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Once You Go Yellow, You Will Mellow: Dating An Asian Man From A White Woman's Perspective IV

Updated on May 22, 2015

Happy Friday Fellow Hubbers!

Hello, and TGIF! Today I am going to talk to you about something I had no idea was a thing amongst the Asian community in terms of interracial dating but evidently is: being the wrong kind of Asian.

Now before someone rips into me allow me to say: I am not saying only some specific ethnicity of Asians are superior in dating. This is the complete opposite. Today I'm talking to you today about the fact that others, women and men do find certain Asians lesser in quality. For instance an anime loving Otaku girl who wants a Japanese boy. Having preference is one thing. But outwardly projecting having one specific ethnicity as opposed to the other person, is just racist. And shows you don't value them as a person, but as an accessory to the non Asian partner. Like the women who tote around little dogs in their purse and dress them in sweaters. They only have them as an accessory. Not always obviously, but it is the general consensus with those women.

So why bring this up? What's the purpose of my writing this? Well it's simple: All people are created equal. All ethnicities are equal.

Having an aesthetic preference is truly not that racist. It goes without saying, everyone is looking for something special in their partner. And yes race will always play a role in finding a partner. But that should never be the discriminatory defining factor.

So what brought this Asian equality crusade on? Well when I found out that people seriously do not like certain types of Asians I was shocked. My own friend, a Chinese-Japanese girl, identifies as Japanese because it is more fashionable. And then to be told by my own boyfriend that the ex's of his past relationships, many of them didn't like the fact he is Chinese. They wanted him to be different for their own personal accessory. His Asian friends have struck out with women because they were the "Wrong of Asian".

Here's The Take Away

Here's the take away from this brief blog, if you decide to date or are currently dating an Asian man, or even woman, don't let their specific ethnicity detour you. Because out of everything that should be important, being Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Laotian, even Filipino, that should not be the determining factor in a relationship. And it should not be held against someone for something they cannot control. Or making them feel less worthy because they are not the fashionable choice.

It's great to have a preference and to know what you want, but a person also needs some leeway because who you end up with or who you fall for may not be the fashionable choice. So to everyone reading this, even if you don't like Asians, do not be a Nazi. Because essentially determining the superior Asian race for one to date, is like being a Nazi. Or being a Eugenicist. Don't focus on what a person what they are or are not, focus on who they are. What makes them an individual. Don't look for qualities for utility use. Look for people.

Ordinarily here I would put in my nice little catch phrase, but today I won't because today I'm not going to advocate to date a specific race. I would rather you take to heart that you should date people, not a label.


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