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Once again - Serbia Failed

Updated on October 6, 2012

2012 - Gey population is something "NO-NO" in Serbia, still!

Successfully secured march in Novi Sad, 2009. But Belgrade, as capital FAILED, as they did in 2010, and NOW!
Successfully secured march in Novi Sad, 2009. But Belgrade, as capital FAILED, as they did in 2010, and NOW!

Goverment of Serbia bans Pride March

Once again, Government of Serbia, banned march in Belgrade due security risk. Same thing happened last year, with same reason. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Defense says that "concern about somebody being wounded or killed is more important than march".

7 Day of "Pride" - No Marching, instead 4 room "PRIDE"

- "Once again, Serbia as a country, and country of law and civil rights - failed to protect their citizens and their constitution based rights of free sexual orientation, in front of hooligans and bullies" - P.R of Belgrade "LGBT PRIDE MARCH" said.

This topic was crawling trough the Serbian media for months. Everyone was wondering, will we see the scene from 2009 - when Belgrade looked like Baghdad, with war on streets, instead of European metropolis.

It is the matter of Government and police to take everything they can to protect their citizens and their rights - these are the words of Mr. Stephan File, commissionaire for Extension of EU to Western Balkan. As Serbia is based in very good geo-political position, Serbia is part of EU's plans for extension.

Serbia won't get the "date for association negotiations" this year - that is for sure now!

David Cameron, Serbia is going in right direction but slow.
David Cameron, Serbia is going in right direction but slow.

No association with EU until Kosovo question and civil-rights are put clear!

The report that will be shown on 10th of October, 2012, will be "no positive nor negative" - Mr. Jelko Kacin said.

Messages that come from highest EU representatives, until recent ban of LGBT "PRIDE", were : "Clear up things with Kosovo. Come up with solution how and whom will control the border with Serbia! We don't want to bring another Cyprus into Union. So, after implementing everything that was dealt with ex-Serbian side negotiator in Brussels, needs to be implemented. As most important is the boarder control. If the border control, and friendly neighbor contact rise - Serbia will get negotiation date for association and joining in February or March next, 2013, year.

"PRIDE" as an additional demand for joining EU?

- MP Mr. Dacic words for one week magazine, in their interview with him regarding gey parade were: " Screw that union that has a "PRIDE" march as demand " (Ize'm ti takvu uniju u kojoj je gej parada uslov. -on Serbian) So, obviously our premiere doesn't have manures for EU - yet!

Also, after yesterday ban of PRIDE, US and EU reacted that low state of human-rights along with Kosovo's question are now demands for EU.

- And, to be realistic, they are right. Here, if you are gey you can ether be discriminated, or you can abuse your sexual orientation and say that you are - for instance, in situation of getting job. It is same with other minorities in Serbia. Ex-drug addicts, currently on treatment, are under strong negative stigma. Recently, we had a THIRD case of an addict being killed in Orthodox Church commune. So, human rights are something that Serbia needs to do heavily on!

Kosovo's question will come to the board, and Serbs and Albanians, when it comes to business - will come up will something. But for now, Serbia stills considers Kosovo as part of Serbia's land, calling it Serbian Southern region, while official politic of this Government will be: EULEX can be the ONLY one that will watch all border control with Serbia. Otherwise - no negotiations will go.

And, to finish this article with words:
" We want to go into EU, but we won't rush in it. We won't be the ones, like ex government, that will give everything while Pristine side is giving nothing and taking everything. It's time to settle things up. If they are ready, we are ready to bring up negotiations up to the highest political level! And, now, we will have demand that EULEX does the control of the border with Kosovo. Katrine Ashton will be the mediate between negotiation sides, and for now - she says: "I'm pleased for what I hear from Serbian side."


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