great and I am living proof.

      Till we write again. Sincere thanks.


    • profile image

      V Qisya 

      6 years ago

      Thank you so much, Sky!

    • Sky9106 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks V and that's why I say that you are a special one. Someone that is sure of the things they say and do because it comes from the hearts conviction .

      Thus making life much easier for everyone involved, because there is no guessing , there are answers.

      The only setback, which it is not really, depends on whether or not you wish to share with those in doubt and these are some of the entities which would help to bring out the best writer in you. That's one way of sharing. Thanks V and I understand clearly from where you write.


    • profile image

      V Qisya 

      6 years ago

      You're a great writer, Sky! And you're so right about it.

      Love and divorce...well, marriage is a very serious matter to me.

      Love is a gift from heaven. Appreciate the beauty of it.Sow the seeds in our heart and everything's gonna be alright ;) Take care, Sky.

      Best Wishes, V

    • Sky9106 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Every sincere and Ernest prayer gets answered , guaranteed, I am a true witness of this . Yes sometimes you have to call for reinforcements and It comes.

      Thanks Enlydia give thanks.


    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      6 years ago from trailer in the country

      I have worried about my precious and wonderful as they are...and then had to pray "the prayer"...Come down, Holy your work of fire, and wind and power...because only You can do it!

    • Sky9106 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks Frank and any sea saw from me, lol. Especially if it's about the kids, it's meant for an enjoyable ride .

      Thanks so much for reading, enjoying and liking .

      Sometimes if only we would slow down, take a look at where we are going, and why ?

      Like your miserable friend in that beautiful poem you wrote.

      I think so many of us will ask ourselves , just like Steve Eurkel: Did I Do That?

      Blessings and thanks Frank.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      7 years ago from Shelton

      words spoken and treasured.. I find this hub to be very useful.. clear to read and clear to understand had to go up and useful my friend

    • Sky9106 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Hay there my dear "AE" Thanks as always for reading.This was actually after cutting this hub in a quarter, else the future would have surely taken me.

      LoL. I tell you what, if it's one member I will want to have in my congregation , will definitely be you .

      Great churches are primarily made up of a great congregation and in there must be true believers.

      That's no joke, I think what's happening is that the future wants to grab hold of me, while I am still here in the present, I see its out stretched arms, and that's actually a great thing, except there is one more seed I am planting before I say yes to the future, and give in.

      Now 'AE" some times I have to step out, sit back and take a extra look at the things that I am seeing these days, I remember my mother speaking just as if she knew what will happen , well now I am clearly understanding where she got it from.

      Nothing that our parents worked hard to instill in us, are springing up those durable stems and branches. It's a different direction but my problem is that barring a threat to life , no civilization have ever turned from their ways in the past.

      Back to a direction which was then celebrated in the long run.

      It seems as if there is more than human error in this, it even appears to be not only spiritual wickedness in high places , but also a conspiracy of Biblical proportions.

      Thanks for your beautiful response stay true.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Wow Sky, Are you sure you're not a preacher?? What you say is sound. Only a few people stay married these days. I think the decline started back in 1950-60,s..I don't know what happened. I know that we're influenced by our parents,if they remain committed, the children seem to do the same, so it all boils down to we the parents..Well written hub..Thank you for sharing..Peace


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