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Older People and Relationships

Updated on February 9, 2015

If you are single and in your 20's and up you may have heard the wonderful question at family gatherings "Are you in a relationship?" If you say "No," it is like you commited a crime and have to go to jail.

Older people pressure younger people to be in a relationship for some reason. They think that being single is a horrible thing. They may even say things like "I was married at your age." They think that just because they were married in their mid 20's that the whole world has to. They also make it seem like it is so easy to find someone.

Years ago guys knew how to treat girls. Now guys want one thing and some guys will just come out and say it right away. If they do not get what they want they will move onto another girl who will give them that. Guys do not know how to treat girls. They dump a girl if she is not good in bed and even go after girls just because they have experienceThey have no values and will pressure girls to sleep with them before they are even in a relationship. Newsflash the best relationships start off slow.

They make it seem like with love their is some sort of time limit. If you like a guy they time you on how everything is going. They feel that if a guy likes a girl, he will ask her out right away. They do not believe that timing is important in life and that down the road friends can turn into something more. It is all about meeting someone new and being in a relationship right away.

If you just went through a bad breakup they expect you to jump into another relationship. While it is important to move on being with someone new the day after you got dumped is not the right thing to do. You need to give yourself time to heal.

If you jump into a relationship before you are ready you are using a guy as a rebound. Rebound relationships never work out. You are just using somebody to get over somebody. In the end the person who is getting used as the rebound is the one to get hurt.

Older people do not understand that being single can have it's perks. They think that being with one guy is better than being with four guys. While you should not sleep around there is nothing wrong with liking a couple of guys or playing the field. After all that is how you know what you really want in a relationship.

Older people do not understand how sometimes in life somebody could have feelings for more than one person. They think that feelings are something that you could control. You could be in a relationship and have feelings for someone else. You could even have feelings for a guy who is in a relationship aready. It's your actions that matter. You can't control your feelings but you could control your actions.

Some older people believe that you should settle. They feel that being alone is worse than being with the wrong person. If you tell them that a guy likes you but you do not have the same feelings they encourage you to go with the guy anyway. Being with the wrong guy is a horrible feeling. After all the whole point of being in a relationship is being in a relationship with the guy you love not just being with someone, not to be alone.

Older people act like a relationship is everything. Just becaus you are in a relationship does not mean that you are happy. It's fine that you want to be in a relationship just make sure that you are not settling for less than you deserve.

What older people do not get is that there is no time limit. At any moment or time you could enter a relationship. Just because you are in your mid 20's or older and single does not mean that you will be single forever. You never know who your next boyfriend will be or when you will meet him. You can't put a time limit on love. So be yourself, go out there and meet guys and everything else will fall into place.

Do you get pressured by older people to be in a relationship?

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