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Online Dating For Teenagers

Updated on July 24, 2014

What Should I Expect With Online Dating?

When you go online and try to find the right person to date you may find them right away, but you should expect that it is going to take a little while before you find someone you click with.

Typically using a three strike rule will work just fine. If you give three people a shot that you talk to awhile, and are date candidates, and it ends up poorly, you should probably move on. Luckily though, most times you will find someone that you, at the worst, enjoyed during your first couple of honest attempts, and if you are fortunate, you just might find a perfect match on date number one!

Expect normal people like yourself, a few creepy people here and there (just block them all), and lots of shy, but nice girls and guys. Keep in mind that it is just as frightening for other teens to mess around with online dating as it is for yourself, so most of the extremely shy people won't even be around because it is just too socially SCARY for them. Fear of rejection and social pressures can steer many away from online dating, but if you tough it out, it can be rewarding.

Online Dating For Teenagers 101

The first thing you will want to research when you are considering going online to find a date in the teen world is what respectable sites there are and what types of people are on them.

Luckily, I have already done that for you and below are my findings. I am not associated with any of these sites, so this is my honest opinion after doing a little looking around. The top 3 sites I have found are as follows:

#1 This website is the best in my opinion, but it isn't for all teens, in fact it is only for 18 years and older. I had to list it #1 simply because if you are 18+ there is no better site out there.

#2 (MyYearbook): A great website for teens that is also quite popular. The best part is that there are a lot of teenagers on the site and it caters pretty well to the young crowd.

#3 Social sites that are popular like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook: Frankly, these are the safest ways to meet teens such as yourselves and you can follow up with Skype or something to get them in a video chat long before you would actually try to meet up, so it is a lot more comfortable and safe.

Ask your friends at school and see what others are doing if anyone is even doing any online dating, a lot of the time people will just be sticking to people within their social circles, in person, or friends of friends that they trust, going outside of that circle is not always common. You might just end up meeting someone when you start asking around that is a friend of someone you already know.

Be Warned, There Are Weirdos Out There!!

Here is one review I found of a girl talking about the MyLOL teen app.

Submitted: May 7, 2014 by Evelyn (Female, 18 years old).

"Okay. Listen this is a good but bad app. People on here lie. I have an account. Which is a mistake because i just recently learned paedophiles are most commonly on. Signs you are talking to a paedophile is they ask you for skype don't do it. I made that mistake. They send the weirdest pics of their body parts. Please don't get it. And be warned."

Too be fair there was also one positive review of a girl finding her "true love" on MYLOL but my point is, no matter what site or app you use, it is possible for people to fake their identities to take advantage of unsuspecting teens, so please use your better judgement and play it safe if anything seems off. Before moving to meeting up, make sure you are certain this person is exactly who they say they are, and ALWAYS MEET IN VERY PUBLIC PLACES WITH A COMPANION OR CHAPERONE ON THE FIRST DATE!!

When it Comes to Dating Online as a Teenager, Everything is Pretty Straightforward

All you have to do is avoid the perverted people that you are bound to come across from time to time, be honest with yourself and the people you talk to, and just be who you are and the rest will flow naturally. It is no different than dating in person except that you have to be a little more cautious because you do have some weird people out there and also even normal teens sometime like to mess around and prank people on dating sites. Just do your best to narrow your search down to the right candidates, make sure they are who they say they are, and then go ahead and start talking!

Below is a video of a teen giving a review of I think that it really hits the nail on the head when it comes to online dating for teenagers. It also paints a very clear picture of what you should expect if you decide to try or any other big dating sites for teens (although I honestly can't recommend any others and would just stick to or a popular social networking site if it were me.)

Be Patient, Be Safe, Be Honest, and You Will End Up Happy!

Dating is something that takes many attempts to get right in most cases. Most people I know either have still not met the right person for them (probably around 75%) or have been lucky enough to find them, but it took a few years at the very least. I only know two couples who started out dating when we were teenagers and are still together. These are the real life statistics of my circle of friends and although most of us were dating during our teen years, it took awhile to find the love of our lives (our soul mates). I have been fortunate enough to find mine, and if you are patient, I'm certain you will find yours as well. Be open to them when they arrive in your life, but do not force things too much. I wish all of you the best of luck on your search for a companion, but I know that you won't need it :).

Stay Positive, and Everything Will Fall Into Place!

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