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Online Dating Promotes Higher Standards

Updated on May 25, 2015

Online dating for dummies 101

So you're looking to start dating again and trying to find that perfect man or woman that you can connect with since you been single so long. Maybe just one month too long and things didn't work out in your last relationship so you find a free dating site to check out. Thinking to yourself "why not let me give this a shot it won't hurt to try". So you sign up come up with a silly username that sometimes is actually true to who you are in life. For example "heartbreakerforlife" "nolovehere69" "playboyforever216" etc. You go and upload your favorite selfie or a picture that someone probably took of you years back that you got the most compliments on. Now you're ready to get started and get matched up with locals in your area. Oh wait there's just one more thing we forgot, we need to create our bio, talk about our interest and what were looking for. This is the fun part were you get to browse around and read what other women and or men may be looking for in someone. Usually either one or two things a very long list demanding the most perfect man that a woman can find. Were talking perfect eyes, at least 6 feet in height, tall dark and handsome, the works. Also make sure if you send a message to any of these ones online make sure it doesn't just say " hi or whats up" be more creative and catch there attention. My favorite one is "don't call me beautiful, hey cutie or sexy, it's so disrespectful. I can agree myself that's not the proper way to address a woman you should be creative especially who you know there beautiful and they hear this all the time. Try something else to get there attention because that's the way to go right? Or you got the profiles that say just ask me or message me and fine out. There's only just a few problems with that, no matter how creative you try to be or waste your time writing a longer message to that women they usually read it but don't message you back and I'll tell you why. Is it because you have no game? or don't know how to talk to a woman? I don't maybe that's probably why you're online looking for a date in the first place. To scared to actually talk to a woman face and face because lets be real, that can be a very scary task. When if she tells you no, or laughs at you, or smiles at you nicely and tells you "I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend". Then you have to take that long walk of shame back to wherever you just came from before walking up to talk to her. Or maybe this isn't you and you know how to talk to women but you just want to see if the woman or men are any different in the cyber world. From my experience there's not much offered here it's all pretty much the same thing. A woman who won't respond back to a man's message because they have about 1,000 other guys trying to talk to them and there still going through them all one by one possibly. Or you're just not there type and there not going to tell you that. When I used to go on online dating sites I also would find that women are too busy on there to even date! Some message me first, some attractive some not so attractive and almost all say the same stuff. They work two or three jobs or all they do is work and they have 2 to 3 kids and never have time to meet. They don't have vehicles, or there own place, live at home with there parents, or roommates, and can never have company there. Men just being perverts saying some vulgar things before they even say hi

So when I see these beautiful women on there at least from there pictures they either don't respond back or when they do there in the category of "just to busy for a man in there life". So why waste you're time when you're probably going to just meet a woman who looks nothing like her pictures, doesn't show full body pics, and you're expecting a woman too look a certain size and ends up being way larger then expected. In person a woman may want a dreamy looking guy, tall and handsome and everything else but I will tell you one thing about the real world that differs from online dating. You can make a woman smile and laugh in person, they can also see things about you that a picture can't show. You can't be blocked from ever contacting her again but you can be rejected or maybe not but what's the point if you never even try. I'm not saying you shouldn't online date because there are plenty people who meet online and they work out and even marry. Mostly from across the seas, somewhere far and they do something as beautiful as taking a plane or a long bus ride to meet the one they had incredible phone conversations with for months and months. They finally decide to meet and it's absolutely perfect. I very much believe in that kind of love and I'm glad for anybody who shares that. It's just a shame that online is the perfect place where you can pick and choose who's right for you when you pass up so many others who could of been that one. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right but all I say is loosen up and break that brick wall down some so you can see the other ones that may be right for you behind it.


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