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Online Dating- Digging in the Trash

Updated on September 27, 2015

Online dating seems like a promising feat- you go online, post a picture write a short summary of yourself, and voila! Suddenly you're caught in the cesspool of hundreds and thousands of other prospective humans who, just like yourself are looking for someone else, someone to share their life with, hook up with etc- or so you think. When a person firsts starts online dating, the promise of decent meetings, conversations and interactions seems to trump their mind and soul with the hopes of potentially finding a suitable or great partner for themselves, or heck even a good friend. However, online dating is anything normal or a venue or means by which a human being is going to encounter a decent or promising interaction, much less a normal person, and if you're lucky you may get out of your interaction alive and not having been attacked or bombarded by some angry bitter loser, psychopath or jerk who is online for very different reasons than you are.

Online Dating is not an arena where the most promising or successful human beings venture into, or if there are some in that category they too, will clearly show their dysfunctional traits, behaviors, issues, shortcomings. It's not that offling dating is that much better, but with online dating you are trapped with a cesspool of all sorts of losers, creeps, weirdos, and people with some major and heavy issues. Some of the pool of 'eligible' bachelors you find on online dating sites include: married people, people looking for a short fling, people with mental illnesses, and major baggage, recently divorced people who dont know what they want, single people with jobs who are too young, distracted and not interested in anything but pretend they are, players, liars, cheaters, jerks, psychopaths or sadists looking to control or have power over someone, lonely single people with poor social skills who can't meet someone any other way, socially awkward people, bottom of the barrel losers who think they are the greatest people on the planet, highly narcissistic arrogant losers who otherwise can't meet anyone else.

Ah yes! Online dating isn't full of the gene pool of the best looking most moral or decent eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, you're practically digging through the rubble of mostly the garbage of society with serious issues and problems, or even if not, just people WITH issues and problems, who are in no other way to put it, really screwed up. Really it's full of all the losers in society all conveniently packaged on one website for your interaction. So all these losers that without the internet in normal terms, would probably be, sitting in their basements, unable to meet someone, playing some video game, doing drugs, being psychopaths or jerks, predators, are now conveniently available for the naive unsuspecting average person's disposal who is looking for a genuine real relationship or situation but now is subject to meeting these low lifes and predators ONLINE, because they are the only ones available to them through this means.

Dating pool of predators

Predators are the ones who gladly hang out on these online dating sites- low lifes looking to prey on vulnerable lonely people, those who seek power or control over others, those looking to lash out at others, psychopaths, rapists, predators, sociopaths, narcissists and all kinds of freaks you'd find plastered in any psychology book with varying mental disorders and conditions. The internet and dating online is not full of normal everyday happy go lucky, normal people. It is not full of people who are quality enough to be prospective husbands, wifes, bf's or gf's. Insecure, complicated confused losers with all kinds of internal issues are advertising themselves online as if they are the most amazing people, who are seeking and searching for exactly what you are, mirroring what othesr want to hear, plastering themselves everywhere, but just like robots, only have a false message to send to others.

Yes you have the occasional small percentage of decent normal quality eligible people looking for something genuine, but that trumped by the large percentage of these strange dysfunctional other humans doesn't make for a nice mix. What you find mostly on online dating sites are predators galore. it is a HAVEN for predators to hang out, browse, plot, plan and attack their prey, victims, those innocent targets on there just looking for something honest and decent. The predators are on there with a completely different motive and agenda and know who to pick out target and choose, and usually just go for anyone who will return their messages, calls etc. And these are just the dysfunctional calculating predators. Even amongst the so-called 'normal' people you have groups of predatory type jerks, or confused clueless ignorant arrogant narcissistic losers idiots and jerks still trying to use people in various ways though maybe not sadistic or calculating.

If you ever browse the pictures and responses of most of the creeps online, you'll see that they look like bottom of the barrel scum- many seem disheveled, depressed, creepy, bad hygiene, poor grammar, low class, etc. Those who don't are still extremely and highly dysfunctional internally and you will find that out shortly after meeting them. They 'appear' to be normal, decent civil intelligent human beings, but will slowly show their disturbed side to you after meeting you and eventually do something to finally display their inner issues and psychopathy in such a way that will make anyone say "wow, what's wrong with that person."??

If you read the various dating stories of most people who have bad online dates, they all sound very similar. Said preson let's say female meets a guy, who seems normal and nice, but then pulls some outrageous crazy or rude stunt that was shocking, disgusting, rude, demeaning, perverted or a serious of crazy stunts that all exhibit these same characteristics. All those behaving this way seem to have a very SIMILAR or the same personalities, mental issues, personality issues and problems. It's almost as if they have the same DNA, or states of mind or definitely the same disorder. It's quite frightening and disturbing. The question is, these groups of psychopathic and disordered weirdos is so extensive and large and yet these very creeps are living in our society normally, even hold jobs and decent positions, yet lack all kinds of basic morals and normal qualities that a normal human might have. They are severely disordered sick and screwed up beings existing in the bodies of what appear to be normal people.

But they have normal jobs and seem normal?

