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On How To Keep Your Man Happy

Updated on November 9, 2011

On How to Keep Your Man Happy

On How to Keep Your Man Happy
On How to Keep Your Man Happy | Source

ON HOw to Keep a Man Happy Funny

On How to Keep Your Man Happy


How to keep your man happy when you're dating is a hard one for women. What a feeling when you first met each other. You shared your thoughts and deepest secrets, well most of them, and he is your best friend. You must make sure there is always something new about yourself that will strike up a conversation with him. You may, for instance, get your hair colored, or have it cut This  will keep his attention. If he really cares about you, he will tell you how he feels about your changed look. It may not be what you’re looking for in answers. Be ready to be disappointed, yet keep your head up high,  he will change with your change.


You have to understand the men mentality, we love change, men won’t admit it when it comes to the girl we care about. However, if she is willing to change should we as men change ourselves. This is the question that some men fear when they see a change in a women’s look. At first, we might act surprised and saying off the top of our heads what we should not. Then we start to get use to the change, and in some men may feel they will have to change something, likewise. There is this combatted role between the sexes that if she does this, I can or should do that. This is not a fair game, and should not be practiced yet it is. Women who have their hair changed out, for instance, should be aware that a smart ass comment will arise possibly from their man. They don’t intentionally mean to hurt your feelings and most will tell you this. It’s just changes and men sometimes don’t know how to handle change.


Men have to admit they like a bit of change in what their women does, it keeps for an interesting household. Maybe the sex will get better, probably so. I think the change is good, and I am one of those men whom I mentioned above, it freaks me out at first, and then you begin to like it. Therefore, if other men notice this change and notice your wife or girlfriend even more, well you can’t help but love what she has done to her hair, for example? The jealousy factor shoots in. I can say this much if your man never feels a little jealous of you walking into a room and guys stare you up and down, you with the wrong man. You need this feeling as much as he does. It awakens the relationship. This is good for if you go out to eat and this change has happened and your wife is the hit at the club, you better snag her up and show her who the bad boy is taking her home tonight.


There is nothing more frustrating for a man to know his girl has gone off and made herself look different, so remember this, no matter how good it makes you feel. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do that to your hair or why didn’t you tell me someone was going to have you strip down for that tattoo? You see it’s a kind of jealousy that exists in most men’s brains. Is it in fine fettle Yes, it keeps the relationship fresh? There is nothing wrong with how you keep your man’s attention, unless it’s something to do with sex, then rage might come across, and this is not thriving to either party. How to keep your man happy is by changes, competent and bad, and doing different things without telling him. Try it,  if your life is a bit dull, and if you seek some good love making; there is nothing better than


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