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Online Dating and You!

Updated on April 16, 2014

The thrill of posting the agony of sitting in a bar!

I am amused to read the many online dating profiles that begin with the words, "I have never done this before." It sounds rather apologetic and less than confident. I wonder why one would feel ashamed of meeting new friends and widening his (or her) social network. Most adults work rather long and inflexible hours. By the time we begin our evening commute, we have minimal energy to expend on community events, volunteering, social clubs, or other viable outlets for meeting potential partners. We might have the energy to stop by a local bar but does this afford a better opportunity to meet friends? I suggest that the numerous online dating sites present a multitude of opportunities to increase our social contacts and open up a world of friendships that might otherwise be closed. Consider posting a profile on Yahoo! or other popular sites.

But before posting a personals profile define your own boundaries of what you are looking for and take note of the potential dangers. Some people are looking for friendships or activity partners, others are seeking a long-term commitment, and others simply want to get laid. Define your goals and then honestly present who you are and what you want. Post a recent picture that depicts the real you. I know, you intend to lose those extra 20 pounds but until you do, do not post a slimmer picture. It is far better to surprise a man with a slightly slimmer real you than a definitely heavier real you! Be honest concerning your age, interests, religious practices, drinking habits and everything else your chosen website asks. If you are looking for love and you find your McDreamy, how will you later deal with the lies?

People from all walks of life post profiles on dating sites. They range in age from 18 to 150! Some are high school drop-outs while others are doctors, lawyers and professors and every level of education, occupation, and profession between! Some "posters" are wonderful people who represent a myriad of interests and lifestyles. Others, of course, are rather frightening, perhaps dangerous. Learn to read between the lines of each profile. Is the person really "yelling" if he WRITES IN CAPS ONLY or is he simply too lazy to press the shift key at the appropriate time?

Pictures truly are worth 1000 words and they increase the chances of someone reading your profile. I posted 2 profiles with a popular online dating service. I posted my picture with one profile but not with the other. All other information was nearly the same. In one day my picture profile was viewed by 67 men. The other profile was ignored. Within one week 273 people viewed my picture profile; 14 men viewed the profile sans a photo. Perhaps one might argue that this smacks of vanity but I think a smiling face is simply more inviting than a gray space!

After you have made contact with someone take as long as you need to exchange e-mails. Attempt to get to know your prospective friend. Plan your meeting to take place in a public venue and have your own transportation available. Let others know where you are going and who you are meeting. Above all else do not disclose your home address or landline number before meeting. Use your cell phone for those first calls.

Online dating services can prove to be a great way to increase your social contacts if you are honest in presenting yourself, take time to screen profiles carefully, and honestly consider what you want. Take the needed time and caution to look for your McDreamy. You might be surprised at the people who post profiles. After all, you posted and you are pretty nice!


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    • Mary Stuart profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Washington

      That was a Craigs List post. Of course you can meet all kinds through Craigs List. I met one truly great man through that site. I communicated with a couple of others but never bothered to meet them. Somehow it just did not seem prudent.

    • profile image

      Katherine Thorntoun 9 years ago

      This is a great article. It has inspired me to give online dating a try. I have been reluctant but it just might be worth it.

    • Mary Stuart profile image

      Mary 9 years ago from Washington

      The idea is that he was old! You are never too old, right?

    • Gregorythompson profile image

      Gregorythompson 9 years ago from Illinois

      I've never commented before...haha. Curious though, where did you read the profile of someone who was 150 years old???