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Online Dating Experiences/Chapter 2

Updated on December 31, 2012

Since my last blog about my experiences with online dating I have had three more meet and greets as I call them, because that is what you do. You meet in a public place, you introduce yourself, and then start telling each other a little about yourselves to see if there is a remote chance that the two of you click.

I logged on to "It's our time" once again. As usual it was around 9:30 pm, I was in my PJ's, and my hair was a mess. I didn't care what I looked like, after all no one could see me.

I started weeding through all of my messages and all of a sudden a chat box pops up with the message, "Hello, care to chat?" I typed my reply, "sure." Then out of the blue a voice started talking to me through my computer. "Hello, are you there?" I started frantically trying to figure out what website I had clicked on by mistake. I thought it was an advertisement of some sort. After quickly trying to assess the situation and not finding any advertisements playing, I just figured it was a freak occurrence so I ignored it and patiently waited for my suitor's reply in the chat box. Approximately thirty seconds went by and I heard, "Hello, are you there? If you can hear me let me know." Still dumb founded, and not realizing it was my suitor talking to me through my speakers, I started reading some of the other messages that was sent to me throughout the day while I was waiting for a reply in the chat box. Then once again I heard, " Hello, if you can hear me type yes in the chat box." I had no idea that you could actually talk through your computer on these dating sites. I was frozen in time, trying to decided if I should X out of the website or if I should respond. After all, just typing is one thing, but actually talking to a stranger you've never met before is another. I finally decided what could it hurt, so I slowly placed my fingers on the key board and replied, "Yes." The voice once again started talking. "Okay, great! There is a box at the bottom of your screen that has a speaker icon, click on it." I replied in the chat box, "okay, hang on." Then I started looking for the speaker Icon. I found it and clicked on it to enable voice chat. Well, as soon as I did a webcam box popped up and I could see him and he could see me in all of my not so glory. Remember I'm in my PJ's, my hair is a total disaster and I have a green facial mask on, so I look like Frankenstein, or maybe the Grinch when he blushed at the end of the movie. I could actually feel my face turning red from embarrassment.

As soon as I realized he could see me, I quickly turned away from my computer and said, "I didn't realize this was a webcam/voice chat." He laughed and apologized for catching me off guard. We talked for about fifteen minutes. The entire time I had my back facing the computer. He asked me if I would like to meet him the following day. I figured what the heck, if he still wanted to meet me after seeing me at my worst, even if it was for just a split second, then he couldn't be that bad. So I agreed. We were suppose to meet at Olies, (a little restaurant) at 12:00pm for lunch.

I decided to get there a little early just so I could scope out the place and all of the exits, just in case.

I went ahead and got a table, ordered a glass of sweet tea and patiently waited for him to arrive. Five minutes had passed, and nothing, I looked down at my watch, it was five after. I wasn't to concerned, after all traffic was a little heavy that time of day. Then ten minutes, nothing. Fifteen minutes, still nothing. Twenty minutes and still nothing. I figured the green facial mask was a little more than he could handle and he was going to be a no show. I went ahead and ordered lunch for one, then started planning the rest of my day.

At 12:34pm a man dressed in blue jeans and a red hoodie rushed through the restaurants door and started looking around the place like he lost his a child or something. I recognized him from his profile picture and waved my hand in the air and said, "over here," in a not so impressed voice. Being late is one of my biggest pet peeves. He rushed over to my table and apologized profusely for being late. He said he was helping his dad in the yard and time just got away from him. After hearing his excuse and seeing how he was dressed I decided to believe his story and over looked his lateness. We had a nice conversation, laughed about the video chat and really hit it off. So, we decided to exchange phone numbers. He walked me to my car, I thanked him for paying for my lunch and hugged him goodbye.

A week went by before I heard from him. Instead of calling, he text me. "Hello Karen, sorry it has taken so long to get in touch with you, but I have been busy. Would you like to go to the movies this Friday night?" At this point, I'm thinking, "a text, really?" A phone call would have been more personal, but I figured with the new technology and years since I dated the world had changed and I needed to catch up with the times. I accepted the invitation and asked what time and where.

I was suppose to meet him at the Carmike theater in Pensacola, at 7:45pm. Now what I haven't told you yet is, I just moved to Florida two months prior to this date. I had no idea where the Carmike theater was in Pensacola, and I wasn't about to ask him either. So, I did what any normal person would do, I waited five minutes before I had to leave for the date and Googled it! Carmike theater, Pensacola, FL.. I wrote down the address, ran out to my car, punched the address into my GPS, and off I went.

Well I should have left a little early as my GPS always gets me lost, but I didn't. When my GPS said, "you have reached your destination." I was in the middle of a mall parking lot with no theater in sight. I started driving up and down the street trying to find the theater. Finally, I decided to ask someone. I pulled back into the mall parking lot, stopped a young couple and asked, "Do you know where the Movie House is?" They both looked at me as if I was totally crazy, and said "No, we've never heard of the Movie House." Now, not realizing that Floridians and Arkansans don't speak the same language I kept on asking people, "Do you know where the Movie House is?" And each time I received the same response. "NO." Well, by this time I was fifteen minutes late, my date doesn't have a cell phone, (he text messages through his computer at home), so there is no way of contacting him. I am laughing at myself because this is just so typical of me. I finally decided to stop at a gas station and ask for directions. This time though I asked where the Carmike theater was. (I finally figured out the language barrier.) As soon as I pulled into the parking lot I knew something was wrong. The sign on the theater read, The Rave Theater. I went ahead parked my vehicle and then went up to the ticket booth and asked if this was the Carmike theater. The girl behind the glass, smiled and told me that yes, they just changed over to Carmike theater three weeks ago and they haven't gotten around to changing the sign on the building yet. So, being reassured that I was at the correct theater and the movie had already started, I figured my date was already inside watching the movie, so I purchased one ticket for Red Dawn and proceeded toward the theater. Luckily, the lights were still lit and I was able to see everyone in there. However, my date was nowhere to be found. I went back out to the lobby, and stood there for about five minutes looking around hoping to find him, but nothing. Finally, I went up to the usher and asked him if this was the only movie theater in Pensacola. He laughed and said, "No Ma'am, there are three." My heart sank, I was at the wrong movie house, I had no way of letting my date know I was still on my way, and not only that which theater house do I try next. Thank goodness there was only one other theater in Pensacola that was actually a Carmike theater, and it was on Nine Mile Road. Well to make a long story short, I finally arrived at the correct Movie House only one hour late, my date was still there watching the movie. When I sat next to him, I laughed and said I was just getting you back for being thirty minutes late on our first meeting. Then explained the whole ordeal I went through trying to get there. We were both laughing so hard we had to leave the theater. It was a very nice date. I saw him one more time, before we both decided to just be friends.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 Online dating experiences .

Karen Beth


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      Another funny story!

      Too often people treat dating like it's (work) and they forget to laugh at all the things that come with it. Normally I would advise you not to meet guys so quickly after an initial contact but it sounds like you are doing the right thing with regard to meeting for lunch in a public place. Just remember in the end you are responsible for your choices. :-)

      Best of luck!