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One word to describe love; newborn

Updated on August 2, 2011

Beautiful newborn

If I had to describe love with one word, it would have to be newborn. To look in the eyes of your newborn for the very first time, is like nothing else. Here is this innocent, trusting, vulnerable, disparately needy, new person, who has heard the world only from the inside through water, now submerged into a world of lights and noise, listening for the familiar voice of his or her mother. You look at this new being and you can get a glimpse of what God might feel when He looks into one of His children's eyes for the first time. To me, who has been blessed with seven children, the miracle of that newborn never lessened by numbers. It was always the same, the quiet, still moment of that unquestionable love that cannot be possible by any other means.


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    • gcolefam1 profile image

      gcolefam1 6 years ago from Anderson, Ca

      Hi Bobbi, Thank you for replying and I do have fun and feel blessed by my little cutie. Thanks again, Glenda

    • profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago

      Such a sweet little Angel you have there. Thanks you so much for sharing, and yes, what could describe LOVE better than a newborn, You are truly blessed,

      Have a Great time with your Angel,