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Older Male For Younger Female

Updated on February 23, 2013

How to Date Younger Women

Older Male For Younger Female

It is not unusual to see this in ads across the globe. Men are looking for younger than their age when they are in their forties to fifties. Is it wrong to desire a younger female when you are in this age bracket, No. We all make choices and if I chose a much younger girl to marry that should not bother anyone but my girl and myself. People spend to much time in judgement of a man, whom is older, dating," especially a pretty", much younger female. Usually it would be a female that would look upon this as wrong and I can say from experience , that being with a younger girl is not for the sex of the situation.

A younger female makes a man feel vibrant and self-conscious of how young my mind and body are. It is so refreshing to be with a pretty younger female than an aged women for me. That is just my preference, and it is frowned upon by many men and women alike. I don't care what people conceive in their minds about me, so I live my life this way. Younger women have a way with us older guys that makes us feel we belong to them. Its a great feeling to have a smile when talking to a pretty slim girl with pert breast and nice body and having her desire you for you.

There are those that want babies and families from an older male, but I find that is not the normal. Most date because they like me or the older male. It is not what we buy them, even though that is fun also.I have no problem spending money on a younger female to please me in her ways. For me to pay for this is a compliment to me. I love being taking advantage of in a sense of the word. There is a line I would say one would have to draw. For the most part it is a form of flirting, and fun. Life is too short to not have what you desire and need. I treat women with deep respect, there are the Cougar women and they tend to like the younger male and I have no problem with this as well.

I think when we start to live life like how we want to live it no one will be happy for what we like. It is so important to love yourself for whom you are and not for whom the others think about you. Its your life and its short , take time to enjoy the fresh fruit of a younger more passionate lover if you dare. You will be condemd for this and called a dirty old man, your choice. I chose to life my life to the fullest and to enjoy what and whom I like and love. What about you?


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