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Online Dating Tips for Women to Help You Find Love

Updated on March 18, 2018

Online Dating Tips for Women

Online dating tips: avoid uploading a picture in which you are wearing a yellow dress
Online dating tips: avoid uploading a picture in which you are wearing a yellow dress | Source


If you are a woman who is looking for marriage and who has not found a suitable partner yet, you might consider looking for a lover through online dating. Research shows that some people find long-term love when they use online dating.

So, what can you do to increase the chances that you can attract and sustain a relationship with a man on online dating sites? What strategies can you use on absolutely free online dating sites to make guys like you? And what should you do when you meet and chat with mature singles so that you can increase the chances of having a long-term relationship which may end in marriage?

In this article, I show you how to advertise yourself properly and how to conduct yourself on internet dating sites so that you can find love.

Now, what are the strategies you can use?

Upload A Profile Picture In Which You Are Wearing A Red, Blue, Black, Green, Or Purple Dress

According to research, red is a color that men think makes women look attractive. When you upload a picture in which you are wearing red, guys will feel that you are an attractive woman and they may give your profile more attention than the profiles of other women, thereby increasing the chances that you will meet a guy who may develop feelings for you.

So, if you want to find love on new online dating sites, upload a picture in which you are wearing a red dress, a red blouse, a red shirt, or a picture in which you are wearing a red skirt with a red bag and red shoes to match.

Alternatively, you may choose to wear clothes that are blue, black, green, or purple because some studies suggest that men think that women who dress in these colors look appealing.

On the other hand, avoid uploading a photo in which you are wearing yellow or brown clothes because according to some surveys men feel that women look least attractive when they dress in these colors.

Upload A Picture In Which You Display Long Or Medium-Length Hair

According to one study, men find women who display long hair or medium-length hair very attractive, even if the women are not that appealing physically.

Therefore, when you upload a picture in which you are wearing long hair or medium-length hair, men are more likely to give your online dating profile more attention than the profile of other ladies and that can increase the chances that you will meet a guy who may grow to like you when he gets to know you better.

If You Are Using OkCupid Online Dating Service, Message First!

According to a study carried out by OKCupid, women are more likely to get favorable responses from guys if they send the first message on OKCupid.

Men generally send the first message on this particular dating site and so when you send a first message , it may excite the guy and make him curious. Additionally, it may make you look unique in the eyes of the guy, he may be intrigued, and that may make him view your profile and contact you.

So, if you want to meet your dream guy on OKCupid, browse the profiles of the guys, note five of them that you find attractive and who you think you can bond well with, gather courage, and send them messages.

Show That You Are An Honest Woman

When you are writing your online dating description, do your best to show that you are an honest woman who tries to tell the truth always, who does her best to keep her promises, and who admits her faults and weaknesses when they are pointed out to her because research suggests that when a person is perceived as being honest, he or she is seen as being are attractive.

How do you do that? Make sure that you tell the truth on your dating profile. Furthermore, give references and places where the guys who visit your profile can crosscheck the information you have put online. This will show that you are an open woman who has nothing to hide.

Additionally, ensure that you upload a picture of yourself, and not a picture of flowers, trees, bags, clothes, shoes and so on as some women do on their online dating profile.

Moreover, you may tell your prospective partner about incidents that have happened in your life in the past in which you showed honesty.

When guys visit your profile and they feel that you are an honest lady, they may feel that you will be faithful to them when they date you and that will increase the likelihood that they will desire to start a relationship with you.

Steer Online Conversations Towards The Values You Both Share In Common

Research carried out by the University of Michigan suggests that when people interact and they feel that there is a similarity, the degree of liking for one another increases.

Therefore, when you do your best to focus conversations on your common interests and the values that you share in common, you will bond better and relate to one another better. Therefore, the guy will feel a sense of closeness and he may develop romantic feelings for you as a result.

So, for example, if you like talking about fashion and the guy also loves fashion, try to make him talk about fashion 60% of the time when you are both online.

Or, if the guy is religious and you also have a close relationship with Jesus, talk about the Bible, what Jesus means to you, the need to live a chaste life, the importance of obeying God’s commandments and topics such as these often so that the guy will always be reminded of the connection between both of you.

As you keep reminding him of the connection, he will grow to like you more and more and he may fall in love with you.


To make your online dating work, upload a picture which show you wearing something red, purple, green, blue, or black, show a picture which shows you displaying long or medium-length hair, use certain strategic words, take the initiative to send messages instead of waiting for guys to send you the first message, if you are on OKCupid, let guys know that you are an honest woman, and try to focus conversation on values you have in common when you have conversations with guys.

Online Dating Tips for Women

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