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Online Dating: How to find the love of your life. Conclusion

Updated on March 12, 2011

My Gorgeous Bride Resulted From Online Dating

Isn't she beautiful?
Isn't she beautiful?

More on Email writing & responding…

Writing and responding to emails will eventually lead you down two different roads…First, if you follow my suggestions you’ll “cut to the chase” by not wasting a considerable amount of time. Again, if you have any red flags or gut feelings that this isn’t the right person then move on. Your instincts are usually right, so trust them. The first road that you’ll go down is the road of “This isn’t the right one for me” road. If that’s the case then you know what to do.

The second road that you’ll go down is what you’re looking for…An email communication chain that will eventually lead to the next step which should be a phone conversation. Some people might email back and forth a few times and then decide to meet. I don’t agree with that philosophy because if the written communication doesn’t jive with the spoken communication, then the chemistry that you might have had with your emails will be gone when you meet. When you’ve gone back and forth a few times with emails and feel comfortable with each other, then exchange phone numbers.

One last thing on emails…Writing emails is like a tennis match. When you write the first email, that’s your serve. If it’s a good compelling and interesting email, your opponent will return your serve. If it’s not or they’re just not interested, they won’t return your serve; or in other words an Ace. If you serve up an Ace, it’s game over and time to move to the next profile. Don’t waste your time trying to resurrect the dead. Only one person was able to do that in history so your chances aren’t very good in that regard.

The same holds true if you’ve gone back and forth a couple times and then you don’t get a return response. Most people don’t have the couth to tell you the truth. You have to rely on the old adage that “Action speaks louder than words.” When someone disappears into that abyss of the internet after a few emails, then it’s time to move on. Unless you’re into brain damage just know up front that’s part of the ugliness of online dating. Don’t worry about it, this just means that wasn’t the one. Move on, you’ll find your match with a little persistence. 

Some final thoughts…

I think you know what to do after you exchange phone numbers so I won’t expound on that. Like I said earlier, a phone conversation in my opinion is a must. If things sound good on the phone and everything else was positive, then chances are you might be on to something.

I would also stick with the most popular sites like,, and the like. One thing I learned with online dating sites is that they do have bogus profiles on their sites. What’s a bogus profile? Just like it sounds…it ain’t real. Why would an online dating site post bogus profiles? Think about it…the more profiles they have, the more you’ll be inclined to sign up with them. More is merrier right? If the site you’re considering doesn’t look like they have very many members then you’ll move on to the next one. They want you to think that they have more than enough members so you’ll cough up the dough to become a member.

After you’re on the site for a while, you’ll have a good idea if the profile you’re looking at is the real deal or not. But if you stick to the most popular sites, you won’t run across bogus sites too much. Happy hunting…


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