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Online Dating Threats and Ways of Avoiding Them

Updated on September 19, 2016
Beware of scams when dating online!
Beware of scams when dating online!

Online dating has become quite popular nowadays and the major reason for that is convenience and round-the-clock availability of the global network. People spend much time browsing the web both at home and in the offices, so they have learnt to use the web for different purposes. Such actions as shopping, entertainment, communication and even dating have become ordinary. Moreover, it is impossible to imagine our life without the benefits of the Internet epoch.

Being busy with their home and job tasks, people frequently cannot manage to build relationships in real life. This is where online dating websites are of great help. There are many of them on the web nowadays and everyone can choose any resource that meets the ideas, preferences and needs. Whether you are going to get acquainted with men from the US or girls from exotic countries, you will be able to do that online in less than not time. However, you should beware of the potential online dating threats not to be misled and get into trouble.

There are different ways to identify a scammer
There are different ways to identify a scammer

Online Dating Threats: What Are They?

The amount of online dating threats is quite impressive and you cannot even imagine how many dangers you can face when going online these days. Scammers have always used lots of methods to win the trust of users, pursuing their own goals, which, by the way, can be quite versatile. Although, it is close to impossible to list all types of online dating threats, it is still reasonable to mention the signs that may help you identify a scammer. Some of these signs include:

  • Insufficient Online Availability

When you start communicating with someone on the web, pay attention to the amount of time that person spends online. If your communication partner is available only at certain hours or refuses to use the unlimited webcam options, for example, this may be the sign of the fact that he/she is concealing something from you. Keep in mind that a person, who is sincerely interested in fruitful communication, will find enough time for that.

  • Lack of Information

It goes without saying that you won’t disclose your personal information, when you don’t know your communication partner well enough to trust him/her. Correspondingly, you should not expect that from a person you have just got acquainted with. That’s natural. But if you feel that a person just don’t wish to tell important things about his/her life and encourages you to share your private information, beware of prolonging your communication. The same concerns situations, when you notice that a person is lying to you. This is especially true when it comes to personal information and life facts.

Awareness of potential online threats increases chances for success
Awareness of potential online threats increases chances for success
  • Money Talks

What are the first things you will share with your communication partner right from the start? These are, probably, the facts from your life, private info, hobbies, career facts and what not. The same should be about the person you talk to. If you notice that he/she focuses on money talks and tries to attract your attention by asking for financial help, for instance, don’t leave the situation as it is. Instead, report these facts to other users or owners of the website and stop your communication the sooner – the better.

  • Desire to Move Further Too Fast

While the main goal of your online dating experience is meeting someone special, you should realize that this is never done too quickly. If both you and your partner are serious about your relationships and wish to make your communication special, there is no sense in trying to move on as quickly as possible. You need time to get to know each other through online communication, which helps make the process comfortable and easy. Still, if you notice that your communication partner you have found at or any other dating website wants to abandon the site to talk to you privately or meet in real life, don’t trust that person. Such behavior may be the sign of indecent, non-serious and potentially threatening intentions.

Online dating can help you find your lifetine partner!
Online dating can help you find your lifetine partner!

With that said, it is easy to understand that online dating is associated with a series of threats and dangers that may spoil the whole situation and trigger unpredictable consequences. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and may your online dating experience be a success!

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