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Online Dating Tips for Women and Men over 20 Part 1 of 5

Updated on January 11, 2016

Online Dating Tips For Men And Women over 20

Online Dating Tips for Women and Men over 20 part 1 of5
Online Dating Tips for Women and Men over 20 part 1 of5 | Source

Online Dating Tips for Women and Men over 20 part 1 of 5

Online Dating Tips for Men and Women

One of the largest groups of daters are between the ages of 35 and 55 , which is not surprising, this is a great opportunity for Online dating for men and women over 40 to find a girl to date is what this means, in this article I will discuss for men how to get replies from women on online dating sites.

We start with the profile, and photo, keep the photo fun and if you have a dog, hold the god like you love him even if you don’t, it shows affection. Keep the photo real casual, not dressed in a suit and tie, just be yourself, and better if you can. The most important fact is to smile in your photo also, not frown and take off that old baseball cap, unless you want to stay single. Your profile talk about details so a women can find a common ground with you and your endeavors. The profile should include where you like to travel to, what food you like and to the detail of what your favorite items on the menu, keep it simple, sounds simple and it is.

The next item is when you finally meet someone that qualifies as whom you like, reflect respectful attitude toward the women, show respect to her and her wants and likes. The first initial contact you make will make you or blow you off the chart with these women, so take your time and think your next text out. Do not say “Hi” my name is, that is old hat and she already knows Hi, and it’s a bad response, What helps is to mention something in her profile and answer back with this included in your message, very simple you just have to pay attention to some words instead of the photo that your drooling over. Women do not want to be known for how they look, it’s what’s in their head they want you to see, just keep that in mind. The main objective is to use common sense, and not to veer off into the sex world with her.

The Initial problems of what works for one person does not work for another is so true in dating, She may not like your look, yet when you meet she likes the way you hold yourself, and feels comfortable with you, this matters more than looks to a women, while most men are visually impaired by beauty, women find this inside a man, so try to think like women, and it should be all fine.

When the initial meet up comes to play, make sure you take a shower and clean up even if it’s been only a few hours since, you want to make an impression, and not depress her with Body Odor as you could look like a movie star and smell of garbage, turn off for sure, and you would have to be pretty smooth to keep her with you for very long. Common sense is all dating ids about, if you were her would you want to be touched all over ,and pushed away because your interest are sexual, you best find your niche.

There are different folks for all strokes in life, so she could be the smelly one also, doubtful if she is your type then so be it. Most of society likes a well dressed women and a man that smells good if you plan on having any real fun at all on the first date, and keep eye contact, even if you’re not interested, it’s a good habit anyway , treat her as your boss, pay attention and listen up. Do not talk about previous girlfriends or ex-wife’s unless this topic is brought up get off of it, this is between you and her.

The Online dating experience can be a pleasant one or a horrible one, if she is not whom she is in her picture let her know that she sure has changed since you saw her photo, now be ready to take her home also ,end it if she is not up to her photo, this is a girl thing I hate about online dating is women using pictures from their High School Glamour shots, so be a detective on her photo, if she looks to young and is 40 yet has only one pic ask for a recent pic, because us guys are visual, and this is a deception I wish women would stop doing, yet it’s practiced, so just ask her before you get al hyped up to meet , if she has about three or four photos, because you want to really see her, no harm in this. This is a girl you may have to spend hours with if you made reservations at a playhouse or something of this sort, I recommend you meet in the open like a park and during the day ,each in their own vehicle, then you can both leave if needed, it’s good for her and good for you.

This is going to be a 5 part series I am going to do on dating online, stay tuned for part two; next, I think there are books to be written on this subject. The online dating tips for men and women of 2011 will continue in my series, there is too much that needs to be told and mentioned. Have a great Day and maybe a date.

Christopher Hyer 3.2.2011



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