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Online Dating: 100+ Romantic Messages to Send

Updated on March 14, 2019
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Online Dating

Online dating messages to send
Online dating messages to send | Source


You’re looking for love.

And online dating is your thing.

You’ve tried dating a number people.

Finally you’ve connected with this knockout online.

Your relationship is growing steadily.

And you want to keep the momentum.

How do you do it?

One way is to say sweet things to him or her.

Here are some nice things you can say to your online date to help you keep the relationship moving forward.

Romantic Messages For Men

  • Astonishing Lady, I’m astonished that you love me.
  • Breathtaking Beauty, you leave me breathless every time my eyes kiss your picture.
  • Ma Cher, my darling, my beautiful duckling, eat the love morsel that I’m shooting into your heart right now with my lovesling.
  • I will give you a unique hamper tomorrow, I will come over and pamper you.
  • I wanna take you to the place called LOVING- YOU- FOREVERLAND.
  • You are irreplaceable in my life and even if I could replace you, I’d replace you with YOU!
  • When it comes to you, I want to reason with my heart and feel with my mind.
  • I throw every caution to the wind and willingly open my heart to suffer any pain for your sake. That’s how much you mean to me.
  • You are the only reason why I find it very hard to sleep at night. I’m always scared sleeping will break this tangible dream.
  • I don’t want to fall in love with you. I want us to fly in love to higher levels of affection.
  • I am so angry with myself. You know why? I can’t love you far more than I do now, which is what I really want to do.
  • If heart love drillers were to dig love wells in the love well of my heart, they’d never get to the bottom because my love is bottomless. Yes, it’s that deep!
  • My loyalty is assured and I’ll try to treat you like royalty.
  • I am fault-blind. I just don’t see your faults and weaknesses.
  • Mon coeur, my heart, please never stop beating.
  • Mon tresor, my treasure, I’d never give you up for anything in this world.
  • Mon poussin, my chick, you’re so chic.
  • Mon saucisson, my sausage, from age to age I will source for ways to always make you happy.

Romantic Messages For Men

  • Ma coccinelles, my ladybug, you have infected me with love and I hope and pray that I stay infected forever.
  • Ma colombe, my love dove, I’ve never regretted that I dove into your heart and settled there.
  • Ma papillon, my butterfly, when I’m with you I feel as though I’ve been lifted off my butt and I’m flying whilst eating sweet butter.
  • I look into my heart and all I see is YOU,YOU,YOU.
  • Tell me. How could an ordinary guy like me have captured the heart of a queen like you?
  • This morning I feel in love with you again. Tomorrow morning I’ll fall in love with you again. And the great thing is that this will continue interminably.
  • It is after I met you that I began to understand what it feels like to be special to someone.
  • The day I will stop loving you will be the day you will be able to go through the eye of a needle.
  • I’ll give you an artificial rose tomorrow and I assure you I’ll continue loving you until that rose rots.
  • Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, know that you’re looking at the most beautiful woman walking in the sands of time.
  • What have you done to me? I just can’t stop thinking about you.
  • I can bet $100 on the fact that I will be a better person three months from now because of you.
  • The way you care about me awakens every cell in my body.
  • I’m going to the asylum tomorrow. And you’re the cause.
  • Each minute I spend with you feels like spending 10 years with you, and all the time I have spent with you so far feels as though I’ve just spent a second with you.

Romantic Messages For Men

  • If I had to choose between air and you I’d have no hesitation whatsoever. I’d choose YOU!
  • You are pure honey sent to sweeten my life.
  • I wish we were Siamese twins. We would then be together all the time.
  • I self-actualized the day we met.
  • Read the trending news online today? YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!
  • Beauty tells me she is angry with you because you make her feel second rate.
  • I promise you I’ll always compromise to make you happy.
  • The only weight I feel comfortable under is the 10000 tons that your love weighs.
  • Others may have seven days in a week on their calendar, but my calendar consists of only one day. YOUday!
  • Thinking about you floods my body with youareincrediblemine and the feeling it gives is lovecredible.
  • You are the only movie I want to watch daily.
  • Queen of affection and love, I am keen to make your queendom greater and greater.
  • My love for you will never die.
  • Belle air, beautiful air, I only breathe you in.

Romantic Messages For Women

  • Whenever I think about you, a love volcano threatens to erupt in my heart.
  • Your words always produce a serene harmony in my spirit.
  • Amiable knight, mon ami, I am able to survive each night because of you.
  • Dynamic , you are pure dynamite.
  • Oh please hold my hand and show me the way because I am blinded by your love.
  • You are the blood that keeps my body alive. You are life itself to me.
  • I am happy to take refuge in your heart as a refugee of love.
  • Honey, I’m not ashamed to be vulnerable because of you.
  • Sweetness, you are my backbone.
  • Life is so blissful with you.
  • Epitome of bravery, every time I’m wearing my bra, I think to myself, “My man is very loving.”

Romantic Messages For Women

  • You conquered my heart the day we met and I want you to subdue it forever.
  • You’ve got two guts, darling. The one in your abdomen and the one in your heart.
  • I’ll be devoted to you my entire life.
  • Knowing you is like living in a fantasy world.
  • My Love Nero, you’re my hero.
  • Wonderful Hart, I am happy you have the art of hearing my heart.
  • With my ear I hear my heart saying, “THERE IS NO OTHER MAN ON EARTH LIKE YOU.”
  • Darling, you are my spine and whenever I am not with you I pine for your company.
  • Hypnotizer, I’m hypnotized by your tenderness. When are you going to end this hypnotic session?
  • Winner, I’m so happy to be in the winning team with you.
  • I’m pregnant with love for you and I know I’ll never abort this baby.
  • For me life is knowing that you care about me.
  • My life was so uninteresting until you entered it.
  • Spunky punk, spunk me.

Romantic Messages For Women

  • Mon beau, my handsome, there are only two good-looking guys in the work. You and the other guys.
  • Gentleman’s gentleman, you define the word gentleman.
  • Soldier, I have sold my life to you.
  • Superman, there is no ambiguity whatsoever in my heart about my affection for you. Your love is my life.
  • I will continue to shower love on you till the day there is no more love on Earth.
  • I go down on my knees and I crown you the king of my heart.
  • Impregnable Lover, I am amazed you are able to impregnate me with so much joy each day.
  • Charming Prince, who can break the spell you’ve cast on me?
  • Honey, you are one-of-a-kind and I hope you stay that way forever.
  • I feel that you are greatly under-valued by others but I will always make you know your true worth.
  • Hunk, you fill my life with sunshine every day.
  • Oh sweety, please let me continue to live in dreamland forever.
  • Allow me to fuss over you often because I just can’t have enough of you.
  • I’m intoxicated with the love-oholic beverage called YOU.
  • My feelings for you are irrepressible.
  • The fire burning in my heart is inextinguishable.
  • It is midnight but I’m not scared because I know your love for me will light the night.
  • Otherworldly guy, I want you to come back to this world.
  • Winkle, winkle big star, how I wonder why you are.
  • Paradise, that’s what I’m experiencing now with you.
  • Remarkable, dependable, adorable, admirable, affable, charitable, affectable, and companionable. That’s you.
  • Did you know love could be stretched? Well, it can and I’ll keep stretching mine because of you.
  • When I reflect on how wonderful you are, it leaves me speechless.
  • Mon ours, my bear, I’m safe with you.

Romantic Messages For Women

  • I wonder what would have happened to us if there’d been no online dating.
  • No other woman can love you more than I’ll ever love you.
  • Hush. Don’t say anything. Just let me listen to your heart and your love speak to me.

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