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Obama's Transgender Bathroom Pancit

Updated on May 13, 2016
Which sex are you?
Which sex are you?

Pancit is a Filipino noodle dish commonly found everywhere, and like the noodles, the transgender issue is becoming stupid in monumental proportions as it meanders through the legal system. It is a noodle issue.

Transgenders comprise of just .2-.4% of the total US population. These are people with lost identity, whether right or not. Maybe it’s real, maybe it is psychotic, and maybe it has been imposed by culture. Up until recently, they had to use restrooms based upon their birth sex, which is logical, even if they felt odd about it. Maybe they would use the restroom based upon the sex they identified with all the associated problems.

Now, our feckless President Obama, is claiming that such a person is covered by Title 9, using the gender definition, to prevent discrimination. He wants all public schools K-12 and colleges to enforce Title 9 by allowing transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. So, a boy or man, who still has a penis, who thinks he is a woman and dresses such, can use the female restroom. The same applies vice versa for females. Obama has threatened to stop school funding from the Federal government if the schools refuse his order. Obama wants schools to let transgender students use bathrooms, locker rooms and other sex-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity.

What Obama could care less about is the social impact within schools. Can you see a girl who thinks she is a boy undressing or taking a shower in the boy’s locker room, or a boy who thinks he is a girl, doing the same? The ridicule and embarrassment will be ever present and no one can stop kids from this. Just how would a teacher or staff enforce this edict? Will they have to always be present to ensure other students remain accepting? Doesn’t this start to infringe on another’s own rights?

In the adult world, it would not be so bruising. There are already many male\female restrooms in public facilities or at the work place, BUT this are usually single rooms, not a large restroom with urinals and stalls. How would a man feel taking a leak at the urinal when an obvious female enters who wants to be a man, the restroom who has not yet physically changed her anatomy? The same applies for a man wanting to be female going into the woman’s room. The whole thing is just a recipe for confusion and worse.

Former Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn, turned into a woman from a man. Well, almost. Even she still has her penis and now wants to reverse the female changes to become a man again! OMG, was this just a stunt? The reason she said this is because she is still attracted to women and she is not gay. So, while a physical body can be altered to a different a sex, the mind cannot. Caitlyn is still Bruce. So, how would we know if a person who claims to be transgender, actually is?

Obama is way too politically correct. This issue is simply a pancit dish, full of gray matter. Of course, the easy but costly solution is to make all restrooms everywhere female/male.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 17 months ago from California

      This is all one of our local radio stations talked about yesterday. They were pushing this agenda big time.

      After spending almost a month in Europe and living in hostels I can tell you everyone is happier when the bathroom with multi stalls and urinals are single sex.