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One Romantic Love Story

Updated on September 15, 2013


Maria tried to hide her embarrassment and difficulty. She was trying to stop her hands from trembling.. she could not realize that after so many years she was again towards him .. Stavros suddenly felt his breath cut. He could not take his eyes away from her face, he felt his heart beating so hard and fast that he even feared she would be able to hear it ..

Perhaps fate had not written the last page for them yet...

This beautiful story had started almost eight years ago.

It was September and Maria has succesfully passed the exams and had entered the faculty that she had been dreamt of... the school of Philosophy in Creta Island. She was finally ready to leave crowded Athens and move to Rethimno, Creta, for at least, the next four years.

So, one night she decided to gather all her friends for a drink and tell them goodbye. They met at the bar where they used to go and they were having a good time all together. It seemed that the night would be the same with their previous ones. And then, he came...

Suddenly, the time stopped... everything and everybody around her gone... A magic mist covered everything... for some moments was as if there was nobody else in the bar but her and that man...

It was as if a mysterious power made them come close... so close... And then a friend of Maria decided to instroduce them... His name was Stavros and he could not take his eyes away from Maria all night.. For the first time in their lives they were filling like that... so full!!! It was as if they had find their missing part..

Suddelny, they heard a song that they both loved..«wherever you go, whatever you do i will be right here waiting for you..”. That time, Stavros decided to ask Maria to dance with him that song.. They started dancing and they could see nobody around them... nobody but one another in a magical place.. in a dream. And then they kissed each other..A moment full of magic....

But time passed and they had to go. Maria had to begin a journey that would inevitably separate them . He accompanied her home, where they wrote a note to each other.. Stavros wrote, " I'll find you again .. Because only with you I will be full .. "and Mary wrote " You're the other half .. And fate will unite us again .. ". And so with a promise and a hope , their paths separated for eight years ..

Mary finished her studies , she turned back and after a few years she was in a relationship with someone else who was working as a security. but her heart remained permanently half .. One day her boyfriend arranged to go out with a couple who had known from his job .. And so we reach the point where suddenly Mary and Stavros were facing each other again after so many years and all those feelings , which remained like a spark in them, began to flare up ..

It really was an awkward night alongside two people who did not fill them up. Towards the end of the evening he gave her a piece of paper with his telephone number. Maria called him, just when she entered her house. And he offered her the craziest thing. Run away! Disappear from everything and start their lives from the very beginning! Her life until that time seemed empty, so without any hesitation she agreed ! She proposed to take the early ferry to Crete and run away to a place that had seen while she was a student and she had felt that in that place they could build their own paradise ..

They arranged to meed in the ship. She was having a small fear.. She was not sure whether Stavros would really want to do that...In the taxi , Maria heard a Cretan song playing on the radio.. and she smiled .. Stavros while he was reaching the port saw an old man in traditional Cretan costume .. He Smiled .. There were signs everywhere!

Entering the ship , Mary began looking for him .. Suddenly she hears his voice on the speaker! He was asking her to go on the deck ! She quickly ran there and just saw the world lit up .. Running towards one another , each holding the piece of the other half of the wrapper of the note, hugged tightly in front of the sun..

Sometimes fate holds the most beautiful and sweet surprises ...


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