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Online Dating Experiences/Chapter 1

Updated on December 30, 2012

Since my divorce I have started to wonder if it was possible to fall in love again. And if I was, how in the world was I ever going to meet my prince, especially when I don’t go to bars or even socialize that much anymore. So I decided to give online dating sites a chance.

The first site I signed up for was “It’s our time.” It’s a site just for fifty and older individuals looking for love. I sat down pulled up the site and started filling out my information. I created a screen name, posted recent pictures, and created a profile telling my potential prince a little about myself, but not too much as I wanted some mystery left for my suitors to wonder about. Within thirty minutes I had messages from men wanting to communicate with me. My heart fluttered and my hands started to sweat. I know it’s stupid but I felt as if they were sitting right next to me watching my every move. Scrolling through all the messages, looking at their pictures, wondering if one of these men might remotely be what I’m looking for.

I opened the first message, it was from a sixty year old man. The message read ,” I like your profile, I would like to meet you.” I looked over his profile, it really didn’t say much other than he was a mechanic and liked to drink beer. The first thought that went through my mind was, “Oh hell no, next please.” I immediately trashed that message and on to the next message I went. When I opened it up my jaw nearly hit the floor. The words “Do you like big Dxxx’s” was staring me in the face. I didn’t even bother looking at his profile. I hit the delete buttom immediately as I was choking to death from the shock that some individuals can be so nasty. At that point I started wondering if I had made the right decision to join a site.

After I got over the initial shock, the words “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming” went barreling through my mind. So, I kept on weeding through the messages one by one shaking my head at some of them. I received one message that was from an eighty year old man asking me to go on a cruise with him and his two sons to the Caribbean. He said it would be worth my while. Really? No thank you! That’s one way to get kidnapped or killed. Not only that, but his picture really looked creepy, sort of like Hannibal Lector. My entire body shuddered when I read that message.

By this time I was really getting disappointed and thought only creeps were on the dating sites. But still wanting to give it a fair chance, I decided to add another paragraph to my profile.

Ladies, what I am about to tell you works like a charm. If you add this paragraph to your profile you should not be bothered by the perverts online again, or at least I haven’t. Below is word for word what I have on my profile.

“Okay, I have to add this because there are some individuals out there that just want to meet up for sex. So, If you are looking for a “booty call” I am NOT that type of woman, so please don’t even message me. I will not have an intimate relationship with anyone until we have met several times, there is a connection, and we are in a monogamous relationship. So don’t bother looking here if that is all you want.”

After I added that paragraph, I have never received another pervert message again.

The next message was from a fifty five year old man, and his message read, “I’d like to take you out to dinner, call me….850-xxx-xxxx…” I checked out his profile and he had three kids living at home, and he worked for some manufacturing company. Well, I really don’t want to take on raising anymore children this late in life. So once again, it was a no, and on to the next one. Well after about the eighteenth message and discarding several potential suitors I came across one that sparked my interest. This is what his message said. “Hello there! I really like your profile. I think we have a lot in common. Do you care to chat sometime? I checked out his profile and found out that he worked for the post office and lived in Alabama, loved animals, liked to fish, and garden. All things I also like. So I opened the message box and sent a reply.

“Hello, thank you for your response to my profile. I do see that we have a lot in common, if you would like to continue to send messages let me know.”

Well two minutes went by and ding I had a new message from him. He told me about his dog, and his garden, I responded back by telling him about my book and how I loved to take pictures of nature and wildlife. We continued sending messages back and forth for about two hours and then he asked if I would like to meet him. My heart stopped beating. Meet, OMG! Am I ready to really meet someone I don’t know? I thought. After sitting there staring at the word “meet” for five minutes, I slowly typed sure, in a public place just let me know when and where. He messaged me back letting me know the date, time and place our first meeting was to take place. I told him that was fine and I would be there.

I arrived at the designated place fifteen minutes early so I could scope out all exit areas just in case I had to make a run for it. When I first saw him I couldn’t help but shake my head, he had long hair down to his waist pulled back into a ponytail. I guess I stood there with my mouth opened a little because, he said, "yeah, I didn’t tell you about my hair did I? I can cut it off for you if you like." My first thought to that was “oh no, not a people pleaser." Then I said, ” you don’t have to do anything for me.” He smiled and then we went into the restaurant, we had a nice conversation, and then he started talking about when we get married, how comfortable he is with me, and he will wait for however long it will take for me to fall in love with him. Needless to say I didn’t give him my phone number and haven’t talked to him since.

My next blog I will continue to tell you my experiences with online dating.

Karen Beth


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    • destiny17 profile image

      Karen Beth 5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you! You would be surprised at some of the stuff I have come across. I am writing the second blog today and hopefully will have it posted by tomorow. I'm going to check out your blog, maybe it will give me some good advice.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      Very funny! (Voted up)

      I'm actually surprised that men over the age of 50 are acting this way. Sounds like the mechanic took a page from your playbook. He wanted leave a little "mystery" about himself. As for the guy with 3 kids at home, men deal with women in this situation all the time. I suppose you could add it to your profile that you don't want to deal with men that have children living with them. Personally I would be suspicious of anyone that wanted to meet right away. As for the guy with long hair at least he's not afraid of commitment! lol!

      Awhile back I wrote a hub regarding common mistakes women make online. Best of luck!