Oddly and strangely, many of these supposed 'people you meet online' seem to hold normal jobs, seem to have normal traits- they 'appear' to be nice people at first. You look at them and relate to them thinking, I could like this person? I could possibly date this person- why not? why not see what happens from here on. Instead, what you'll find is severe dysfunction, issues and scenarios that might boggle you for weeks or months. HOW could he/she have done that?? WHY would they do something so crazy?? The truth is, most people online, may yes be dysfunctional, have baggage, many mental issues, personality disorders, and be socially awkward- however many people that come online use this as a medium to BECOME predators. People who otherwise would not behave in such a manner towards their co-workers, friends, family members, or neighbors, will come online and use the internet as a playground to experiment with their predatory behavior, or really turn into predators and have a different face and personality towards the person they're meeting online. So you think you're meeting a potential prince charming, someone who could be the man/woman of your dreams, and in reality you're meeting joe the plumber, who has a seemingly normal life, is ok to his friends and family and neighbors, but is now online and YOU vulnerable person is goign to be said victim and prey for joe who has decided to turn into a predator online so he can use these opportunities as a playground to act out his perverted fantasies, sick behavior and dark predatory side. Joe appears and behaves normally, your gut instincts tell you he's not a bad guy- he's an uncle, a brother, was a husband once, has a child, but Joe is angry- he's angry his life hasnt turned out the way he wanted, or he's angry at his ex-wife, or at his boss, and now JOE is online looking to take that anger out on "whoever decides to meet him at this time." Joe has no control over his own life, so he's looking to unleash that out on someone. And who else except an 'anonymous' person he meets online who to Joe means nothing and is nothing, who he can perceive as an object that he wants to use and abuse.

So whereas you're going online in good faith, hoping to meet your hopeful next partner, gf, bf, spouse etc, you're also in the same pool of angry bitter people, who feel out of control in their lives, depressed, confused, and are looking to lash out at others. You can see the internet as a hunting and breeding ground for predators, and those who aren't this way, are simply the naive prey unknowing of what is to become of the interaction they are about to have. Think of it as the manner in which many males treat prostitutes- they do things to prostitutes that they would never think of doing to their wives, gf's, co-workers- so when you go online and meet these predators, to them you are just a prostitute- an object they can lash out at and release their anger on. To these predators you are not a human being or a person with feelings and emotions. They do not care how they treat you or what they do to you- you are in a real life fantasy world of the predator being played out in real life, in which they are going to act out their deepest darkest issues with the hopes of purging them on an unsuspecting individual in order to make their twisted evil selves feel better. Of course, it never works- someone this disordered and screwed up will never feel better- they are only going to continue the cycle of abuse with the hopes that these psychopaths can resolve their warped internal state, which never occurs and the cycle continues. Just don't be a fool and be the 'easy target' for these disordered screwed up psychos that are everywhere online. Don't make yourself available to these worthless predators.

Ah, yes the internet- a place where there is so much promise, yet really you're only digging through the garbage of society- the deepest darkest pits of society- with psychopaths who you'd never ordinarily ever meet if the internet didn't exist, but thanks to it you are now being subject to their dysfunctional and disgusting presences and being forced to be the puppets they use for their sadistic pleasures and desires.


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    • glloomy profile image

      manish yadav 

      3 years ago from india

      its a fact that the world is moving towards online dating but only few are actually engaged in love true most of them are busy in satisfying there sexual desire which is not a good thing

    • glloomy profile image

      manish yadav 

      3 years ago from india

      its a fact that the world is moving towards online dating but only few are actually engaged in love true most of them are busy in satisfying there sexual desire which is not a good thing

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      The sad reality very few people publically will admit is when it comes to love and relationships most of us (fail our way) to success.

      If this were not true we'd all be married to our high school sweethearts!

      It makes no difference whether you meet people online or offline.

      In fact (how) you meet is and always has been less important than (who) you meet. Another thing people fell to acknowledge is:

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      In fact if one is using an online dating site (they chose) that particular site and they also chose to engage or not engage with the people on it.

      Online dating sites are nothing but an option or (tool) for meeting new folks! You are still responsible for (your choices). Much like a (fork) is a tool for eating a garden salad or a slice of double fudge chocolate cake.

      However the big difference is an obese person never blames their {fork} for their weight gain! Nevertheless people with bad dating experiences will blame the whole online dating industry!

      If a person is experiencing one bad dating experience or relationship after another it's probably time that they re-examined their "mate selection criteria". After all the only thing all of your bad relationships have in common is (you).

      A lot of people make tons of mistakes when it comes to dating period but especially with online dating. Many never research sites before choosing one. Others have unrealistic expectations and still others give their trust to people without allowing them to (earn) it. I'd also say avoid the "free" sites. Quality people looking for other quality people usually pay reputable sites. You're not going to find too many doctors, lawyers, managers and so forth trolling Craigslist, OkCupid, or Plenty of Fish.

      You get to (choose) which site you join, you choose who to engage with, you choose who to exchange your personal contact information with, and you choose whether or not to go out on a date with them.

      One mistake that many (young women) make in their late teens and 20s is they're expecting to meet a guy in that age range who is ready to settle down. Those guys are mainly interested in school, partying with friends, video games, drinking, and getting laid. The last thing they want to do is become their parents! (marriage, a 30 year mortgage, and children). They're not looking for their "soul-mate". They want to have FUN!

      It's been reported that 1 in 5 weddings that take place are between a couple who met online. While that sounds good it really equates to 20% off all weddings . In other words 80% take place between those who met offline. As I stated online sites should be viewed as just another tool in one's arsenal to meet new people. Most of the people you meet whether online or offline aren't going to be relationships that lead to marriage.


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