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On my way to NY

Updated on February 26, 2008

It was a fantastic moment for me as I was all set to head to Washington DC to work on something which I always wanted to. Gaming!

I always dreamt of building a strong career in this space. So, this opportunity came to me at right time.

It was Friday evening; I had packed all my bags and was ready to ‘roar'. I reached there on Saturday and it was very chilly. Temperatures were way low compared to that of Bangalore's! I rented a house. My goodness, the cost of living is so expensive. It was my first day at work and there were a bunch of lovely people in there. Days passed by and I was really having a ball!

It was another Friday for me. I was out for a weekend party with my new friends. I had a promising time with them all. I was on my way to my house after partying. I happened to see a girl in her early 20s running away from a bunch of people. She came to me and asked to flee her away. I really didn't had much time to think and I just started driving my car along with her. They couldn't pursue and they lost us. She felt very happy and thanked me for what I did for her. I was eager to know what exactly happened and why were they behind her. But she started walking away. She was screaming loudly, "I am a free bird". Well, I couldn't really follow that. There they were again. They spotted her and she headed back to me and we started driving again to get away from them.

She was all tired by then and wanted to rest. After some time, she woke up, showed me her pocket, which was filled with good amount of money and said, "I want to leave Washington now". I said, "Are crazy?" Without any hesitation she uttered, "Yes, Can you help me?"

I didn't had anything to do the next day and thought it won't be feasible to leave a girl alone. I accompanied her. We were in New York the next day and were traveling in a train without exactly knowing our destination. It was almost 15 hours since we knew each other. We introduced ourselves. Her name was Catherine and she was just 19 (Yeah, Yeah I was wrong!). When asked about her parents, she said her Dad is a very good and well known ‘Artist'. This really didn't interest me much and I had to lay off the topic. A guy got into this train and was seated next to our location. He put on some topics of discussion which she found really interesting and both of them got on with it. After a long discussion with her, he came and sat beside me and started singing good numbers. As time passed we came across one station and stepped down there. First of all I was very new to this Country, you can just imagine how ‘easy' it would have been for me to guide her! And that bunch of people has tracked us! They have reached there already and they started chasing us. We had to run again (as if we were running for our lives). We came across a dense restaurant where we thought of eating something as we were very hungry. Those guys couldn't reach out to us. It was time to pay the bill and get on. Never ever sit beside a person whom you do not know in a train! That guy had robbed us off with all our money. We didn't had a single penny and we had to run! Of course the restaurant owner started chasing us, as he had to collect good amount of money from us.

We managed to abscond from that scene and came across a water canal. A guy was standing along with his boat. We thought this would be the best way of getting rid of all the problems. As soon as he watched us, he was very suspicious on us. To distract him off this, she said we were couples! And guess what, it really worked. We told him we do not have money. He did not agree to take us then. We had to cook some good stories to make him emotional. This too luckily worked for us and he took us to his house. It was already 11 at night, and we couldn't find a better place than this. Thanks to that "Train Man".

We had to share a single room as we were couples for that boat man. I told her, "You can take that bed for yourself. I shall sleep on the floor". I was taking my shirt off just before going to my bed, but she was looking at me very strangely with a smile. I thought she might ‘misunderstand' it and so, I had to put my shirt back on. I slept on the floor. After some time, she too came and slept beside me. I thought this is not happening the right way and I turned back and asked her to go back to her bed. She was desperate and couldn't control herself. But this wasn't an excuse for me and I had to scold her, which I didn't wanted to. Finally she said, "19 year old virgin safely back to her bed". I switched off the lights and slept. The next day we had to thank the boat man for helping us out and walked away. We were walking on the road and she was very angry with me. She started thinking negatively about herself. She first asked me if I had a girl friend. When I said No she whispered, "I wasn't able to attract a guy towards me. Thank you, I wouldn't have had come to know about this if you had not done that to me. Thank you for letting me know I am not beautiful and I don't have it in me to attract a guy like you". I just couldn't say anything. She definitely was beautiful and good looking. She stopped a truck and flew way. I was really worried now. Hours passed by; I was really missing her, now. I started feeling for her.

I came across a bicycle and started riding it in search of her. After hours of search, I finally found her. She was there with a group of trekkers. I felt very happy as soon as I saw her. I went straight to her, without uttering a word, I hugged and kissed her. She still was angry with me, but that kiss of mine took it all away. She felt as if she has come across a chest on which she can lean her head on and go one with the life.

Earlier I said; never ever sit beside a person whom you do not know! Now I would say, never ever freak out with a girl without knowing the actual truth about her!

After some time, she comes to me and says, "My dad who is a well known ‘Artist', is also The President of United States Of America! We were being chased by my own security agents all these days, as I had eloped from my home few days back!"


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    • profile image

      ashwini 7 years ago

      where do u get all these ideas it's simply superb.... we want to read still more when can we expect some more blogs i mean to say nice stories.....

    • profile image

      megha 9 years ago

      Good One

    • profile image

      Vineet 9 years ago

      nice one dude.. liked last 3 lines, the climax, the most.. gr8!! :):)

    • profile image

      ravi 9 years ago

      cool sir!!! budding writer... never knew this part of you when in coll pal... so hope to read more of u :)

    • profile image

      Guess who am I.... 9 years ago

      Not bad u have reached US Prez's daughter!!!

      How does such wonderful stories hit ur mind? That was really an excellent thinking!!!! Of course, they r along with ur previous blogs....;)

      Gud work....keep it going

    • profile image

      Bond 9 years ago

      Did you get this idea while sleeping or while working?!!!

    • profile image

      roji 9 years ago

      not bad buddy...i can see all the work at mindtree is keepin you very busy....keep up the good work...

    • profile image

      bal jha 9 years ago

      gr8 work man , atleast u gave me good idea to kill time

      thanks , keep it up

    • profile image

      guess who?? 9 years ago


      seems like mindtree's not keepin u busy enuff.

      and since when have been a writer like this?? u never mentioned this in college!!??

      anyways after reading both ur works imo 1 thing ----> "U R WATCHING TOOO MANY HINDI MOVIES!!!"

      but anyways good effort. so take a bow!! <stands up and applauds>

      P.S. needs some work on grammar though.